Smile Pro Eye Surgery in Delhi

Welcome to the forefront of eye care technology, where Visual Aids Centre takes pride in leading the way with the introduction of Smile Pro Eye Surgery, a cutting-edge procedure that marks a new era in ophthalmologic technology — right here in Delhi. This advanced laser vision correction technology is a beacon of hope for countless individuals seeking clearer, independent vision.

Say hello to the future of eye health with SMILE Pro!

LASIK Vs SMILE Pro Eye  Surgery: A Comparative Table

FlapCreated during surgeryNo
Visual recovery timeSlowerSame day recovery
Dry eye symptomsPotential for temporary drynessLeast likely
Laser typeExcimer laserFemtosecond laser
Cost₹50,000 – ₹95,0001,50,000
FDA approvedYesYes
Treatment time15-20 minutes per eye7-9 Seconds per eye
TechnologyExcimer laserAI Driven Robotic Laser
Patient discomfortMedium to moderatePainless procedure

Revolutionary Technology Meets Precision

The Smile Pro is not just an innovation—it’s a leap forward in laser vision correction. Powered by the genius of Artificial Intelligence and supported by an extensive algorithmic database of 8 million eyes, this technology offers unprecedented precision and personalization.

Tailored for professionals and individuals with extensive screen exposure—often exceeding 5 hours daily—Smile Pro stands as the epitome of modern vision treatment designed to meet the demands of a digitally dominated lifestyle.

The Visionary Behind the Vision

Smile Pro was introduced by the esteemed Carl-Zeiss back in January 2023, marking an upgrade over the formerly established SMILE technology of 2016. This evolution is a testament to the relentless pursuit of eye care innovation, merging the best of technology with a genuine impact on individuals’ lives.

The Technology: The ZEISS Visumax 800

Smile Pro utilizes the US FDA-approved Visumax 800 from ZEISS, a next-generation femtosecond laser system, distinguished for its award-winning interface design which ensures intuitive and efficient interaction. 

This system operates on the principles of Chirped Pulse Amplification (CPA) technology, a Nobel Prize-winning breakthrough in Physics, awarded to Arthur Ashkin and Donna Strickland in 2018.

Surgeons benefit from quicker treatment processes, augmented flexibility, and workflow enhancements. The Visumax-800 harnesses digital mapping to accurately target treatments to the specific orientation of each eye.

The equipment’s smaller footprint and compatibility with various patient beds make it a perfect fit for diverse clinical settings, ensuring the delivery of top-notch technology without compromise.

Benefits of Visumax 800

  • Enhanced Surgeon Experience

The Visumax 800 enhances the surgeon’s experience with features such as OcuLign for cyclotorsion alignment, offering superior control, and CentraLign for aiding in precise centration. These features work together to ensure flawless alignment and centring during the docking phase.

  • VISULYZE User Nomogram

The integrated software is designed to optimize patient outcomes through comprehensive data collection and analysis, enabling the creation of customized nomograms for each surgery.

Visual Aids Centre has successfully integrated the advanced VISUMAX 800 SMILE Pro femtosecond laser system, elevating surgical precision. Feel assured as you opt for vision correction surgery with us.

Indication Range

Smile Pro is meticulously designed to correct refractive errors from mild to high levels:

  • Myopia (nearsightedness) ranging from -0.50 to -10.00 D (diopters)
  • Astigmatism up to 5.00 D
  • Spherical equivalent refractions stretching from a minimal -0.50 to a significant -12.50 D

Is SMILE Pro Eye Surgery Available Everywhere?

SMILE Pro is not something you can find available at every eye care centre. Its specialized approach requires state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled practitioners. 

Currently, in Delhi, this elite procedure is exclusively performed using the Carl ZEISS Visumax 800 Femtosecond laser at the Visual Aids Centre. By choosing our centre, patients gain access to a pioneer in SMILE Pro technology and undergo treatment in a facility devoted to delivering the highest standards of eye care.

