Lasik Surgery Cost in India

Lasik Surgery Cost in India

Lasik eye surgery is a standard procedure. Many people undergo a different form of treatment every year across India. It is a quick process that offers fast visual recovery. So, if you are finding a Lasik surgery hospital, then cost may be your primary concern. Thus, Visual Aids Center offers affordable Lasik surgery cost in India. So, if you want to get rid of glasses and lenses permanently. Then, this treatment is an excellent option for you. Also, the results of Lasik surgeries are brilliant. And there are rare chances of complications post-surgery. This treatment is designed for curing Myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Besides, this surgery is not at all life-threatening.

How much does Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in India?

The Lasik surgery price in India ranges between INR 35000 to INR 1,35,000. Also, it depends on certain factors. As a hospital or clinic, you choose a city and treatment depending on your conditions. And, some health centres may charge a considerably low amount. But, there are chances that they will use low-grade or outdated technology. And, you may get or even won’t get any follow up care. There are some centres where prices continue to rise after finalizing the treatment. So, you must be aware of such things. And make sure that the surgeon performs your evaluation.  

Lasik is best for people who don’t face any side-effects after the surgery. Also, if you follow all the measures, then you can easily avoid further problems.

What Impacts the Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in India?

Certain factors may impact Lasik eye surgery cost in India. So, the following points will help you know the overall cost of the process. Some vital factors are as follows:

✅ Tools and technology: The cost of Lasik surgery majorly depends upon this factor. So, the use of modern technology and popular tools influence the cost. 

✅ Location: The Lasik eye surgery cost in India varies for different cities and localities. So, big cities often charge a bit more than smaller cities. The main reason is the cost of setting up in big cities like Delhi.

✅ Procedure type: There are various procedures in this technique. So, there are processes like bladeless, SMILE, and ReLEx. These may cost you more than the traditional ways. But, the Lasik technique is very effective. Thus, you pay for what you get.

✅ Aftercare: This option is not mandatory for all clinics. However, some hospitals offer aftercare as an add-on package. So, opting for this may add up to your overall budget.

✅ Size of the hospital: Economies of scale work out here. So, it is more likely that the overall costs of the more prominent hospital are lower.

How Various Lasik Procedures Affect the Cost of Surgery?

Lasik surgery is a very good option when glasses and lenses trouble your life. So, it is a great way to get your vision again. Many refractive errors may alter your vision. But, the latest technology like Lasik treats such issues very well. Visual Aids Centre is highly successful in performing Lasik surgeries. Also, the cost of Lasik surgery in India is within budget. Besides, the cost of the surgery depends on several types of Lasik procedures.

✅ Bladeless Laser: We call it Femtosecond or Robotic Lasik too. In this procedure, you will get a much better quality vision safely. The bladeless Lasik surgery cost in India is affordable but a bit more than the other type. Also, it is a very effective process to gain vision quickly.

✅ Blade Lasik: This procedure will cost you less than the bladeless. But, this process may take more time than bladeless to gain vision properly. Also, it depends upon your overall eye health whether you can undergo this procedure or not.

✅ Surface Laser: This process is for those who are not suitable for regular Lasik. Also, it may cost the same as the regular Lasik. But, the overall cost is known after checking both eyes well.

Evaluation of Eyes and its Costing Pre-Surgery

Since pricing is a major concern while looking for Lasik surgery. There are some pre-tests essential before the surgery. Also, the tests make sure that the person is fit for the surgery. So, these tests may add up to the Lasik surgery cost in India. Following are some tests that are done pre-surgery-

  • Wavefront analysis: In this test, doctors check the factors affecting the vision. So, they get a clear-cut map of all the problems in the vision.
  • Topography: This test is for measuring the curve of the front eye. Also, it is for taking the map of the cornea.
  • Dry eye test: This test evaluates moistness in the eyes. Also, it helps check the risk of having dry eyes after the surgery.
  • Pupil measurement: A correct pupil size is essential in Lasik surgery. However, the cases of larger pupils have complaints about glare and night vision post-surgery.
  • Pachymetry: Doctors check the thickness of the cornea under this test. They perform this test with the help of a pachymeter.
  • Cycloplegic refraction: This test helps test the refractive issues of the eyes.

