What Should I Avoid After Smile Pro Surgery?

SMILE Pro eye surgery is a well-recognized modern technique that rectifies refractive anomalies such as myopia or nearsightedness. This minimally invasive Surgery, also known as Small incision Lenticule Extraction, offers multiple advantages, such as faster recovery, less discomfort, and better visual outcomes. However, maintaining specific post-surgery protocols is critical to ensuring the best results and preventing further consequences. So, What Should I Avoid After Smile Pro Surgery? Let’s check!


So, What to avoid after Surgery?

Here are a few things that a patient needs to avoid after the Surgery:


Rubbing Your Eyes:
Refraining from rubbing or touching your eyes is one of the essential aspects of post-SMILE Pro surgery. During the treatment, the cornea, the eye’s clear front surface, is reshaped and takes time to heal entirely. Rubbing your eyes can bring bacteria into your eyes, increasing your risk of infection. Furthermore, it can impair healing and displace the corneal flap established following Surgery. As a result, resist the impulse to rub or touch your eyes, even if they are swollen or irritating.


Exposing Your Eyes to Toxins:
Your eyes may be more sensitive than usual throughout the recovery after SMILE Pro surgery. It is important to avoid exposing your eyes to irritants or pollutants to encourage a speedy recovery. These irritants include dusty areas, smoke, chemical odors, and harsh cleaning agents. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from harsh sun rays, wind, and dust particles when you step outside. Furthermore, it is advised to refrain from swimming or using hot tubs for a particular duration, as water may contain impurities that irritate your eyes and raise your risk of infection.


Avoid Difficult Tasks:
While physical activities benefit overall health, avoiding vigorous activities and exercises after SMILE Pro surgery is recommended. Weightlifting, jogging, and contact sports can strain the eyes, raise blood pressure, and increase the risk of problems. Involving with such activities soon after the Surgery might cause problems with the recuperation process, resulting in extended discomfort and delayed visual recovery. Speaking with your eye surgeon to establish the best time to resume exercising based on your recovery process is appropriate.


Applying Makeup on Eyes:
It is advised to avoid using eye makeup and cosmetics for a certain length of time following SMILE Pro surgery. Applying eye makeup, such as eyeliner and mascara, might introduce bacteria or pollutants, leading to illness or delayed recovery. In addition, makeup removal necessitates rubbing the eyes. It avoids all costs during the healing period. Allow the eyes to heal naturally, rest as much as possible, and talk to your surgeon about the best time to wear eye makeup.


Ignoring Post-Surgery Medications and Follow-ups:
Your surgeon may prescribe drugs following SMILE Pro surgery to aid healing and avoid infection. It is critical to follow the medications provided strictly. Antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops, as well as oral drugs, are used. Skipping these medicines or completely stopping the medication too soon can jeopardize the healing process and lead to severe consequences. It is also significant to attend all scheduled follow-up sessions with your eye surgeon, monitor your progress, and ensure the highest recovery and visual outcomes.


Excessive Screen Time:
Overuse of screens has become increasingly common in the digital era. Your eyes will require time to adjust and recuperate after SMILE Pro surgery. Long periods of staring at digital devices can also strain your eyes, worsening dryness and potentially causing discomfort. To promote a speedy recovery, reduce your screen time and take frequent breaks to rest your eyes. Use the 20-20-20 rule: Take a 20-second break every 20 minutes and look at anything 20 feet away. During the healing phase, this practice relaxes your eyes and reduces tension.


Wearing Contact Lens:
Putting on contact lenses can obstruct healing and lead to discomfort and complications following SMILE Pro surgery. It is crucial to avoid wearing lenses for the period your surgeon prescribes. Use your recommended eyeglasses to help your cornea to wound up properly during this period.


Excessive Sun Exposure:
Protecting your eyes from sun exposure after Surgery is important. It is necessary to wear sunglasses every time you step out of your home to safeguard your eyes from harmful UV rays.


Refrain from driving soon after the Surgery, as it can have a stressful impact on your eyes. Keep your eyes as safe as possible from all outdoor activities for a duration period, as recommended by your eye surgeon. Use an alternative transport or ask someone else to drive you when you need to travel. You might ask someone to accompany you till your vision is completely normal.


Skipping Rest:
A good amount of rest is a much-needed practice to use right after the Surgery. It is advisable to get enough sleep and refrain from all other activities until you are safe and have permission from your eye surgeon to resume your daily routine.


Always Wash Your Hands:
Maintaining hygiene after Surgery is crucial, including washing your hands thoroughly before applying eye drops. Refrain from touching the eye drop bottle to prevent contamination. Always use the materials advised by your surgeon when using the drops.


Consult Your Surgeon:
Be mindful of every symptom and ensure you raise concerns to your surgeon, even with the slightest discomfort in your eyes which you think might be concerning. Awareness of any irritation, discomfort, or excessive pain hindering your daily activities is important.


Wrap-Up- What Should I Avoid After Smile Pro Surgery?

Thus, SMILE Pro surgery is an excellent and safe choice for those wanting to get rid of their glasses and lenses. It is, however, important to follow a particular procedure after the Surgery until you are fully recovered. Avoiding activities that can stress your eyes and taking adequate rest is crucial for a patient to have better results and enhanced vision.

Hence, complete your follow-up sessions and always listen to the instructions given by your surgeon. You may optimize the benefits of SMILE Pro surgery and enjoy enhanced vision for years by taking care of your eyes and following your surgeon’s advice. It is important to note that everyone’s recovery process is different and may vary according to their needs. It’s critical to follow the particular post-surgery instructions your eye surgeon recommends.


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