Is Lasik Surgery Allowed in the CAPF?

Every year, approximately 3 lakh candidates appear for CAPF recruitment. Having a rough and tough fight at the national level.

The high level of competition can be seen with tough recruitment criteria. However, only some are born with the vision of 6/6 to clear the medical examination in one go.

Thousands of candidates need proper vision. However, the development of medical treatment has made it possible for low-vision people to see the world with the same perfectionism and clarity as those with normal vision.

Lasik surgery involves using a laser to shape the eye’s ocular tissue to correct vision issues like astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness.

People in large numbers have generally happily accepted it as it offers a completely transformed life and the quality of life they previously lacked.

There are still some doubts that candidates preparing for the armed forces, like CAPF, have, although it has a significant influence and produces high-quality results for vision correction. This blog post will give you a thorough understanding of the requirements for CAPF eligibility and the acceptance of LASIK surgery.


What is CAPF?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with CAPF, this section will inform you of that.

The Central Armed Police Forces, or CAPF, are a well-known group of uniformed police officers in India who support law enforcement efforts and maintain internal security. It functions as part of the home ministry. It has several organizations, including the Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB), the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), the Indo-Tibetan Border Police, and the Border Security Force (BSF).

These forces must undergo the most stringent recruitment and training procedures to ensure they are both physically and mentally prepared for the challenges they may encounter while on duty.


Eligibility of CAPF

The Central Armed Police Force’s selection criteria are straightforward and include academic qualifications, an age restriction, good health, and physical fitness.

We have covered a few of the requirements for joining CAPF-


Age Limit –
No set age restriction; it changes according to the force and level you are applying for. For most positions, the age range is often 18 to 25.


Educational Standards-
Generally, a candidate should have at least a 12th standard or intermediate degree from a recognized board, and for a higher position, a graduation degree is a must.


Weight and Height-
The physical standard test for male candidates consider the candidate’s height, weight, and chest size.


Medical Standard-
Generally, a candidate should have a 12th standard or an intermediate degree from a recognized board, and a bachelor’s degree is required for higher positions.

Now the main question arises if good eyesight is in demand for the medical standard, then what about lasik surgery candidates?


Is Lasik surgery allowed in CAPF?

  • A distance of 6/6 or 6/9 and improved eye vision are requirements for the position.
  • Distance vision for eyes with poorer vision should be 6/12 or 6/9.
  • Near vision should be N6 for better eyes, and for worse eyes, N9.

Any candidate for lasik surgery is permitted, but only under certain circumstances. People need to consider the relaxation that has occurred due to the conditions. The only people who qualify are those who come to that relaxation.

  • Candidates should be between the ages of 18 and 35.
  • For myopia, the refractive limit should be -4.00D; for hypermetropia, it should be +4.00 D, including the cylinder.
  • The axial length must be between 21 and 26 mM, the corneal thickness must be 425 m, and the postoperative refractive flap must be stable to meet these requirements. The pre-LASIK error must also be 6 D.
  • An interval of at least six months must have passed since the operation, as per the rules of the selection board.
    Pre-leasing surgery errors mustn’t be more than 6D.

Candidates who have undergone lasik surgery are eligible for CAPF but should meet the abovementioned conditions.


Due to what factors are not all lasik surgery candidates eligible?

The cornea is reshaped during surgery to address vision issues. Having a distinct and trustworthy vision in this recruitment context is essential.

Although it is a rare complication, it makes the process less effective overall, something to keep in mind when applying for CAPF recruitment.


1) Dry eyes –
Most patients experience dry eyes, particularly in the initial stages of their postoperative recovery.


2) Glare and Halos –
Halos and glare can be caused by overcorrection or undercorrection of surgery. Glows of light and unexpectedly strong brightness can be seen around objects.


3) Depends on a person’s recovery and adaptability-
Since each person recovers at a different rate and has a different capacity for adaptation, the outcomes of cosmetic surgery and their effectiveness may also vary from person to person.

While we should achieve perfection in some circumstances with just one operation, people still need corrective lenses in others. Any unpredictable results in military operations could be a problem and disqualify a candidate from the job.


4) Harsh environment-
Due to the nature of the military’s work in harsh situations and environments, military personnel must endure prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions. It may be difficult for lasik surgery patients to live in a military environment because they must live in a suitable environment that does not harm their eyes.


5) Training –
Laser surgery patients are advised to refrain from eye-damaging activities for a few days to four months, and since a full recovery takes six to nine months, it is not suitable for them during that time due to the strain on their eyes.



It is significant to note that these requirements change every year and may differ for particular CAPF ranks, so it is advised for candidates to visit the specific rank and position they wish to apply for and check their official recruitment website for accurate and current information regarding the eligibility requirements and selection process, as well as other information regarding lasik surgery.


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