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If you are looking for an amazing and reliable lasik surgery in New Friends Colony, then Visual Aids Centre is the right choice. Lasik surgery is a refractive procedure that helps people who suffer from myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism. This vision correction procedure utilizes a laser to reshape the cornea and allow the light entering the eye to focus properly on the retina.

The result is improved vision and freedom from glasses or contact lenses. Lasik surgery helps improve eyesight in many ways. For example, it can help patients with difficulty seeing at night and those who experience glare and halos around lights. LASIK surgery is carried out by an optometrist who employs a beam or microkeratome to modify the eye’s optic to enhance visual acuity.


What Are Medical Issues Handled With Lasik Eye Surgery?

When light does not concentrate properly on your retina, your vision becomes hazy. It is referred to as a refractive error by doctors. LASIK corrects refractive defects. The following are the most prevalent refractive error conditions:


Myopia is a common vision problem in which close items appear distinct but distant ones appear fuzzy. Nearsightedness arises when your eyeball extends too long from front to back or if the shape of your cornea (transparent front layer of the eye) or lens is distorted.


It is the inverse of myopia. Farsighted people have more difficulty seeing objects near up (like reading) than items far away (such as driving). Hyperopia occurs when your cornea fails to refract light properly, causing the point of focus to slip behind the retina. Close-up things seem hazy as a result of this.


Your eyes’ condition in which your vision becomes fuzzy or distorted. It occurs when the shape of your cornea or lens differs from normal. Astigmatism arises when the cornea bends or deflates unevenly. As a result, the vision is blurred or distorted. The symptoms of astigmatism are eye strain or discomfort, headaches, difficulty vision, and squinting.


What Should I Do Before Lasik Eye Surgery?

Before having LASIK surgery in New Friends Colony, you and your ophthalmologist will discuss how the operation works and what to expect. Remind yourself that LASIK will not improve your vision. When driving and reading, wear glasses. If you opt to have LASIK surgery, your ophthalmologist will perform six tests. First, determine whether you are eligible for the procedure. Most likely:

  • Examine the size of the pupil.
  • Take measurements of the surface and thickness of your cornea.
  • Count the number and quality of tears you cry (to check for dry eye).
  • Calculate the refractive error.
  • Check to discover whether your eyesight has altered recently.
  • Check the overall health of your eyes.

Before you can do these tests, you must stop using contact lenses. It will allow your ophthalmologist to take more precise measurements of your cornea. The time it takes to convert from contact lenses to glasses is determined by the type of lenses you use:

  • Four weeks for hard lenses.
  • Two weeks for soft lenses.
  • Three weeks for toric soft lenses or stiff gas.


What Steps Are Performed During Lasik Eye Surgery?

The main purpose of LASIK eye surgery is to alter the structure of the cornea so that pictures may be sharply focused on the retina. Allowing you to see more clearly. This image is created by combining twin beams. The LASIK eye surgery procedure is performed in five steps.

  1. When you lie down straight, your optometrist will use eye drops to relax your eyes.
  2. The surgeon uses an eyelid holder and a suction ring on your eye. The holder prevents you from blinking, and the ring prevents your eye from moving. Your eyesight will get dull, if not entirely dark. 
  3. For your eye measurements, your surgeon will construct a thin membrane sheet like a thin paper sheet in your cornea. They’ll then pull and fold that flap, like flipping a book page. 
  4. Your surgeon then instructs you to look at a light in your eye. Looking intently at it causes your eyes to stay still. The laser is applied to restructure your cornea to improve light refraction. A tapping sound from the laser is possible. You may detect the aroma of charred hair.
  5. Finally, your ophthalmologist will fold the tissue flap. It will soon begin to mend, settling into place in just two to three minutes. Now Lasik’s surgery has been completed.


Precautionary Step:


Take rest 

Your doctor may advise you to relax for a few hours following the Lasik procedure.


Use the medications exactly as directed.

You must use eye drops after surgery. Your doctor prescribed you antibiotics, steroids, and moisturizing eye drops.


Avoid rubbing your eyes

Avoid touching your eyes for at least two weeks after the procedure.


Wear safety glasses.

You must wear eye shields while sleeping for the first three to four nights following surgery.


Put on dark glasses or sunglasses.

You should have to wear sunglasses for a week during the day after the surgery.


Wearing eye makeup is not recommended. 

Stop using the following items at least one day before surgery: Perfumes,  Makeup,

Creams and Lotions.


Avoid driving whenever possible.

Your doctor instructs you not to drive for at least two days following surgery.


Avoid vigorous exercise and contact sports.

You should avoid any vigorous or contact sports for one month after your Lasik surgery.


Prefer baths and avoid showers

You must refrain from bathing or swimming for at least two weeks following surgery.


Age limit

Must be 18 – 25


Benefits of Lasik Surgery

Lasik Surgery in New Friends Colony provides numerous benefits to those seeking eye care. Highly trained and experienced surgeons provide a personalized approach, delivering results that exceed expectations. 

The supportive staff is friendly and helpful throughout the whole process. Once the surgery is complete, they provide excellent after-care services to ensure a speedy recovery. In addition, healthcare is affordable, making it accessible to all individuals regardless of their financial capabilities. 

The clinic maintains a healthy and hygienic environment to ensure safety and hygiene during the procedure. Lastly, individuals can take advantage of having a consultation with professionals before undergoing Lasik Surgery in our clinic to receive more detailed information about their particular case. 

It allows them to decide on what kind of treatment they would like to pursue. All these benefits make Lasik Surgery at this clinic a great option for those looking to improve their vision.

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