Will My Eyes Look Different After LASIK?

Iris colour usually does not change after LASIK, but a change in iris colour may indicate other eye health issues that should check. The iris may become lighter due to iris depigmentation. Some medications of certain varieties can cause iris hyperpigmentation, which darkens the iris. LASIK will not turn brown eyes blue. A sudden change in iris colour should be seen by an ophthalmologist immediately.

Very (very) few LASIK patients report changes in colour vision after LASIK. Slight colour shifts to the red spectrum are infrequent. This effect differs from filters and colour blindness but may be due to changes in the frequency of light passing through the cornea.


Three manners Your Life Will Change After Laser Eye Surgery.

We Know You Can Improve Your Vision, But What Will Life Be Like After Laser Eye Surgery? You won’t know until you try. But you can get a pretty good idea from our list of 8 ways your life can change after you switch from glasses or contacts to laser eye surgery.

Okay. It’s a pain to remember to pick up your glasses and insert your contacts, but you get used to it. But you’ll never be stressed out on vacation because you can’t find your contact lens brand, read a book on the train, or let glare affect your vision.

  1. People aren’t shocked to see you without glasses. It’s different without glasses!

Our eyes are one of our distinctive features and, therefore, the part people remember best. So it’s no big surprise that hiding behind glasses can completely change your look.

  1. Hangover days are looking forward again.

After a long night and a few glasses of wine, watching too much TV in bed on weekends was one of life’s little pleasures. Forgetting your contacts overnight or not being able to remember where you left your glasses before the crash can be a minor, if not a big, headache in your life.

  1. Stop seeing the world through a dull and broken lens

Pollution, dirt, pollen, smoke, cosmetics, fumes, textiles, rain, fog, saliva – anything in the air, on the face or on the hands approach his glasses.


Talk while looking into each other’s eyes. There are numerous eye colours, ranging from black, brown, green, blue and hazel. Eye colour is what makes each person beautiful and unique. Many people have asked if LASIK surgery can permanently change their eye colour. Well, this procedure does not change a person’s eye colour. Studies show that eye colour becomes permanent in the first three years of life. However, some incidents can change a person’s eye colour, and LASIK is not part of the procedure. It lies behind the cornea, the outermost transparent covering of the eye. The pigment cells in the iris define a person’s eye colour.

Additionally, some medications make the iris lighter or darker than average when taken. Additionally, some eye conditions cause permanent changes in eye colour. So, if your eye colour changes, you may have an eye problem. You should book as soon as possible.


Cosmetic Laser Eye Surgery

Most often, cosmetic surgery has been confused with LASIK eye surgery. However, the difference is that cosmetic surgery is a new procedure using lasers to permanently change a person’s eye colour. This procedure can change your eye colour from brown to blue. This experimental procedure has not yet ruled out the potential risk of eye problems such as glaucoma. That’s the main reason. If you meet someone with a different eye colour than you are familiar with, that person may be wearing contact lenses. It is the safest way to change eye colour. However, these contact lenses require a doctor’s prescription and should not be purchased outside the clinic where the medication is.


Increased Sun Exposure

Even if you set the eyes’ colour, the eyes’ colour will change if the sun shines too much. It will darken the shade of your eyes to dark brown, green, blue or grey. It depends on your current eye colour. Additionally, exposure to the sun can help determine eye colour. Natural light is brighter than artificial light, making it easier to see the eye’s actual colour in the iris, which was previously impossible.



Eye colour changes with age, Babies are usually born with grey, or light blue eyes that change and darken as they grow. This change occurs because eye colour will be determined by the level of melanin in the body and genes. As we age, melanin levels increase, especially around the pupil, which darkens our eyes.



Eye colour changes depending on the emotion. Pupil size and iris colour change with different emotions.


Clothing and Makeup

Makeup and dark clothing make the eyes appear more vibrant and bright. It is the perception of many, not the reality. The truth is that the clothing you wear and the makeup you wear can make your eyes pop out a bit.



In case of illness, doctors will examine your eyes to see if you have enough blood. It indicates that diet contributes to the change in eye colour. Some of the foods that can change your eye colour when you eat them are:

Because of its high iron content, Spinach makes your eyes look brighter and more youthful.

Many people are sceptical about olive oil because adding it to their diet may change their eye colour. Consuming organic honey can also make your eye colour brighter and lighter.

Chamomile also relaxes your eyes and changes pupil size. It gives the eye colour a different shade, usually a warmer shade.



Your health also determines your eye colour. In most cases, the eye colour will be yellowish or greenish if there is an illness or pre-existing eye condition.


Eye Colored Laser

In the past, eye surgery was hazardous and even led to blindness. The invention of laser surgery helped change eye colour. Laser machines destroy melanin cells and brighten your eyes.


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