What Is LASIK Surgery?

LASIK eye surgery is the most widely used laser vision correction procedure, with over 20 million procedures performed since its FDA approval over 20 years ago. Its technical name is a laser In Situ Keratomileusis, meaning that the laser is used to alter the shape of the cornea and is applied under a flap in the cornea. Lasik eye surgery involves using a special laser that cuts into the cornea to change its shape so that the light entering your eyes can properly focus on your retina; this results in a clearer view.

During the procedure, your optometrist will use an Excimer laser to alter the shape of your cornea by removing a thin layer of corneal tissue. LASIK’s most widely performed eye laser surgery involves creating a partial-thickness corneal flap and using an excimer laser to ablate the corneal bed. The LASIK procedure is an outpatient procedure using lasers to correct imperfections in the cornea, which may be causing blurred vision, such as nearsightedness or farsightedness.

For Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis, many people suffer from dry eyes for a few weeks after the procedure, while other patients experience nighttime glare and halos around lights. Some post-LASIK side effects, such as dry eyes and vision changes, are normal and typically disappear in the first month. LASIK surgery may cause temporary decreased tear production, and as you are healing, it is possible for your eyes to feel dry.

The results from your LASIK surgery do not change after approximately six months in almost all patients, but internal aspects of your eyes can. If side effects are nonexistent, most eye doctors target slightly below 20/20. A follow-up procedure for the LASIK surgery, called enhancement, may take the vision to a full correction. Most patients reach unaided 20/20 after LASIK if their eyes can be corrected to that level using glasses or contacts before the surgery.

LASIK or another refractive surgery might be a good option if you are tired of wearing glasses, having them get fogged, dealing with in-and-out contact lenses, or dealing with eye dryness and discomfort. Many people have many questions regarding laser eye surgery concerns (for instance, is laser eye treatment painful). Still, the procedure is painless thanks to anesthetic eye drops that your surgeon will administer beforehand. LASIK is one of the world’s most common laser eye surgery procedures, performed approximately 700,000 times yearly.

Unlike other surgeries to correct a refractive error, Laser-assisted in Situ Keratomileusis is a permanent procedure. And it is a popular type of laser vision correction. Also, it is performed as an outpatient procedure, which can take around 20 minutes.


Results of LASIK Surgery. What can you expect? 

LASIK is a very popular electro-photocoagulation treatment in the world. It is a quick, safe, and effective method that can improve your vision and allow you to see it like never before.

LASIK surgery is extremely safe and effective. The majority of patients recover from it. However, some people may experience slight discomfort while they heal.


Here’s what to expect before, during, and after your procedure! 

LASIK surgery has become popular recently, and patients wait weeks to complete their procedures. Before LASIK, an ophthalmologist evaluates a patient and sometimes visits a physician’s office to undergo vision tests. Once the eye surgeon confirms that you meet the surgery requirements and prepare you for the procedure, you face a few days of downtime before your procedure.

LASIK eye surgery is a common and effective treatment for nearsightedness and farsightedness. Before the procedure, you will receive an eye examination to determine how best to meet your specific laser vision correction needs. Then you’ll need to schedule an appointment with your doctor or a certified LASIK surgeon at one of our convenient locations. Once you get here, you’ll have time to relax and get comfortable while we prepare your eyes for surgery. After the procedure, you may feel discomfort after waking up. In this case, we recommend wearing sunglasses during the first several hours after waking up to help relieve pain in your eyes caused by light entering through inflamed corneal tissue.’

The recovery period from LASIK surgery varies by each patient and their eyes. The most common signs of recovery include redness or soreness to the eye, temporary or permanent vision changes, and the need for additional eye drops or ointments. People who experience some discomfort should not be concerned; it is within normal range and usually improves over time.


Risks and side effects of LASIK surgery

LASIK is an effective treatment, but it is not risk-free. The doctor should inform the patient of LASIK surgery’s risks and side effects before having it performed. LASIK may only be right for some patients, so patients should seek information from multiple sources before deciding whether to have LASIK surgery.

Some people experience complications and side effects after LASIK surgery. These include dry eyes, blurry vision, and an increased risk of macular degeneration. Many people with LASIK have reported having dry eyes after the surgery. And it can cause uncomfortable symptoms such as stinging, burning, etc. Dry eyes can also contribute to eye strain and headaches. But the chances of any risk or side effects are very less.



Lasik eye surgery is a good alternative to other eye surgeries. It can increase the quality of vision and improve the patient’s life. In general, it’s an upper or lower-resolved eye procedure. It involves reshaping the cornea to give you clear sight. It’s an outpatient surgery under local anesthesia before the actual procedure begins.

Individuals must consider LASIK and are provided with clear, easy-to-understand information about the benefits and risks of the procedure, which will help to make an informed decision about whether or not to undergo LASIK.


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