Founded in the year 1980 by Vipin Buckshey, Visual Aids Centre became there first eye centre in Delhi to introduce Lasik surgery in the year 1999. Since then, Visual Aids has been one the forefront of newer technologies in Laser Vision Correction surgery with constant upgrades every year and we have had the great fortune of performing over 1,00,000 Laser Vision Correction procedures which is the highest number of procedures performed by a private eye centre in India.


For his contribution and expertise in eye care and Laser Vision Correction, the Indian Government conferred Vipin Buckshey with Padmashri which is the one of the highest recognitions in India.

Visual Aids Centre Now Offers The Latest Contoura Vision Surgery
Visual Aids Centre: India's Most Reputed and Trustworthy LASIK Surgery Centre
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Visual Aids Centre: The boutique eye clinic offering freedom from glasses

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