Contoura Vision in Delhi

Visual Aids Centre offers the most cutting-edge and safest Contoura vision surgery to solve your vision problems. As part of our free online and offline services, we will help you to recover from your surgery and improve your vision. Additionally, Contoura Vision can correct one’s corneal irregularities. We have a dedicated team of eye specialists on staff that offers tailored treatments and prescribes the right treatment plan that will provide the best possible results. If you are searching for Contour Vision in Delhi? You can rely on Visual Aids Centre to get the best quality treatment at an extremely reasonable price.

What Is Contoura Vision Surgery?

Contoura Vision surgery is an FDA-approved vision correction procedure. It provides remarkable visual results and corrects specs power and corneal abnormalities. In terms of correcting vision problems, it is one of the best options. This LASIK eye surgery is designed to use cutting-edge technology to provide the best results. It uses the most advanced technology, which enables it to treat even the most complex cases of vision problems. When you undergo the Contoura Vision, you will be able to maintain your eyes healthy, and you will be able to see clearer.

There are two components that make up the Contoura Vision. The first component is the IntraLase. It creates the flap that is necessary for LASIK surgery. The second component is the Star S4 IR laser. The cornea is reshaped using this laser.


A brief history of Contoura Vision Lasik Surgery

Contoura Vision eye surgery is the most efficient option if you want to get rid of myopia. To understand how Contoura Eye surgery developed, let’s look at its history. The FDA approved LASIK surgery in 1999 with great accuracy and satisfactory results. Wavefront-guided lasers were then invented to provide more precise LASIK treatment. Wavefront-guided LASIK allows people to take more customized LASIK treatments. People have been able to take 100% tailored LASIK treatments since 2003.

Aside from addressing individual vision problems, it provides long-term results. The Contoura LASIK surgery procedure is a kind of advanced LASIK surgery. The FDA approved the Contoura LASIK procedure in 2015. Contoura LASIK corrects specific defects on the surface of the cornea. When you go for this eye surgery, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the advanced technology. You will also be able to see clearly, and you will be able to get rid of your vision problems. In Contoura LASIK treatment, the cornea is mapped to create a custom procedure to correct refractive errors. Over 22,000 elevation spots on the cornea can be detected and analyzed by this technology. This information allows the laser beam to be directed more precisely during the procedure. With the technology, patients can experience clearer vision than ever before. The Contoura Vision correction is very safe and very effective.


What are the advantages of Contoura Vision Surgery? 

With Contoura Vision, you can see clearer than ever before. The computer-generated contours of your cornea are mapped into a laser, which is then used to correct your vision. This technique is extremely successful, and about 65% of patients who have it see better than without glasses or contacts. Contact us today if you’re interested in trying this out for yourself!

Smart procedure: Contoura LASIK is smart since it uses the latest technology, and the treatment is customized to each patient, ensuring the best results.

USFDA approved: The FDA has approved LASIK Contoura for vision correction. It is therefore a safe, effective, and authentic technology to solve vision correction issues.

Safety standards: Contoura LASIK  uses the most modern technologies to provide tailored treatment. It helps to maintain full safety measures while performing the surgery. Healing is faster, and complications are minimized.

No pain: Unlike other vision correction surgeries, Contoura LASIK causes less discomfort. The pain is reduced by the state-of-the-art technology used in this surgery. In Contoura surgery, there are no stitches, injections, pain, or bandages. Besides, the patient can go home on the same day of the surgery.

Faster healing: There are no stitches, so there is no need to worry about wound healing. No pain and no bandages mean faster healing.


Why should you Choose Contoura Vision Surgery over LASIK?

Contoura vision surgery is a major innovation in the field of ophthalmology. It has helped many patients to get back their vision and also to improve it significantly. The difference between Contoura surgery and conventional LASIK surgery is that Contoura surgery uses more advanced technology. On the cornea, LASIK maps 200 points, while contour vision maps 22000 points. The contours LASIK vision surgery is less invasive than traditional LASIK surgery. Besides, it will take lesser time to recover your eye after the surgery.

Contoura surgery offers better visual clarity and refractive error correction than LASIK. With the Contoura offer, you will receive specific treatment for your eye problem. In some cases, the patients experience better corrections than 6/6. As well as treating vision problems, Contoura can also treat abnormal corneal curvatures. Contoura LASIK has a great success rate and positive feedback from the patients.


What Should Safety Measures Be Taken Before The Surgery?

If you’re planning on having Contours eye surgery, keeping your health in mind is important. Smoking and drinking can increase your risk of complications, so you should avoid those habits the week before the procedure. Besides, get a prescription for anti-inflammatory eye drops from your ophthalmologist–these drops can help reduce pain and swelling after the surgery. Finally, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to stay healthy during recovery. Besides, you can expect your doctors to provide you with the right direction and suggestions to prepare your body for surgery. If you follow the procedure strictly, it will be easy for you to recover from the surgery.


How do we perform our Contoura Vision in Delhi?