Besides, the eye doctors also go through some general health check-ups and medications. 

How to Approach the Right Lasik Eye Surgery Hospital in India?

It is necessary to choose the right Lasik eye surgeon. Also, it may be a bit difficult. But, the following points will help you find the best Lasik eye surgery hospital without any fuss.

✅ Experience of the surgeon: You must check the years of experience of the ophthalmologist. It is always advisable to seek a highly experienced doctor. Also, they should be well-versed with modern tools and technology.

✅ Cost: It is an essential factor while deciding on Lasik surgery. Also, it varies in certain places. And the cost depends on various factors. So, please focus on the primary factors and compare them with the cost. The reliable Lasik surgery cost in India is fair for what you pay.

✅ Reputation: You must check all the details and the success rate of the doctor. Also, if possible, you may check the review and ratings of the eye specialist.

✅ Technology: The use of modern technology leads to safe and correct eye surgery. So, you must check with the doctor about the tools and methods they use. The use of the ultra-modern way must carry out the surgery.

Why choose Visual Aids Center for Lasik eye surgery?

Visual Aids Center is one of the finest eye surgery hospitals. We have a team of specialists who are experts in various techniques. Also, our Lasik surgery cost in India charges is reasonable. We offer high-quality care to our patients. Similarly, the use of state-of-the-art tools makes us keep our words. And, all our patients are entirely satisfied with the results post-surgery. We take care of every aspect and tests needed before the surgery.

Moreover, 85% of our patients showed instant recovery within 2-3 days of the surgery. Thus, you can reach us to get your eyes check-up done. And, choose our experts for the best Lasik eye surgery.

Is Low-Cost Lasik of Good Value?

The cost of Lasik surgery in India varies for different cities and hospitals. Also, it depends upon the use of technology. Some customized procedures may affect the cost of surgery. And, a few surgeons may charge as per your refractive error. So, pricing is one of the major factors to consider before going for surgery. But, there is an eye-care centre that offers low-cost and best Lasik surgery. Make sure to focus on some important points before deciding to go for the surgery:

  • Always ask whether the ‘bargain’ Lasik price is for treating mild errors. Or the pricing is even for the moderate to high amounts of error.
  • It is very essential to know the overall cost of the surgery. As there are certain tests and medications pre and post-surgery. Also, there are regular checkups, etc. So, check that their low-cost pricing covers all the fees.
  • Make sure that they perform the procedure using modern tools and technology. It reduces any likely risks further.

Hence, choose wisely while you are planning for Lasik eye surgery. So, take the right decision not based only on the cost but other important factors too.

How is Lasik More Effective Than Glasses or Lenses?

This is a big question that arises in our mind: Glasses, Lenses, or Lasik? Also, the cost and other processes confuse us to make the right decision. But, you must consider its long-term impact of it. Maybe, the cost and conveniences may vary to a great extent. You need to opt for a more effective solution. So, here’s a small comparison that may help you to choose the right option:

Glasses are a much more affordable option. But, looking at the long-term cost it will be similar to the Lasik surgery cost in India. Also, glasses can break easily. And, it becomes hard to wear them while exercising and doing other activities. Now, talking about the lenses. So, lenses are a moderate costly option. But, if you spend every year on your contacts then Lasik is a better option. Also, Lasik is an easy vision correction option. Besides, there is no hassle of wearing glasses and lenses. And, if you see it on a long-term basis then it is not at all expensive. Through Lasik, you can have lifelong perfect vision. Moreover, glasses and lenses are temporary options while Lasik is a permanent option.

Why Plan Your Lasik Eye Surgery with Visual Aids Centre?

