Can I Shower After Smile Surgery?

A single laser procedure and minimally invasive surgery are used in SMILE. A tiny corneal incision is formed during a SMILE operation, and a little portion of corneal tissue is extracted using a computer-guided, highly concentrated laser beam (called a lenticule).

Surgery is a comparatively comfortable method of eyesight correction.

The SMILE technique is popular among young people because it is so painless. A minimal discomfort is felt. It is comfortable because, in contrast to other laser techniques that create flaps and put too much pressure on the eyes, the ZEISS VisuMax femtosecond laser slightly sections the eye. SMILE eye surgery is the most advanced and cutting-edge surgical technique that is safe and effective for addressing eye problems. Only after the assessments of the eye’s health are complete is SMILE performed.


Taking a shower, After laser eye surgery

Many challenges we usually wouldn’t have to consider are presented to our eyes. Water is one of these challenges.

We frequently get water in our eyes from things like morning showers, post-workout sweats, and getting caught in the rain. However, it would be best to aim to avoid this for a few weeks after your laser eye surgery. While it is unlikely that getting water in your eyes will cause any issues, it does pose the risk of infection. To avoid this, you should take a bath rather than a shower for the first 24 hours following your treatment. A few weeks of swimming in the pool is a good idea, as is avoiding going outside in the rain. This will lessen the chance of non-sterile water getting into your eyes.

It is permitted to take a bath and a shower 24 hours following the SMILE procedure. Keep your eyes away from water or soap. After taking a shower, it is advised to use anti-inflammatory eye drops. Using eye drops to hydrate the eyes before and after using the sauna is advised after the first week of recovery from surgery. Reading and watching TV is acceptable, but artificial tears should always be used to moisten the eyes. Artificial tears should be used at least once every 30 minutes in dry, air-conditioned spaces (including on an aircraft). Driving is permitted when it has been determined at the follow-up visit that the vision has adequately improved.

Although SMILE surgery has few adverse effects, you should be aware that your eyes will still be sensitive for a week afterward. A thorough list of actions to take and not take to avoid difficulties.

  1. Showers and baths: Individuals can bathe with moderate (not hot) water the day following their SMILE operation. When taking a shower, avoid getting soaps, shampoo, or any other irritants in your eyes.
  2. Pools and hot tubs: After surgery, your eyes are especially vulnerable to the chlorine used in pools and hot tubs. After SMILE healing, stay away from both for 1–2 weeks, and if you wish to open your eyes underwater for up to a month, wear goggles.
  3. Lakes and oceans: Freshwater sources of water carry microorganisms that can infect people. Avoid swimming in lakes and oceans for at least two weeks, and refrain from water sports like water skiing and surfing for up to a month.


How can I manage the water if it gets in my eyes after a SMILE surgery?

Unless the water is overly hot, there shouldn’t be many issues with your shower or bathtub’s water. However, eye irritation from chlorinated water or germs from an ocean, lake, or river is possible. If this happens, consider gently rinsing your eyes with fresh water rather than rubbing them. Next, contact our office to find out what to do. Until your problems go away, we could advise you to continue using artificial tears in addition to your prescribed eye drops. An emergency assessment might be necessary if the redness, swelling, or discharge persists.


Five safety measures to follow SMILE surgery: 

  1. Wear the eye shield for at least three days after surgery to protect the eye from accidental water contact and prevent unconscious rubbing. Taking a shower or bath is acceptable if the water doesn’t go in the eyes. Exercise should not be done for the first three days to avoid sweat going into the eyes.
  2. The artificial tear can be used as often as necessary to avoid dry eye. Following the procedure, you can fly. Because airplanes have dry forced-air conditions, your eyes will dry up fast while flying. Thus it’s advised to moisten them periodically with artificial tears to speed up recovery. Use every eye drop suggested by your doctor for a week, including the antibiotic eye drops.
  3. You can dive and go swimming for one week following the operation. However, it is advised not to open your eyes while submerged, whether in a pool or the sea. (During the healing process, chlorinated swimming pool water can irritate your sensitive eyes, and the ocean is home to numerous infection-causing bacteria. Therefore, when swimming, you should wear safety goggles.)
  4. You should put on your sunglasses every time you step outside, especially in places with strong sunlight, sand, or wind. You can continue regular activities, such as reading and computer work. However, it’s best to use artificial tears with no preservatives frequently. To avoid dry eyes and eye fatigue, it is advised to take frequent breaks every 10-15 minutes.
  5. After surgery, you are allowed to wear facial makeup, but not eye makeup, for one week.

SMILE surgery has an excellent safety record. There is always resentment about intrusive surgery issues, but there is little chance that a patient could become blind due to this procedure. Since SMILE requires 80% less incision than standard LASIK treatments, many doctors claim it lowers the risk of corneal flattening and post-procedure eye disease concerns.

Even though blinking is a natural reflex, your eyes are numbed the entire time. A speculum and suction are used to hold your eye in place while the treatment is being performed. The SMILE eye physicians ensure the area is secure before beginning the treatment. Only 15 minutes are needed for the entire process. The procedure, according to patients who have undergone it, was painless.


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