How Does Smile Pro Eye Surgery Work?

At the heart of Smile Pro Eye Surgery is a remarkable principle known as Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE). 

This is not just any surgery – it’s a transformation performed by the world’s first fully Robotic AI-based Visumax 800 femtosecond laser that surpasses PRK and LASIK, setting a new standard for refractive surgery.

Imagine fine-tuning the focal length of your eyeball with such accuracy that it syncs perfectly with predetermined software. 

During the procedure, a highly calibrated laser creates a Lenticule—a remarkably thin layer akin to a strand of hair—which is then delicately removed through an incision. This process corrects the refractive error, all the while preserving the integrity of the eye’s surface and bringing the world into focus.

Anticipate safer, more precise, gentler, and accurate results — now more comfortable than ever.

Smile Pro Eye Surgery in Noida
Smile Pro Eye Procedure

Smile Pro Eye Surgery Advantages Are Clear

  • Minimally Invasive Procedure

One of SMILE Pro’s most celebrated features is its minimally invasive approach.

Unlike conventional methods that can be more intrusive, Smile Pro gently reshapes the cornea using the most delicate touch, leaving the structural integrity of the eye virtually untouched.

  • Exceptional Speed and Accuracy

Time is central to modern life, and with the Visumax 800 laser, lenticule creation per eye is astonishingly rapid – merely 9 seconds thanks to a blazingly faster laser pulse repetition rate of 2 MHz. 

The integration of SMART Robotics minimizes human error, delivering flawless precision at a microscopic scale. 

This blend of speed, accuracy and shorter suction time reduces stress for both surgeon and patient, ensuring the procedure is completed before the blink of an eye.

  • Swift and Uncomplicated Recovery

With Smile Pro, recovery is as impressive as the treatment itself. 

The minimalistic approach fosters a rapid recovery, with many returning to their normal routines in just 24 hours post-procedure. 

Also, the discomfort felt during the healing process is minor as well. This means less downtime from your work and passions, and more time enjoying your enhanced eyesight.

  • Reduced Risk of Complications

Due to the femtosecond laser’s ability to pass harmlessly through the cornea’s upper layers, Smile Pro minimizes side effects such as dry eye syndrome, infection, and epithelial ingrowth. 

  • Preserved Corneal Integrity

The unique technique of Smile Pro ensures the preservation of corneal biomechanical strength and stability, safeguarding the eye’s natural fortitude and resilience.

  • FDA-Approved and Safe

The SMILE Pro’s laser is not only approved by the FDA but has delighted millions of patients across the globe, boasting an impressive satisfaction rate and a negligible incidence of complications.

  • Comfort and Ease

Imagine undergoing a medical procedure free of anxiety. 

The Smile Pro surgery achieves this with an ambient, luminous surface that reduces feelings of claustrophobia and a tranquil environment devoid of alarming noises or odours.

  • Remarkable Reduction in Inflammation

The Visumax 800 laser operates with energy levels significantly lower than those of its predecessors, diminishing inflammation prospects to an almost non-existent level.

SMILE Pro Is Ideal For Those Who….

  • Seek a bladeless and flapless surgery that is minimally invasive and virtually pain-free
  • Desire a procedure with less postoperative discomfort
  • Experience claustrophobia or anxiety, needing a stress-free surgical environment
  • Wish to retain as much of their original corneal strength as possible
  • Aim to preserve corneal nerves, maintaining more natural eye integrity
  • Look for a treatment that assures a low percentage of retreatment with proven predictability
  • Expect a faster recovery
  • Need an alternative due to ASA or LASIK not being suitable for them
  • Have specific conditions like dry eyes or contact lens intolerance
  • Have active occupational or lifestyle needs. 

Who Qualifies for SMILE Pro Eye Surgery?

SMILE Pro Eye Surgery is not only advanced in technique but also in the precision of candidate selection. 