We provide the best eye care and Lasik surgery facility. We upgrade our technology every 2-3 years and offer the latest state of the art options for specs removal. Also, we offer a very affordable Lasik surgery price in India. Our top-notch eye surgeons and doctors handle the patients very well. And, we make sure to deliver the best treatment within your budget. At the Visual Aids Centre, every patient is given personal care. We provide cost-effective and high-tech treatments. Thus, we use only modern tools and equipment to do the Lasik procedure. One of the benefits of planning your Lasik with us is, life long free of cost follow ups. The cost of the Lasik procedure includes all the pre-op tests and post-op medicines and follow ups. Also, we properly assist you with the overall cost and process of the surgery. Further, our specialists will let you know about all the dos and don’ts after the surgery. And, we call you for regular checkups to make sure that everything is well. Moreover, more than 99% of our patients have shown recovery in 2-3 days. And, they are living a hassle-free life without worrying about lenses or glasses. Thus, approach us and get the finest Lasik eye surgery with our top-level eye surgeons.

How Can You Reduce Your Lasik Surgery Cost?

Lasik is one of the finest vision-correcting methods. But, cost becomes our major concern when we plan for it. The Lasik surgery price in India won’t hurt your pocket. And, if we see in the long-term it is completely worth getting Lasik surgery done. One of the ways to reduce your Lasik surgery cost is to seek a finance company. And, you can get any Lasik insurance plan. Also, you can get a health plan that covers some part of the Lasik cost. Besides, if you work in some company then you can ask for the benefits you may get for the procedure. Moreover, you may wish to choose a surgeon or healthcare facility on the basis of cost. But, it can be unwise. It’s better to choose the reliable one with extensive experience. And, the one’s using advanced tools to perform the procedure. So, Visual Aids Centre already offers a high-quality eye care facility at a low cost.

Does LASIK surgery cost more for higher prescriptions?

No. The cost of LASIK surgery varies depending on the kind of procedure and clinic. We, at Visual Aids Center, provide LASIK surgery at an affordable price. This surgery is the better option if your specifications are small, even better in case of maximum specification. Therefore, opt for this surgery, as it is a fantastic choice for you. Furthermore, Lasik surgery produces excellent outcomes. There is also a small possibility of problems after surgery. Myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism are all treated with this therapy. Furthermore, this procedure is not life-threatening.

Does LASIK surgery cost depend upon the power?

For higher powers, the Intralase Femto procedure is best suited as we need to use minimum corneal tissue. In order to make sure that our patients face no problems whatsoever in the future, an additional C3R procedure may also be recommended. In the C3R procedure, we apply Riboflavin drops and apply UV rays to provide strength to the cornea. We only proceed with the Lasik procedure if we are 100% certain that we are totally risk-free and if 100% freedom from spectacles and contact lenses can be achieved.

Why is Lasik Surgery so costly?

The cost of LASIK eye surgery will be determined by several factors, including:

Wherever you live in India, the locations with the most experts are generally the cheapest. The level of expertise of the specialist you consult. They will also cost more if they have more expertise and training. The tool that was utilized during the procedure also affects the cost of LASIK Surgery. Traditionally, a surgeon would utilize blades and portable tools. A good clinic like Visual Aids Center should be delighted to provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate. This will inform you how much you’ll have to spend and why those costs have been provided. Take advantage of this chance to meet with a variety of laser specialists to select the best bargain and the professional with whom you are most comfortable. Your eyes, after all, are priceless.

Over the long run isn’t Lasik eye surgery more cost-effective than buying contacts and glasses over and over?

LASIK satisfaction is influenced by a variety of factors, including:

  • Your corneas anatomy.
  • Whether you’re nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism, we’ve got you covered.
  • The severity of your refractive defect and the prescription strength of your eyeglasses
  • If you’re at risk of developing dry eyes after LASIK
  • Your age
  • Your anticipations

Although LASIK may effectively cure high degrees of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, the best candidates for a favorable result are younger persons with modest nearsightedness and astigmatism. All these are best provided with the LASIK surgery and are not getting by buying contacts and glasses over and over. Visual Aids center offers the best option for getting your LASIK Surgery perfectly.

Why is the cost of Lasik surgery so variable?

Many LASIK providers estimate the cost of their treatment on a “per eye” basis. LASIK eye surgery prices are determined by surgical skill and secondarily technology. Prices will undoubtedly vary when comparing states, geographic regions, or even neighboring counties, depending on where you live, the surgeon’s experience, the procedure you’ll have done, and the technology used on your eyes. Call us (01146108181) at Visual Aids Center to get the best price option all across India.