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For 12 years, glasses symbolised my blurry world, a reminder of limitations. They perched on my nose from childhood to adulthood, a familiar yet frustrating presence. Sports were a struggle, contacts helped but weren’t perfect, and late-night movie marathons often led to eye strain headaches.

Then I found SMILE eye surgery – a total game-changer!

This isn’t just another “miracle surgery” story. As a software engineer on weekdays and a sports enthusiast on weekends, practicality and precision were at the forefront of my mind.

So, buckle up, fellow specs-wearers, and let me dive into My SMILE experience, highlighting the amazing and the not-so-amazing details to help you decide if it’s right for you.


Beyond the Blurriness: A Childhood Burden

Remember struggling to see the board in class? Blurry classrooms, missed catches during baseball games, and constant teasing about my “glasses” were all too familiar. My vision deficiency was a barrier to participation and confidence. Contacts offered a brief respite, but juggling solutions, dry eyes, and the fear of them popping out when playing wasn’t ideal.

Finally, at 24, I decided to explore vision correction options and reclaim my vision and, ultimately, my freedom.


Finding the Right Light: Researching SMILE

My friend, a fellow glasses-hater, had undergone SMILE and raved about it. Intrigued, I began my research. SMILE, unlike LASIK, creates a tiny incision in the cornea using a laser, removing a tissue layer to reshape it. It sounded minimally invasive, promising faster recovery and potentially fewer side effects. This resonated with my desire for a practical and efficient solution.

However, I wasn’t naive. I immersed myself further, delving into research papers, exploring online forums, and evaluating various vision correction procedures. The research journey proved empowering, arming me with insights for informed decision-making.


Delving Deeper: Consultation and Assessment

My research took me to the Visual Aids Centre, known for their skilled SMILE surgeons. The detailed initial consultation was reassuring. They meticulously assessed my eyes, using advanced technology to map contours and thickness, and a lot of pre-surgical testing was done.

They didn’t just answer my questions; they anticipated them, explaining complex procedures in accessible language. Clearly, they weren’t just performing a procedure; they were building trust and ensuring I understood the journey ahead. My prescription (-5 in both eyes with slight astigmatism in both) fit the criteria, and seeing their expertise and genuine care, I felt confident proceeding.


Preparing for the Big Day: Anticipation and Information

Let’s be honest: surgery is nerve-wracking. Yet, the pre-surgery guidelines were precise, thorough, and shared generously in advance. They encompassed everything from the day’s expectations to medications to steer clear of. The team’s unwavering support, including prompt reminder emails and addressing any queries, helped me navigate with a sense of empowerment, easing my apprehension. It’s no wonder they have top-notch customer service reviews.


The Big Day: A Quick Snip to Freedom

The procedure itself was quick and surprisingly painless. Numbing eye drops did their magic, and the laser did its thing in under 30 seconds per eye, with the entire surgery taking 10-15 minutes to complete. It felt more like a slight pressure than pain, and before I knew it, it was over.

The team’s calm demeanour and constant communication further eased my nerves. And then, they ensured everything was alright. After receiving the green light, I was cleared to head home. Once back, I took a moment to rest, laid down, and listened to some podcasts.


Post-Surgery Bliss (Mostly)

Immediately, I noticed a significant improvement. My vision wasn’t perfect yet, but the blur was gone! The initial fogginess dissipated quickly, and by the next day, I woke up to a world in sharp focus, 20/20 vision.

Yes, there were minor side effects: halos, starbursts, and dry eyes. But these were temporary, as promised, and subsided soon. The dry eyes were easily managed with eye drops, and the occasional halo around bright lights became a passing curiosity rather than a nuisance.


Living the Dream: Freedom Beyond 20/20

Now, a month later, my life has changed. No more glasses or contact lens hassles. I play sports, swim freely, and wake up to see my clock — a small joy many take for granted but feels monumental to me. More importantly, the psychological shift is profound. The freedom to engage in any activity without worrying about my vision is truly liberating.

It’s more than just convenience; owning your vision brings newfound confidence. No longer self-conscious about bulky glasses or frame choices, I can confidently embrace any style I desire, assured that my vision won’t limit me. This newfound self-assurance transcends all areas of my life, enhancing both professional engagements and casual social interactions.

The impact extends to loved ones as well. With my improved vision, my family and friends noticed my joy and genuine excitement for activities I used to avoid. Sharing these experiences adds happiness to our time together. They now ask about the procedure and my experience as they also consider leaving their glasses behind.


Is SMILE Right for You? A Balanced Perspective

While my experience has been great, remember, I’m just one case. SMILE isn’t magic; it has limitations and risks. Every person’s eyes and needs vary. Consult an ophthalmologist, discuss your expectations, and understand what determines suitability. Avoid deciding based solely on personal anecdotes like mine.


Key Points to Consider

  • Thorough Research:
    Delve deeply into SMILE and other vision correction alternatives. Familiarise yourself with the procedures, recovery periods, and potential side effects.
  • Professional Consultation:
    Reach out to a certified ophthalmologist to evaluate your eyes and determine your suitability for SMILE.
  • Inquisitive Nature:
    Feel free to address any queries with your physician, regardless of their significance.
  • Informed Decision-Making:
    Evaluate the advantages and drawbacks before opting for SMILE or any other vision correction treatment.

SMILE has unlocked a realm of opportunities for me, and it could do the same for you.

Remember, it’s a personal voyage, and the choice ultimately lies with you. Conduct thorough research, seek expert advice, and make thoughtful decisions that resonate with your requirements and aspirations.


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