Why Should Not Wear Perfume The Day You Get Lasik?

Several advancements have been made in LASIK surgery in the past ten years. Bladeless Femto Lasik and Bladeless Flapless ReLEx Smile are two more recent laser vision correction techniques that significantly improve the procedure’s safety and accuracy. Overall, corneal curvature is changed during Lasik surgery with laser assistance. People who are thinking about having Lasik surgery typically have a lot of questions and concerns. Don’t worry; this article will cover all you need to know before or during LASIK, emphasizing why you shouldn’t wear Perfume on the day of your procedure so you may appear composed and collected.


Before having LASIK

A smooth transition to the subsequent steps is ensured by taking several crucial steps before the Lasik procedure. It is the phase of Lasik surgery that is most crucial.

  • Pre-Lasik Assessment
  • Consultation with a LASIK surgeon and a thorough discussion
  • Contact lens wearers should all stop wearing their lenses a few days before the operation.
  • If you have finally decided to get Lasik surgery, it is best to refrain from using any type of eye makeup or moisturizer around the eyes for three to four days before the procedure.
  • Provide accurate details about your medical history.
  • Organize Your Mode of Transportation.
  • Arrive at the clinic before your scheduled appointment.
  • Bring a companion because you will require a ride home and someone to give you post-procedure instructions.
  • Be sure to hydrate more before surgery.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine before LASIK surgery.
  • Since you will be awake during surgery, prepare your mind.


On the day of the operation

  • Before visiting the Lasik surgery center, ensure all traces of eye and facial makeup are gone.
  • Patients must avoid using Perfume, cologne, or aftershave because these products can affect how well the laser works,i.e., fragrance products could be harmful to wear.
  • Having a light breakfast before going in for your Lasik procedure is best.
  • The comfortable dressing is crucial so you can stay in them throughout the night and after the treatment.
  • They will provide you with a form for informed consent to read and sign. The doctor will not perform your Lasik procedure without the signed form.


How Perfume ruins LASIK beams?

Researchers have discovered that, over time, Perfume ruins LASIK beams. According to a recent study, patients who wear Perfume during LASIK procedures may eventually result in a reduction in laser beam power. To prevent potential laser issues, authors encourage surgeons to warn patients and employees to refrain from using Perfume or hairspray on the day of the operation.

When exposed to the vapors of three different kinds of Perfume, hairspray, oil-based paint, and water-based paint, researchers examined the power delivery of an excimer laser before, during, and after each exposure. Each chemical underwent numerous testing. The variation in laser energy over time was evaluated to determine if any of the compounds led to the deterioration of the laser optics.

According to the author’s article in the September/October issue of the Journal of Refractive Surgery, there are two ways that volatile chemicals in the operating room can impact laser efficacy. They may interact with the laser’s optics or absorb or block a portion of the laser’s beam.

The study’s first findings suggested that paints, hairspray, and perfumes did not seem to absorb laser energy directly. Additionally, they do not lessen the amount of power the cornea receives in a single treatment session. However, throughout the tests with the three scents, the laser power decreased almost monotonically, which suggests that the Perfume may have had a longer-term negative impact on the laser’s optical components.

“Unlike what would have happened if the Perfume had absorbed laser energy, the strength did not decrease when the scent was present before rising again once it left the room. Instead, the power loss was so slow that it was cumulatively significant but statistically insignificant over any individual trial.

The studies were carried out with perfume concentrations at levels that were comparable to what someone would have after first applying it, the authors do note. You can wear hairspray without risk, and laser treatments can be administered without risk, even up to 18 hours after painting.


Why is it important to avoid wearing fragrances during the procedure?

  • According to a recent study, patients who wear Perfume during LASIK procedures may eventually result in a reduction in laser beam power. To prevent potential laser issues, surgeons advise patients and staff to refrain from using Perfume or hairspray on the day of the operation.
  • Many patients don’t understand why wearing Perfume is prohibited during the operation. Avoiding Perfume is due to regulating the air’s temperature and humidity. For the laser and the eyes to be the only factors, every variable is controlled as closely as possible.
  • Alcohol is a component of perfumes. Eye irritation is particular. The essences and oils themselves could irritate some. Use Perfume only after consulting your surgeon. Safer to be safe than sorry.
  • Perhaps because Perfume has some ingredients that could irritate the skin right after LASIK, which burns away, it causes the hair follicles and the top layer of skin to burn off because the squamous epithelium is porous and exposes nerve terminals; the scent is not applied.

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