Femto Lasik Vs. Contoura Vision

Today, you can access advanced eye treatment to correct your cornea and regain vision. Thus, you don’t have to live with spectacles all your life or go blind early in life. With advanced technology, it’s now possible to treat advanced cornea damage and get better results without causing too much pain to the patient. Femto Lasik and Contoura Vision are among the best laser eye surgeries used to correct cornea damage and help a patient to regain sight. These advanced eye surgery approaches come with numerous benefits such as fewer post-operation complications, shorter healing time, and greater efficiency among others.


Differences between Femto Lasik and Contoura Vision 

 S.NoFemto LasikContoura Vision
1More damage to the eye tissueLess damage to the eye tissue
2Takes longer to healFaster healing
3Maps only 200 points on the corneaMaps 22000 points on the cornea
4More after-operation complicationsFewer after-operation complications
5Offers better resultsOffers best results
6Offer vision correction onlyOffers vision correction and treating cornea abnormalities
7Uses advanced technologyUses more advanced technology
8Relatively affordableVery expensive


Which Eye Surgery is better - Femto Lasik, Contoura Vision, Smile Pro or Trans PRK
Femto Lasik vs Contoura Vision


What is Lasik?

Laser in-situ-keratomileusis (Lasik) is a type of surgery that doctors use to change the shape of the cornea and enhance vision correction. The surgery is used to treat several conditions such as astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness. When conducting Lasik, a doctor performs a small flap and then lifts it while reshaping the cornea. Once the procedure is completed, the doctor replaces the flap and leaves it to heal gradually, after a short time.

Femto Lasik Surgery

This advanced type of Lasik surgery is faster and more effective.  Doctors use Femto Lasik Surgery together with other types of refractory surgeries to modify the shape of the cornea and help a patient to regain vision. Initially, doctors used a small surgical tool with a blade called microkeratome to shape the cornea and help the patient regain sight. The procedure took more time, was more painful, and caused more damage to the eye tissue. However, the advancement in technology gave birth to a more improved procedure called Femto Lasik.

The good thing about Femto Lasik is that it allows doctors to create a corneal flap used in the Lasik procedure using a laser. This is more effective than using a mechanical cutting tool that is used in conventional Lasik surgeries. In addition, the procedure takes a few minutes to complete. Once the operation is completed, a doctor can replace the flap easily without stitches and the patient heals after a short time with fewer after-surgery complications. Femto Lasik surgery is effective when it comes to correcting vision problems such as farsightedness and nearsightedness. Once the procedure is done effectively, a patient can live a normal life without having to wear spectacles or struggle with poor vision.

Is the Femto Lasik procedure appropriate for everyone?

Just like other medical procedures, not everyone can undergo Femto Lasik surgery. Doctors have to evaluate you to make sure you’re not at risk of developing post-surgery complications. The evaluation varies from one patient to another but there are several specific requirements that each patient should satisfy.

  • You must be an adult patient to qualify for Femto Laski or any other type of Lasik surgery. Strictly not suitable for children. 
  • You must have a thick cornea. The procedure is not suitable for people with a thin cornea because it increases chances of having post-surgery blindness. 
  • You should have no history of having undergone other refractory surgeries 
  • Quick healing of wounds. Femto Lasik is suitable for people whose wounds don’t take a long time to heal. Additionally, the patient shouldn’t be taking other medications that could hinder the quick healing of wounds. 
  • You should have a stable vision to qualify for Femto Lasik. Thus, people who have changed spectacles frequently or those taking medications that could affect their vision in the future do not qualify for this procedure.

Contoura Vision Surgery

This advanced type of Lasik surgery comes with better results and comfort to patients. The topography-guided Lasik surgery is suitable for patients who want the best results or those with Cornea problems that are difficult to correct with Femto Lasik and other Lasik surgeries. More so, Contoura Vision surgery is among the latest and the most advanced procedure for enhancing vision correction.

The good thing about Contoura Vision is that it not only enhances vision but also treats other corneal problems such as defects in cornea curvature. Therefore, it improves the general eye condition and health of the patient significantly. It is also worth noting that Contoura Vision offers the highest safety standards. In addition, the procedure enhances patient comfort because there are no bandages, no pain, no injections, and no stitches. Some patients go home the same day after surgery.

Is the Contoura Vision procedure appropriate for everyone?

Just like Femto Lasik surgery, not all patients are eligible for Contoura Vision surgery. Here are the basic requirements that a patient should satisfy to qualify for this procedure.

  • You must be an adult patient (over 18 years) to qualify for Femto Laski or any other type of Lasik surgery. Strictly not suitable for children
  • You should be free from vascular illness 
  • Not suitable for patients with prominent nose and brow that hinders reflection 
  • The procedure is suitable for patients with myopia lower than 9.00 D
  • You should be free from any immunodeficiency ailments to qualify for Contoura Vision surgery.
  • The patients must have a thin cornea
  • No history of having any major corneal ailment
  • Doctors can use other factors to consider if a patient is suitable for this type of eye surgery.

Final Words

Generally, both Femto Lasik and Contoura Vision are every effective types of surgeries that doctors use to correct the shape of the cornea to enhance vision in patients. However, no doubt that Contoura Vision is a more effective procedure compared to Femto Lasik. It is good to consult your doctor about the most suitable eye surgery to undergo to get the best result. This depends on your prevailing health conditions, the available technology, and the extent of the cornea damage. You should also consider your budget when choosing the most suitable eye surgery because Contoura Vision is relatively expensive compared to other Lasik procedures.


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