Can I Wear Zero Power Glasses After LASIK Surgery?

How LASIK Works?

Laser-assisted in situ keratomileuses LASIK is an alternative to glasses or contact lenses. LASIK is the best-known eye surgery. It is most commonly performed as laser refractive surgery to correct vision problems. LASIK is performed to modify the cornea and improve its functions. LASIK is one of the most common laser eye treatment people choose to undergo.

LASIK is a surgical procedure that reduces the person’s dependency on glasses or contact lenses. In this procedure shape of the cornea is permanently changed, thus curing eye disorders. Hence, it is an outpatient surgical procedure that usually requires about 15 minutes for each eye.


Before the surgery:

Before the LASIK surgery, the medical expert will ask you to lie on your back. The doctor will use typical eye drops to numb your eyes to ease the procedure. Also, the area around the eyes will be washed and cleaned before the surgery. You may also be given a sedative to help you keep calm while the surgery is in process.


During the surgery:

Your surgeon will use an instrument to hold your eyelid open. Then the doctor will place a ring on your eye to create a suction on the cornea. The patient may feel slight pressure and may also experience dimming of the vision at that particular point in the surgical procedure. Once the doctor places the ring firmly, he’ll attach a unique device called a microkeratome to the suction ring. Then, the doctor will create a corneal flap using the blade on the microkeratome. This blade will cut approximately the outermost twenty percent of the cornea. After removing the suction ring from the microkeratome, your doctor will use pulses from a computer-controlled laser. Thus this will reshape your cornea. This part of the procedure usually takes 60 seconds. The doctor will then replace your corneal flap in its original position. Also, your doctor will observe the eye for several minutes to ensure proper bonding. The cornea usually bonds quickly, and thus the eye does not require extra stitching.


After the surgery:

The patient is administered antibiotic drops after the procedure. Medical experts also place a shield over the eyes to prevent you from rubbing them. These shields also help reduce the pressure on the eyes while you sleep. Also, the doctor will provide the patient with the necessary instructions for the surgery’s safety.

LASIK is considered one of the safest procedures to cure a wide range of eye disorders.


Why Is LASIK Performed?

Vision is essential for every being. Any difficulty or defect in vision is problematic. Unable to see or visualize something decreases an individual’s confidence and is disheartening. LASIK is performed to cure disorders like myopia, heteromyopia, and astigmatism. 

Although, there are some side effects, complications, or risks of LASIK surgery. Dry eyes, regression, flap problems, and double vision are a few.


Can I Wear Zero-power Glasses After LASIK Surgery?

LASIK is the most preferred eye surgery because of its fastest recovery rate. One of the main reasons for undergoing LASIK surgery is to get rid of wearing glasses. Many people achieve a perfect score of 20/20 and experience an improved vision. This sometimes ends their struggle to wear glasses and contact lenses. Although this case is not the same for everyone. Although the healing time for LASIK is short, some people find that their eyes are more sensitive to brightness. This side effect is temporary and mild for most, but a good pair of zero-power glasses can help. Also, wearing zero-power glasses can be helpful to protect sensitive healing eyes against harsh and bright lights. Zero-power glasses can also be used as physical barriers to protect eyes from dust and mist particles. It is advised to wear them indoors and outdoors for about a month after the surgery.


Benefits Of LASIK Over Glasses:

Do you wear glasses and now are thinking of getting LASIK done? Well, this is one of the wisest choices to make. LASIK offers a significant number of advantages over glasses. It is helpful in proper and improved vision. LASIK surgery has a long-lasting result for more than 99% of the patients. Having a perfect vision within a day sounds impossible, but through LASIK, it is possible. However, there are some complications in a few patients. Therefore, an excellent medical recommendation is necessary to avoid all unwanted complications during or after surgery. 

Wearing glasses has some additional issues. Some of them are peripheral vision and fogging of glasses in a colder or humid atmosphere. Also, an unadjusted frame or a scratched lens can make wearing glasses uncomfortable. Glasses redirect the light while undergoing LASIK will permanently improve the shape of your eyes. LASIK has many benefits over Glasses. And one of the significant advantages of LASIK is that you will not have to get a new eye prescription from your doctor every year. Seeing a doctor for new prescriptions could cost you a lot of money. LASIK is a one-time investment. This surgery will save you money over time.



It is entirely a choice of an individual to wear zero-power glasses after LASIK. But you will need glasses for presbyopia when you reach 35–40 years of age, like all other LASIK patients. To avoid further complications, it is essential to research quality medical experts before surgery. There are no complications in wearing zero-power glasses after LASIK surgery. Thus, It is safe to wear glasses with zero power after LASIK surgery.


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