We at Vision Aids Centre offer the most convenient way to perform Contoura Vision surgery. All you need to do is schedule an appointment; the rest is our responsibility. We will examine your eye thoroughly and offer the best possible solution. The first step is to visit our ophthalmologist or a physician who has experience with Contoura vision surgery.

Contoura Lasik vision surgery utilizes a different technology than traditional LASIK surgery. Our doctor will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your eye health. After, that, our Contoura Vision surgery team will undergo several tests to determine whether you are a good candidate for this surgery. He or she will also look into your medical history, family history, and lifestyle to determine whether you are suitable for this surgery. Besides, if you are a good candidate for this surgery, your doctor will explain the entire procedure. After discussing the entire procedure with you, you can decide whether you want to undergo this surgery or not. It is similar to LASIK, except the cornea is topographically mapped with nearly 22,000 points. Whenever a point is abnormal, a laser is used to correct it. After examining everything, the laser will be applied to the cornea. Every patient’s eyes are unique, so each treatment plan is different.

WaveLight EX500 Excimer Laser Systems and WaveLight TopolyzerVario Diagnostic Device are used during this advanced surgery. The surgeon will then reshape the cornea as per your vision needs. The treatment does not require any incisions or stitches in your eyes. As a result, it provides painless vision correction treatment. Once the surgery is finished, you can go home.


What Is The Recovery Process For Contoura Vision Surgery?

After undergoing surgery, you may see an immediate improvement in your vision. Your vision will continue to improve throughout the next few months, though red or watery eyes are common. A follow-up checkup is scheduled soon after the surgery for continued monitoring of your progress. After surgery, patients are prescribed various eye drops to prevent inflammation and infection.

Compared to other surgeries, the recovery time is relatively short. After the surgery from Visual Aids Centre, you can go home on the same day. Patients may experience mild eye-watering, mild headaches, and squinting during the procedure. The initial days after surgery are expected to be difficult, as this is normal. Due to slight discomfort, you should refrain from driving. The most amazing fact is that you can return to your normal life the next day after the surgery. All you need to do is follow our doctors’ instructions to cure your eyes effectively.


Who are not eligible for Contoura surgery?

Contoura is a Topography-guided LASIK treatment for people with vision problems. You can consider Contoura Vision Surgery if you have any reflection or visual clarity problems. It is important to note that this type of surgery does not suit all individuals. Some patients are not eligible to undergo Contoura vision surgery:

  • Young patients with unstable vision who are less than 18 years old.
  • Patients with prominent noses and brows obstruct their reflections.
  • Patients with immunodeficiency diseases
  • Vascular disease patients
  • Over 9.00 D myopic patients

At Visual Aids Centre, our eye specialist can guide you in the right direction. You can rely on our team for trustworthy Contoura Vision in Delhi. To determine whether you are eligible, we will conduct proper research and analysis of your case before starting the procedure. Depending on the case, the doctor may determine other criteria.


How to choose a Countoura Vision Eye surgery Centre?

In Delhi, several Centres offer Contoura vision services. Most of them claim to have a high success rate. Some may be genuine, while others make false and outrageous claims. The eye is one of the most sensitive organs in the body. If you want to choose a Contoura Vision Centre in Delhi, you must choose one that is renowned and respected.

Additionally, it would help if you studied past cases of success to determine whether they can be treated with the right treatment. Most Centres advertise that they perform Contoura vision, but in reality, they perform traditional LASIK. You can consult your family or friends for their experiences after undergoing Contoura vision surgery.


What is the cost of Countoura Vision in Delhi?

Contoura surgery is more costly than normal LASIK surgery. Contoura uses three unique machines to perform laser vision correction surgery – a Femto laser, a topolyser, and an excimer laser. Contoura provides more successful results with less risk of complications than other types of laser surgery.

Furthermore, Contoura surgeries are known for their precision and accuracy. Visual Aids Centre hospital is known for its high-quality Contoura vision correction surgery. There is no set price for this procedure, but it costs around ₹75,000 to ₹1,40,000 (approx.). The price will also depend on how proficient and educated the surgeon is. Only a few eye experts in India have the training and experience to do this procedure correctly. We have the most expert and experienced doctors who guarantee success. Besides, we use modern and advanced techniques to provide effective Contoura Vision in Delhi.


Are you looking for a reliable Contoura Vision treatment  Centre in Delhi? 

When it comes to getting Contoura Vision treatment in Delhi, you can count on us as a reliable and trustworthy provider. At Visual Aids Center, we offer quality treatment at an accessible price. As far as Contoura Vision Eye Surgery is concerned, we have a 100% success rate. As a result of our advanced technology, we are able to provide the best treatment to our patients. As a bonus, our specialists will provide you with free advice on how to recover from the surgery more quickly. We are always ready to assist you. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you need any information.


Is Contoura Eye Surgery safe?