To ensure the highest safety and outcomes, you may qualify if you:

  • Are 18 years or older
  • Have a stable prescription, with no significant change in the past year
  • Are suffering from myopia with or without astigmatism
  • Possess healthy eyes devoid of retinal problems, corneal scars, or other eye diseases
  • Are not currently pregnant or nursing
  • Are free from certain medical conditions such as diabetes, hepatitis C, herpes, rheumatoid arthritis, or lupus
  • Undergo a comprehensive corneal topography to assess the structure of your cornea
  • Have had your pupil size and tear flow evaluated to ensure they are within acceptable parameters
  • Pass a full eye examination to check intraocular pressure and overall eye health

Choosing Smile Pro Eye Surgery at Visual Aids Centre means putting your trust in a procedure that prioritizes your safety, comfort, and long-term satisfaction. 

Our comprehensive pre-operative evaluation ensures that we only proceed with candidates who meet all requirements for a successful and effective surgery.

The Step-by-Step Journey to Enhanced Vision

Smile Pro runs on a femtosecond laser. This near-infrared laser is meticulously designed to deliver extremely short pulses (within a few femtoseconds of time), creating pinpoint precision cuts or planes in the cornea without affecting adjacent tissues.

  • Treatment Planning

With Smile Pro, every single detail of your unique visual profile is considered. 

The treatment planning involves meticulous data entry of the refractive error to be corrected and lenticule parameters, ensuring that SMILE Pro precalculates all necessary intracorneal cuts for optimal vision correction.

  • Numbing the Eye

Comfort is key during eye surgery. To this end, anaesthesia drops are administered to numb the eye. 

An eyelid holder prevents any blinking during the procedure, leaving no room for the slightest disturbance.

  • Lenticule Creation

Precision is paramount in the SMILE Pro procedure. 

Once your eye is numb and immobilized with a contact glass, the femtosecond laser gets to work. You may feel mild pressure as the computer-controlled laser pulses create a small lens-shaped piece of corneal tissue (lenticule) within the stroma (an inner sub-layer of the cornea). The size and shape of the lenticule are tailored to match the amount of tissue needed for correcting your vision issue.

This process doesn’t involve cutting or harm to the surface layers, and there’s no need to switch equipment during treatment. 

  • Incision Creation

Simultaneous with lenticule creation, a minuscule incision of 2-4 mm is made. This incision is 1/3 smaller than that of Femto-LASIK treatments. This is performed almost independently of the surrounding and corneal conditions. 

As the lenticule and access incision are crafted together, there is no need to allocate a margin of tolerance.

  • Lenticule Extraction

The essence of the SMILE Pro technique culminates in the extraction of the lenticule through the incision. The surgeon performs this step with the utmost care, reshaping the cornea and correcting the refractive error. Remarkably, this is achieved without creating a corneal flap, and the tiny incision heals naturally over time.

During the procedure, you can stay comfortably in one spot without having to move around. The process flows seamlessly, moving from one step to the next with consistent positioning throughout while ensuring the entire procedure is completed in a single treatment session.

Why Delhi for Smile Pro Eye Surgery?

Renowned for its medical expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and affordability, Delhi has become a hub for medical visitors across the globe. 

Choosing the vibrant city of Delhi for your Smile Pro procedure means you’re not only getting access to some of the best ophthalmologists in India but also to a city that’s rich in culture and history, perfect for a peaceful recovery.

General Cost Range of SMILE Pro Eye Surgery

The average cost for this advanced procedure is typically INR 1,50,000 for both eyes. This price represents the high-tech equipment and expertise needed to ensure safe and successful vision correction.

Long-Term Value of Smile Pro 

Investing in Smile Pro Eye Surgery is about more than just the initial cost; it’s about investing in your future. Here are several compelling long-term benefits that underscore its value:

  • Reduced Dependence on Glasses or Contacts

By opting for Smile Pro, many patients achieve 20/20 vision or even more refined eyesight. 

