Lasik Surgery Cost in Kolkata

How much does Lasik surgery cost in Kolkata?

To undergo a Lasik in Kolkata, you will be charged between Rs. 40,000 and Rs. 140,000. On average, a standard Lasik surgery is roughly Rs. 80,000. Patients with higher levels of myopia or astigmatism may be charged a higher price.


Why does Lasik surgery cost in Kolkata vary for different patients?

Lasik surgery cost in Kolkata may vary for different patients. It happens based on their visual issues and the technology used in treatment. In addition, there are numerous surgical procedures that all fall under the Lasik umbrella. Charges may be different because the treatment procedures are not the same.

Lasik surgical expenses can also vary for different patients due to factors like the cost of lab tests, operating room, medications, and post-surgical costs.

The experience of the surgeon can also determine eye surgery price. In most cases, less experienced surgeons may charge less than the average rate to market their businesses. On the other hand, professional or skilled optical surgeons tend to charge higher prices.

Overall, Lasik surgery cost can vary significantly depending on who pays the bill. Charges may differ for an individual, the government, or an insurance company.


What is the Cost of Diagnostic Tests Before Lasik?

The cost of diagnostic tests before Lasik can vary depending on what is being evaluated. It may cost between Rs. 100 and Rs. 3000. Most eye hospitals, government facilities, and spectacle stores in Kolkata offer these diagnostic tests for free. Before planning to attend a diagnostic test at a health facility, perform some research about their charges. 


What are the Factors Affecting LASIK Surgery Cost in Kolkata?

Some factors affect Lasik surgery cost in Kolkata. In the first place, the type of treatment process you will undergo. Typically, Lasik surgery is mainly categorized into two, traditional and custom. Traditional Lasik surgery is cheaper, although it doesn’t offer more precision than custom Lasik surgery. On the other hand, custom Lasik surgery is costly but provides a lot of precision with few complications.

Secondly, another factor that will affect the cost of Lasik surgery in Kolkata is the surgeon’s expertise. Surgeons with a lot of experience charge higher for their services. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean their services are different. Thus, it is crucial to research the expertise of a surgeon you are considering for the services.

In addition, another factor that impacts Lasik surgery cost in Kolkata is the health facility where the procedures are being performed. Some facilities charge more than others. Their staff’s experience and the equipment being used are some factors that inflate the cost of their services.

Finally, the number of sessions required before achieving the desired results is another factor that affects the cost of Lasik surgery in Kolkata. Patients who require more sessions will have to pay higher. However, it is worth noting that the number of sessions needed may vary from one patient to the other. It would help if you discussed it with your surgeon to get an estimate of the sessions you will require based on your condition.

Those are some of the main factors affecting the cost of Lasik surgery in Kolkata. Before the procedure, discussing these factors with your surgeon is important. You will better understand what to expect and the expenses to incur.


What is the cost of different types of LASIK surgeries in Kolkata?

There are different types of Lasik surgeries in Kolkata, and the cost of each may vary.

  • Lasik Surgery At Visual Aid Centre, you will be charged between Rs. 40,000 and Rs. 140,000
  • Smile Surgery: The cost of Smile surgery at Visual Aids Centre ranges between Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 130,000.
  • Contoura Vision: At Visual Aids Centre, costs between Rs. 75,000 and Rs. 140,000.


Does health insurance cover LASIK surgery costs in Kolkata?

Nearly all health insurance companies cover Lasik surgery costs in Kolkata. However, the costs of glasses are catered for, provided that the number is 7.5 and lower. Some of the health insurance companies that cover Lasik surgery in Kolkata include ICICI Lombard, Oriental, New India, Chola Mangalam, Bhartia Axia, Kotak Mahindra, Universal Sompo, Tata Aig, IFFCO Tokio, Future Generali, Reliance, Bajaj Allianz, Go Digit, PNB, Max Bupa, Aditya Birla, HDFC Ergo, Care, National united India, Star Health, Tata Aig, Sbi General, and Cigna.


Does LASIK surgery cost depend upon the power?

Lasik surgery cost does not depend on the power. At any particular hospital, Lasik surgery costs are normally fixed, irrespective of your financial status. However, the charge may vary from hospital to hospital and may depend on several factors. The cost of the procedure doesn’t rely on the severity of your eyesight. Typically, Lasik has a set price that covers the cost of correction within the safe treatment range. The price should be the same whether you are undergoing minor or high corrections. 

Your eye’s power is not one factor determining the cost of Lasik surgery.


How Visual Aids Centre costing in Kolkata is affordable?

Apart from being one of India’s most prestigious Lasik surgery clinics, Visual Aids Centre is an affordable facility for patients with eyesight problems. The facility employs advanced technology to treat chronic eye conditions without putting any pressure on your pocket. The entire treatment procedure starts from INR 30,000. Though it might sound costly, the amazing benefits and quick recovery time are worth the amount. The cost is entirely worth the investment that will stabilize your eyesight health. Without digging deeper into your pocket, the entire Lasik surgery process will be handled by a team of experienced specialists. Visual Aids Centre has performed over one million successful Lasik surgery operations.

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