Lasik Surgery in Jor Bagh

What is Lasik Surgery?

Laser-assisted in situ keratomileuses (LASIK) eye surgery is an optical surgery as a laser treatment for correct human vision problems. Particularly, it has to be performed to remove a defined amount of tissue from the cornea. Being the best alter to glasses or contact lenses, Lasik surgery assists around 90% of patients to get their sight again. That’s why most people rely on it.


Lasik Eye Surgery in Jor Bagh

In order to achieve vision again, Visual Aids Centre has launched the Lasik surgery in Jor Bagh, Delhi. Having a successful journey of above two and a half decades, we have performed the Lasik surgery in India with one lac successful cases. We are on a mission to let all see the world that has been created for them.

Our operational approaches are highly sustainable that assure permanent vision without any hassle of glasses or contact lenses. With the passage of time, patients now rely on permanent relief from their vision problems, and this Lasik surgery is proven to grant them the ideal solution for myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism.


Who’s the Potential Candidate for Lasik Surgery?

Before moving to decide on the Lasik surgery, it’s more significant to consider whom this is for. By some parameters, you can easily understand who is the potential candidate for this optical surgery. Remember one thing; for any tissue or organ disorder, surgery is considered as the last and final solution when other cures and treatments do not work. Right in the case of the Lasik surgery as well. So, you may consider a few factors;

➢ You must be 18+

➢ Your number has sustained for 6 – 12 months

➢ You’ve already used glasses or contact lens

➢ Your cornea must be thickened enough to exhibit good healthy life for your eyes

➢ You don’t have any serious eye disorder that leads the bulging cornea

➢ You won’t be a patient with uncontrolled diabetes, pregnant, or nursing women

➢ You don’t have dry eyes, large pupils, and thin cornea

➢ You don’t have any eye changes due to the age factor

Thus, it’s so crucial to determine the patient’s current health condition. And at Visual Aids Centre in Jor Bagh, our expert ophthalmologists thoroughly conduct the pre-op check-up.


What Conditions profess this Surgery?

First, it’s necessary to consult an ophthalmologist before moving for Lasik surgery. Well! There are THREE particular conditions that can be treated via this optical procedure.


Shortsightedness or myopia is the condition when either the eyeball becomes slightly longer than normal or the cornea curves too sharp. As the light passes through the eyes, then it focuses in front of the retina, and thus it blurs the distant vision. Resultantly, you can’t see the object from a distance apart but only can see the nearly-placed objects.


Farsightedness or hyperopia is the condition when the eyeball becomes short or average-sized than normal, or the cornea becomes too flattened. As the light passes through the eyes, then it focuses on behind the retina. As a result, your vision may be blurry for near objects and even sometimes for objects at more distance.   


This is the condition when the cornea is in an uneven shape, neither properly curved nor flattened. Such a condition leads to the disrupted focus of vision for the objects residing both near and distant apart.


The procedure of Lasik Surgery

Generally, there are pre-op and post-op sessions for Lasik Surgery.

Pre-op Session

Before Lasik surgery, firstly, you must avoid using any cosmetic product on your eyes before one day and on the day of surgery. Even you won’t be using contact lenses as well. Instead of any lotion, cream, or eye makeup, you have to administer a few drops of antibiotic about 2-3 times a day ago as well as the day of the proceeding.

After that, we conduct a thorough examination of the eyes. The size and shape of the pupil, cornea, and pressure of the eye. The whole topography of the eye is scanned via a scanner. Then we make a questionnaire about the current eye condition and associated risk factors.

The Procedure

Firstly, the patient has to be given some pills to be calm and relax, then lie in a rectangular chair on his back. After that, anesthetizing drops are placed in the patient’s eye. Then we hold the eyelids open via an instrument. Before cutting the corneal flap, a suction ring is placed in front of the eye to create pressure. 

We use a sterilized cutting laser to cut the small hinged flap away from the front of the eye. Then we move the flap back to access the cornea to reshape it. With a programmed laser, our senior eye surgeons reshape particular parts of the cornea. A little corneal tissue is removed via each laser beam pulse. 

While the procedure, we confirm the focus point of the patient to pivot to the light. As the light fixes the exact point, it will keep the eye fixed to a point until the cornea doesn’t reshape. As the cornea is reshaped, we lay the flap back into its place that heals on its own.

Post-op Session

After the surgery, the patient may feel itchy, gritty, or burning sensations. Just a few minutes to hours later the surgery, vision may blur, and a little pain may be. We suggest some medications to relieve pain and gain a soothing sensation. Within a short span, one gets relief from pain and recovers vision. At times, it takes two to three months for proper healing and stabilizing of the vision.

Although the patient’s vision recovers, but he has to walk through us for further examinations and exercises. For about five to six months, regular follow-up is required to clear the vision with good health.


Impacts of Lasik Surgery

In general practice, the major impacts of Lasik surgery may happen, are;

  • Drying the eye mostly
  • Double vision
  • Glares & halos at night
  • Need to use glasses or contact lenses again
  • Myopic regression
  • Poor or worsened vision

Well! Any of these impacts may happen if pre-op steps do not follow properly. However, the overall ratio of such downsides is low than the successful surgeries.


Key Benefits

Apart from the side effects, various plus points are also associated with the Lasik surgery, which are;

  • Pain-free procedure
  • Instant results
  • Repair vision assuredly
  • Clear & better vision
  • Cost-effective
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Hassle-free lifestyle
  • Relief from allergy

These are the key benefits that give this optical treatment a 96% success rate over decades.


Why Choose Visual Aids Centre?

Visual Aids Centre based in Jor Bagh is considered as a hub of optometry, where almost all optical disorders have been treated for more than 25 years of excellence. In the case of Lasik Surgery, we have certified senior ophthalmologists with years of industry experience. We don’t take any compromise on human health.

We know eyes are the precious blessing of God. At Visual Aids Centre, we ensure correct and stable vision through accurate laser procedures. Thus, our patients show full satisfaction and utmost trust in VAC, which makes this vision centre – a remarkable name in Delhi for clear vision.

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