The high success rates reflect the procedure’s potential to free you from the expense and inconvenience of glasses or contact lenses—culminating in significant cost savings over time.

  • Enhanced Convenience

Imagine waking up to crystal-clear vision every morning, no glasses to grop for, no contact lenses to insert. 

The convenience that Smile Pro brings to your daily routine is priceless. Clear vision is now constant, freeing you from countless activities that would have been challenging or uncomfortable with corrective lenses.

  • Improved Quality of Life

The impact of Smile Pro extends far beyond visual acuity. 

Being liberated from relying on corrective lenses means experiencing life’s most treasured moments without any hindrances. 

Whether it’s sports, leisure activities, or simply enjoying a movie, your enhanced eyesight facilitates a fuller, uncompromised enjoyment of life.

  • Potential Long-Term Vision Stability

Smile Pro isn’t just about immediate results. 

Studies have indicated that the precise corneal reshaping achievable with this procedure could lead to better long-term vision stability, especially when compared to some alternative vision correction surgeries. This means your investment not only improves your vision today but safeguards it for tomorrow as well.

Why Choose Visual Aids Centre For Your SMILE Pro Eye Surgery?

At Visual Aids Centre, every patient’s visual clarity is our mission. Our team of expert ophthalmologists, led by the renowned Dr. Vipin Buckshey, extends a personalized touch to each vision-transforming procedure. 

Here’s why thousands entrust their sight to us:

  • Redefining Eye Care

Our patients don’t just receive eye surgery; they experience a transformation. 

Smile Pro is not your average procedure; it’s a testament to our continual strive for excellence. This innovative technology ensures less discomfort and a rapid recovery, bringing you one step closer to a life free from the constraints of corrective lenses.

  • Personalized Service

At Visual Aids Centre, we believe that every eye tells a story, and every patient deserves a personalized approach. 

Our dedicated team of experts, with years of specialized experience in laser eye surgeries, is committed to delivering tailored care that addresses your unique vision needs.

  • Visionary Leadership

With a rich history of 44 remarkable years, the Visual Aids Centre transcends its role as a mere healthcare provider; we stand as a symbol of hope. 

Individuals from diverse backgrounds, including those beyond India, trust in our proficiency, reassured by our track record of changing lives through laser vision correction.

  • Comprehensive Eye Care Solutions

Whether you’re looking to shed the burden of glasses or contact lenses for a life of improved clarity, we’ve got you covered. 

From SMILE to Smile Pro, ICL to Contoura Vision, and TransPRK — we offer an extensive array of treatments tailored to your needs, all under one roof.

  • Advancing with Technology

We are proud adopters of proven, advanced technology that spearheads the field of eye care. 

Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with the latest instruments to ensure that your path to better vision is smooth, effective, and precise.

  • Safety and Transparency

Patient safety is our utmost priority. 

We adhere to stringent sterilization protocols and use equipment that guarantees the highest levels of safety during all procedures. Additionally, we maintain absolute transparency about the treatments we offer, empowering you to make informed decisions about your eye health.

Take the Leap – Book Your Appointment!

Envision a world where clarity isn’t just seen but felt, where every morning isn’t a blur but has vivid colours – the Smile Pro experience at the Visual Aids Centre in Delhi makes this vision a reality. 

Join the countless individuals who have chosen Visual Aids Centre as their partner in the pursuit of perfect vision. 

Book your appointment today and take the first step towards a better vision.

Don’t wait for the future of eye care to find you—step into it with confidence with Smile Pro. Get in touch with our experts in Delhi to schedule a consultation and find out if you are a candidate for the revolutionary SMILE Pro Eye Surgery. 

Start your journey toward crystal-clear vision right away!

Experience the visual revolution at Visual Aids Centre with Smile Pro Eye Surgery. 

Your clearer future awaits.

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Smile Pro Eye Surgery in India

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