Contoura Vision is an effective and entirely safe procedure. It is a process mapped out ahead of time for custom treatment. The main principle is to reshape the cornea so that the ray of light entering focuses exactly on the retina. The latest technology uses a highly progressive algorithm to provide excellent vision. Also, it uses a femtosecond laser which is blade-less and has a high success rate. And this custom cure for your eyes to get rid of the glasses collects as many as 22000 elevation points on the cornea.

It does not involve any use of stitches or injections. You can walk out freely within 1 hour after the process ends. Hence, it is an advanced and safe process if you reach out to the best and most experienced doctor.


Is Contoura better than traditional Lasik surgery?

Contoura has perks because it involves custom treatment of your eyes. It uses a high-standard procedure while considering your eye’s topography. According to research, the following points are drawn, pointing to the benefits of Contoura over Lasik.

  • Better after-process results: Patients are showing 20/20 vision results after this Lasik process. It is better in terms of visual clarity and refractive error correction.
  • Extensive scope: The scope of contoura is not limited to vision correction. It also treats the abnormality of the corneal structure.
  • Few side effects: Most patients did not report complications after the surgery. However, if there were any snags, they were dealt with easily by the surgeons.
  • The healing time is faster and helps treat astigmatism, which Lasik cannot.


How to know that you are eligible for Contoura eye surgery?

All Lasik procedures are mostly painless and have their benefits, but which can benefit you the most depends on whether you are eligible. Here are some pointers that can help you decide if Contoura is the right choice.

  • Age: You should be more than 18 years to get accurate results. Because below 18 years, the corneal structure keeps changing, this can lead to under or over-correction.
  • Vision: The patient with myopia should be under the range of -12.0 D. If the patient has hyperopia, it should not exceed +6.0 D.
  • The person should not suffer from vascular, lupus, high diabetes, or autoimmune disease.


What is the success ratio of Contoura surgery? Is the effect of this procedure permanent?

Contoura Vision is the latest eye surgery way more effective than other vision correction surgeries. And it corrects corneal anomalies. Plus, it works on the visual axis and provides better visual results. Contoura is an FDA-approved approach with a 99% success rate. Also, this procedure has shown major improvement over time. And as per the latest statistics, the outcome of Contoura eye surgery is quite promising. Many patients achieved 20/20 or better vision one-year post-surgery.

Besides, the effect of Contoura vision eye surgery is permanent. The patient may have blurred or distorted vision for some time due to the changes in the eye lenses. But you may achieve a better and clear sight eventually. And the effect will last longer and forever.


Is Contoura worth it?

Contoura reads the surface of the cornea and treats the abnormality profile of the cornea. This process is quite different from traditional Lasik, proving it gives you better visual accuracy. This process is worth investing in if you want to get rid of the glasses. Also, Contoura vision helps mark and removes corneal irregularity. If the preoperative evaluation is correct, it does not come with any permanent side effects. Compared to other eye surgeries, this process can adjust the Q value, which defines the shape of the cornea.

The time of recovery is quite faster in comparison to other vision-corrective surgeries. It uses modern technology and thus results in minor vision problems, even in low light. You can contact the best and most experienced eye surgeon to get your contoura eye surgery for accurate results.


What precautions to take after Contoura eye surgery?

The recovery time after Contoura surgery is quick. Also, the doctor may allow you to go home an hour post-surgery. However, the recovery may vary for every patient. Most of our patients have reported recovery in just ten days. And some take 2-3 months to heal and gain clear and natural vision. Besides, the Visual Aids Centre experts suggest the following precautions after the Contoura procedure-

  • Minimize strain on eyes for 1-2 weeks.
  • Avoid watching TV, using mobile phones, reading, etc., for longer.
  • Wear protective glasses.
  • And avoid heavy exercise and playing sports for at least a month.
  • Protect your eyes from dust, dirt, and pollution.
  • Be careful during baths, and don’t take showers for 24 hours post-surgery. And avoid rubbing your eyes.
  • Avoid using eye makeup for about 2-3 weeks.
  • Most importantly, follow your doctor’s instructions and take medications on time. Also, make sure to go for regular follow-ups for a speedy recovery.


Are there any complications related to Contoura Lasik surgery?

The Contoura Lasik surgery is painless and very safe. But it is still a surgery and may have temporary side effects. Also, these side effects go away with time, but you must be careful. So, here are some common risks of this method and how you can deal with them:

  • Dry eyes: Some patients develop dry eyes and redness in their eyes after the process.

Cure: Use the prescribed eye drops timely and if the dryness persists, contact the surgeon immediately. And most patients have reported that the dryness goes away in a week or two.

  • Glares and halos: After the Lasik process, the eyes need time to heal. So, your eyes are sensitive to bright light. You can see some halos around bright light in starting week.

Cure: Do not expose your eyes to bright light after the process for a week. Use protective glasses and try not to use mobile phones for a week.

  • Irritation: Some patients feel irritation in their eyes and rub their eyes which delays or hinders the healing process.

Cure: Do not use soap or face wash for starting two weeks. Also, do not touch your eyes and use eye wipes given by the doctor.

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