How Do You Know If Lasik Eye Surgery is the Right Option for You?

Table of Contents:
  • How Do You Know You are Eligible for Lasik Eye Surgery?
  • What are Some Precautions You Need to Take Before You Go in for Your Lasik Surgery?
  • What Happens in a Lasik Surgery?
  • Is it Possible to Get a Second Eye Lasik Surgery Done?


If you have been wearing spectacles for a long time and you are looking for alternatives, Lasik eye surgery is definitely one of the best options in the market at the moment. Yes, you can always wear contact lenses but you will still be relying on lenses to have a clear vision. Not to mention the costs, precautions and upkeep that contact lenses require from you constantly. It will take you time to get used to them. However, they are not for all. You may not get used to them as they can cause a lot of irritation and have high upkeep. These are some of the major reasons why people end up getting Lasik eye surgeryThere are some medical concerns in many cases as well. The power can be so high in some cases that the doctor themselves can suggest you get a Lasik surgery done. Even though Lasik is voluntary eye surgery, some cases require it because of their professional commitments or to prevent the further deterioration of their vision. All these reasons are perfectly valid for you to get Lasik surgery done.   


How Do You Know You are Eligible for Lasik Eye Surgery?

There are many tests and procedures that will be carried out before your doctor can clear you for your Lasik surgery. Although these tests are fairly easy and quick to be carried out, they need to be carried out by the clinic you have gone to or your consulting doctor. They may have different parameters of measurement in terms of proper testing and their consequent diagnosis. Many vision imperfections and complex cases can be eased by Lasik surgery. However, there are still limits to the vision corrections this surgery can assist you with. 

If you have a power higher than -8 or +8, you may not be eligible for this surgery. There may be some other options that your doctor can advise you on. However, it is best if you do not wait for your vision to reach such high power. If you are close to either end of this range, it is best to get the surgery done. If you have a combination of near-sightedness with farsightedness with colour blindness, it may not be possible for you to get a Lasik done.    


What are Some Precautions You Need to Take Before You Go in for Your Lasik Surgery?

It can be a very daunting task to go in for voluntary eye surgery. There are many misconceptions and doubts that can come up as you decide to go in for this surgery or not. It is very natural and normal to have these fears. This surgery is something that will have an effect on your vision. This is why it is important that you have all the information you need with you. More importantly, it is necessary that you get the correct information from the right sources. Misinformation is the biggest reason for so many misconceptions surrounding this surgery. You simply need to consult with your doctor and get a recent estimate of the different issues that you may have with your vision. Even if you had an eye check-up in the last year or so, you still need to get a check-up again. It is possible that the power may have changed, even if it is a little bit. We need the exact reading of your power to fully gauge the procedure you need to get started on. You can also consult the top eye specialist in Delhi for your eyes.


What Happens in a Lasik Surgery?

A number of tests, procedures and consultations are carried out to simply understand the extent to which your vision needs correction. More importantly, the doctor is looking to check how thick the cornea is. This vision corrective surgery is essentially a manipulation of the cornea. Different Lasik surgeries may have different techniques but they all focus on the cornea of the eye. Its thickness is what determines how well and quickly you will be able to recover from the surgery as well. There is no particular range or number that you can look out for. Your eligibility will only be determined by your consulting doctor. 

The cornea needs to heal again in order for you to have a corrected vision. The surgery is carried out in such a way that the light will then enter your eye at such an angle that will drastically improve your vision. If you have any questions about the steps in your Lasik procedure, it is best if you ask your consulting doctor because there are different types of procedures within Lasik surgeries. They are the best people to answer your queries. 


Is it Possible to Get a Second Eye Lasik Surgery Done?

Although it is a vision corrective surgery that always gets you near-perfect vision after the recovery period, there may be a case where you have to get another Lasik surgery done. However, this is in extreme cases alone. One Lasik surgery will improve your vision for life and you will not have to bother about another eye surgery again. It will only be on the advice and decision of your doctor if you have to get another Lasik eye surgery or not. You have to follow the advice of your consulting doctor alone. This is because they have been with you from the very beginning of your Lasik journey. They know your medical history and have carried out the procedure for you. This is why you need to choose your doctor carefully because it is natural to have multiple options for the same solution. However, how different doctors want to carry out their work is entirely dependent on their training and experience. Even if you try to go to another doctor for a second surgery, it will be impossible to carry it out as it will hamper your vision.


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