Squint Surgery Cost in India

In India, squint surgery typically costs around 50,000 and 1 00,000 rupees.
The price of squint surgery is heavily influenced by

  • The procedure used
  • Whether one of the eyes will be operated on or two.

Several other elements, including health insurance, facility, physician fees, etc., influence the price of the procedure. The top medical centers in India will offer a comparable quality of care. However, the price of squint operation will vary according to the city. Many believe squints cannot be treated because they are irreversible. However, the reality is that anyone can have their eyes corrected.


Squint- An Introduction

A squint is also called strabismus when the eyes don’t point in the same orientation. Squint eyes can happen anytime and affect people of all ages, but they primarily impact toddlers. Only seldom, in one of the eyes or alternately in both, could a squint be seen. The squinting can merge, split, or occasionally turn upward or downward.


How Is Squint Evaluation Performed?

It is evaluated using a variety of orthoptics tests with the following objectives:

  • Identify the kind and degree of squint eye
  • Analyze the child’s or adult’s vision using refraction.
  • Vision through both eyes assessment
  • study of the fundus, showing fixation type


Treatment Alternatives

Observing the patient’s eyesight and concentration structure in both eyes is crucial when determining what kind of squint.
The strength of his glasses and the extent of his squint will be monitored as he gets older. Eye treatment can fix any remaining squint, which spectacles could not alleviate. A few eye conditions include:


A lazy or amblyopic eye
The healthy eye is patched or covered to treat this. While wearing the patch, the eye with less strength can try more by engaging in visual tasks like coloring and reading.


Optical Surgery
This is occasionally the only option available to correct the eye. Findings can be quite favorable, and 3D vision may occur if treated at the right time.

Several surgeries may be required occasionally. This doesn’t indicate that everything is correct; more adjustment is required to get the exact alignment. Double vision may develop after aligning eyes that were in incorrect sync for a long time. Fortunately, it usually resolves within a few days as the brain gets used to the altered eye alignment.


This is a day procedure; there is no hospitalization involved. The eye cushion is taken out the following day, and eye drops are injected a few times throughout the following days.

There is no impact on vision because it is an exterior procedure. Exterior sutures are frequently absorbed and do not need to be undone. Even if the pupils appear red initially, one can return to work in a few days.


Different Squint Procedures and Their Prices in India


Squint operation:
It is a method used to treat strabismus alongside other eye positioning problems. The average price of squint surgery in India is between Rs. 55,000 and Rs. 70,000.


Exotropia surgery:
Exotropia surgery involves eliminating tissue from the inner of the eyeball to treat a squint. Exotropia surgery typically costs Rs. 85,000 in India.


Exophoria surgery:
To realign the eyes, a muscle is reconnected to bones within the nose during this procedure. The approximate cost in India for an exophoria operation is Rs. 85,000.


Hyperphoria treatment:
It involves reattaching tissues to a separate bone behind the nose to treat hyperphoria. The typical price of hyperphoria treatment is Rs. 85,000.


Surgery for esotropia:
Esotropia surgery is used to treat an inward-moving eye squint. The median price for esotropia treatment in India is Rs. 85,000. Reattachment of the eyelid tissues to a separate bone within the nostrils. The average price of an esophoria operation in India is Rs. 85,000.


Surgery for exotropia:
Exophoria: An exotropia operation treats a squint in which one eye moves inside and outwards. It is anticipated to cost Rs. 85,000 in India.


Surgery for exophoria and hyperphoria:
Hyperphoria is to treat a squint in which one eye bends inside out rather than towards the outside, and exophoria surgery is performed. It is anticipated to cost Rs. 85,000 in India.


Factors Affecting Squint Surgery Cost

Various surgical tools and spaces may be required based on the procedure. It directly impacts how much the surgery will cost.
Medicine required for the procedure:

Various pharmaceuticals and medicines are required for the operation. Each person will receive a different dose.


Hospital and surgeon fees:
The medical facility and doctor may charge fees that are unique from competitors. Depending on their reliability and reputation, their fees will vary.


Form and price of post-operative care:
If the surgery covers post-operative care, the overall cost will be higher.

To prevent problems following surgery, patients may be required to remain in the hospital in some circumstances. The quantity of time the patients have to remain in the hospital will determine the hospital fees.


Why should you select India for your squint surgery?


Treatment to correct squint is inexpensive in India:
India may treat patients at a significantly lesser cost than the greatest facilities worldwide


Top-notch resources:
India’s premier healthcare facilities have created world-class infrastructure to guarantee clinical achievement.


All of India’s biggest cities are easily accessible:
The biggest Indian cities are easily accessible because of the country’s transportation networks. One can still feel at ease if a patient wants to move to a different location.


The best surgeons are always accessible:
India is host to numerous skilled surgeons. In an emergency, one may be summoned if necessary.


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