When Can I Apply Kajal After LASIK?

LASIK is a joint surgery to treat astigmatism, nearsightedness, and other vision issues (Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis). The surgeon reshapes the cornea, the transparent front portion of the eye, using a laser during the procedure. Vision correction with LASIK surgery is rapid and efficient, and many patients are happy with the outcome.

For ages, kajal has been a standard accessory in South Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East. It cools and protects the eyes from the sun and other environmental elements. Kajal is also applied cosmetically to give eyes a dramatic, smokey effect and to improve eye attractiveness.


When should I apply the kajal after Lasik?

It’s crucial to look after your eyes after LASIK surgery to encourage recovery and prevent complications. You’ll need to refrain from using eye makeup, especially kajal, for a while.


Immediately after LASIK

Covering your eyes with a shield for a few days after having LASIK to prevent rubbing or unwanted touching would be best. Also, the doctor tells you not to rub or touch your eyes because doing so increases the chance of infection or dislodging the corneal flap formed during the procedure. Following LASIK, you can have some eye discomfort or irritability. You might need to use eye drops or take medicine to treat these symptoms. It’s crucial to follow your surgeon’s recommendations carefully and to maintain clean, debris-free eyes.


First few days after LASIK

You must avoid receiving water, soap, or other substances in your eyes during the first few days following LASIK. It includes eye makeup like kajal, which can irritate the eyes and increase the risk of infection by introducing germs or other irritants. It would help if you refrained from wearing any eye makeup for at least the first week after LASIK, possibly longer, depending on how well your eyes are recovering. It is what your surgeon will likely advise. You might need lubricating eye drops if you want to keep your eyes pleasant and moist during this time.


First two weeks following LASIK

You must be extremely cautious about anything that comes into contact with your eyes for the first two weeks after LASIK. It applies to contact lenses, kajal or other eye makeup, swimming pools, and hot tubs. For at least the first week following LASIK, and possibly longer if your surgeon advises it, you should refrain from wearing eye makeup. Following the first week, you might be able to resume wearing eye makeup, but you should be cautious not to rub your eyes when applying it or get any on them. Moreover, a light, non-irritating eye makeup remover may be required.


The first month after LASIK

During the first month after LASIK, you’ll need to continue to be careful about anything that comes into contact with your eyes. It includes kajal or other eye makeup, cosmetics, and skincare products that may contact the eye area. It would help if you continued to avoid rubbing your eyes and be careful when washing your face or applying moisturizer around your eyes.

It’s important to note that everyone’s healing process after LASIK can be different, and your surgeon may provide specific instructions for your case. Some people may be able to start using eye makeup earlier than others, depending on how well their eyes are healing and their risk factors for complications.


Risks of applying Kajal too soon after LASIK

Applying kajal or other eye makeup too soon after LASIK can increase the risk of infection or other complications. The corneal flap created during LASIK is delicate and can take time to heal fully. If bacteria or irritants from eye makeup get into the eye, it can cause inflammation, infection, or other problems that can compromise the healing process. Rubbing or touching the eyes while applying eye makeup can also dislodge the corneal flap, leading to vision problems or additional surgery.


Tips for applying kajal after Lasik

  1. The following instructions can make the process safer and more comfortable if you’re keen to use kajal or other eye makeup after LASIK:
  2. Hold off until your surgeon gives the all-clear: When it is safe to begin using eye makeup after LASIK, your surgeon will provide detailed guidelines. You must carefully follow these directions and only apply eye makeup once you have permission.
  3. Use a gentle, painless eye makeup remover: When you resume wearing eye makeup, pick a gentle remover that won’t sting your eyes. Search for a product, especially for sensitive eyes, and avoid anything with strong chemicals or scents.
  4. When using kajal, use caution to avoid getting the substance in your eyes or touching your face. Take your time and move slowly to help with any sudden contact.
  5. Choose kajal that’s of high quality and will not irritate the eyes. When opting for kajal or other eye makeup, hunt for products of excellent quality that are made to be soft on the eyes. Please be conscious of cheap or low-quality goods that couldn’t be suitable for use after LASIK, and stay down from any products that include irritants or harsh chemicals.



LASIK surgery may change your life, which can enhance your eyesight and minimize your need for contacts or glasses. It’s critical to carefully follow your surgeon’s recommendations after LASIK to ensure appropriate healing and reduce possible problems. It includes refraining from using eye makeup, such as kajal, while following the procedure. You may contribute to a successful and secure LASIK recovery by following your surgeon’s instructions and taking proper care of your eyes.


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