What Are The Symptoms For Dry Eyes?

Dry eyes are a very common disease that can occur when the tears are not capable enough to provide the needed lubrication to the eyes. There can be various reasons why the trees are unstable and not cable enough. 

For example, dry eyes can occur if a person’s eyes cannot produce the required tears or even if they are producing tears that are not of high quality. When this instability of tears happens, it damages the eyes’ surface and causes inflammation.

Having dry eyes can be pretty uncomfortable, and in some cases, when a person has dry eyes, they can also feel a burning sensation in their eyes, or their eyes may sting a bit. In certain situations, a person can experience the feeling of dry eyes, like being on an aeroplane while riding a bike, looking continuously into a computer screen, or being in an air conditioner for a few hours.

Certain eye treatments can help a person feel more comfortable with dry eyes. Some of these treatments include changes in lifestyle and using certain eye drops. A person can consult their doctor about this treatment for their dry eyes.


Common symptoms of dry eyes

The most common symptoms of dry eyes, which are likely to affect both of the eyes of the patient, are mentioned below:

  1. You may experience eye fatigue or a blurred vision
  2. You may experience some difficulty while driving in the nighttime
  3. You may experience a Sebastian in which you feel like there is something in your eyes
  4. You may experience a sensitivity to light
  5. You may experience a scratchy, stinging, or burning sensation in your eyes.
  6. You may experience watery eyes, described as your body’s response to the irritation caused by dry eyes.
  7. You may experience some difficulty while using contact lenses.
  8. You may experience redness in your eyes.
  9. You may experience a thing known as stringy mucus around your eyes.

If you experience one of these symptoms, it is time to see a doctor, as a feeling of red, irritated, painful, and tired eyes are the general symptoms of dry eyes. Your healthcare provider will guide you with the next steps with the root cause of your problem, and they will refer you to the next steps of your treatment.


Prevention for dry eyes


Check the humidity of the air around you.

The condition of dry eyes is quite common nowadays; most people are experiencing this condition; thus, it is getting important by the day that we start making an effort from our side to prevent this condition and the main cause for all of the symptoms. Here are some of the preventive measures mentioned below which will help you prevent any symptoms of dry eyes:

When the air around starts to lack moisture, it can cause dry eyes; thus, in a situation like this, adding moisture into the surrounding air may sound insane, but this method is effective. Especially in the winter, the indoor air starts to get slightly dry, and using a humidifier can be helpful as it will add some extra needed moisture to the air.


Extra protection for our eyes

When you start noticing the symptom of dry eyes, it is a sign that your body needs some extra care. Now is the time to provide extra protection from your surroundings; you can do this by wearing protective eyewear or wraparound sunglasses. 

This safety shield can be easily included in our sunglasses’ sides and tops, which help by blocking the dry air and the wind. You can easily get this protective shield from the shops where you get your sunglasses.


Be mindful of your surroundings.

One major factor influencing dry eyes is our environment, so we must be fully aware of what is around us. When you are in environments like deserts, aeroplanes, and high altitudes, the air in these surroundings is extremely dry. 

And when you spend a large amount of time in such environments, then the dry air can affect your eyes, so you can use a little trick to avoid that, which is to frequently close your eyes for a few minutes from time to time; this will slow down the evaporation process in your eyes.


No to smoke

The habit of smoking affects our whole body, and our eyes are not far from it. Then start to avoid smoking, and even if you fail at doing that, you can also consult your doctor, and they will help you by providing you with some quit-smoking strategy that will work for you. 

Even if you do not smoke and are facing condition of dry eyes, the cause may be not smoking but still try to avoid people who smoke as the smoke will only worsen your symptoms for dry eyes.


Avoid direct air into your eyes.

Make a habit that you don’t blow air in your eyes, so avoid direct contact with car heaters, fans, hair dryers, and air conditioners with your eyes.


Include frequent breaks in your schedule.

When you are indulged in tasks of a long duration, start to take breaks for the sake of your eyes, as they will be beneficial in the long run. Whenever you are reading or doing a task requiring high visual concentration from your side, then take frequent periodic breaks.

You can close your eyes for a few minutes during these eye breaks, or you can perform a very easy and highly beneficial exercise for your eyes. That is just blinking repeatedly for just a few seconds which will help your eyes by evenly spreading the tears in your eyes.


Make sure your computer screen is positioned below your eye level.

When the computer screen is placed above your eye level, you tend to open your eyes more widely to view your computer screen. So make sure that the position of your computer is below your eye level so won’t have to open your eyes as wide. 

This method helps because when you don’t open your eyes as wide, the evaporation of the tears in the eyes slows down in between whenever your eye blinks.


Artificial tears are a great option.

When you have a chronic condition of dry eyes, you can use eye drops whenever you feel dryness in your eyes; it will help with lubrication.


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