What Is The Maximum Eye Power For Lasik?

To begin with, Laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis surgery, popularly known as Lasik surgery, has become one of the most popular eye surgeries. Many people are going through this refractive Lasik surgery and are enjoying amazing benefits and improved vision. Hence, if you are wondering about going through this surgery too, you should not take a step back. This is one of the surgeries that have a greater success rate, so don’t stop yourself from getting this done.

Usually, Lasik surgery is one of the quickest surgeries you will experience. Lasik surgery is suitable for you if you want to get rid of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. However, before going through this, you will need a good guide. A perfect guide before going through any surgery is necessary. Generally, having a perfect set of instructions helps you understand the procedure better.. Thus, having a guide to Lasik surgery will help you understand the concept better. Even though today Lasik surgery is widely popular, you might still have questions related to it. So having closure about the surgery is a must before getting it done. This guide will cover all important facts such as the surgery time, advantages, eligibility, and lots more. 

What Is The Maximum Eye Power For Lasik Surgery
Maximum eye power laser treatment corrects

Eligibility of Lasik Surgery

Eligibility is the most basic factor for any surgery. Normally, any Lasik surgeon will let you know if you are eligible or not. But it is your responsibility, too, to take care of everything before your surgery. Generally, this eligibility depends on many factors. Just because Lasik surgery is simple and quick, it is not right for you to go through it. Mainly because Lasik surgery is not suitable for everyone. Below are some of the points that will help you in concluding the eligibility of your Lasik surgery.  

The Health of Your Eyes

Firstly, for you to undergo Lasik surgery, your eye should be healthy. Generally, if your eyes are not healthy, you might face some post-surgical complications from Lasik surgery. And as the eyes are a sensitive part of your body, you need to be cautious. Furthermore, when your eyes are not healthy, it can also affect the surgery. Normally, these conditions mostly include keratoconus, progressive vision deterioration, and ocular infections such as keratitis, uveitis, dry eyes, etc. For example, if a person has a large pupil, he might experience glares and halos.

You Need to Be Healthy

Secondly, not only your eyes, but you must have your health check-up too. Going through a good health check-up before Lasik surgery helps you in finding out if your body is ready to go through Lasik surgery. Generally, after your procedure, your eyes are healed naturally, so your body should be in perfect shape to avoid any further problems. If you are diagnosed with any kind of disease, you must consult with your eye doctor before your surgery. Especially diseases like severe diabetes, heart problems, and many more. Going through Lasik surgery during pregnancy is also not advisable. 

The Maximum Number of Eye Power

This is one of the important things for you if you are thinking of going through Lasik surgery. Usually, your cornea needs to be of good thickness. The general thickness of the Indian cornea is 530 microns. So, if the thickness of your cornea is less than 495 it is clearly a no for your Lasik surgery. Thus the maximum number of power that can be corrected through Lasik surgery is -8.0. Whereas the maximum limit for plus number is +5.0. If you have more power, then correcting your cornea will result in a disturbance of vision. 

Things To Remember Before Your Lasik Surgery

If you have decided to go through this surgery, you must remember a few things before actually going for it. Below are some important points mentioned for you to prepare for your Lasik surgery. Once you follow the instructions, you are likely to increase the recovery rate of your eyes after Lasik surgery. 

You must Find a Good Surgeon

First things first, if you are thinking of going through Lasik surgery, you must hire a Lasik surgeon. Often people think spending too much money on a small surgery like this is nothing but a waste of money. However, it is never too much when it comes to spending money on a good specialist for your Lasik eye surgery. In addition to that, your eye being a fragile part of your body, you need to be more cautious. One mistake can damage your eyes. 

Say No to Contact Lenses

Now, it will not be easy for you to stop wearing your contact lenses. Especially if you have high-power lenses, it is impossible to live without your contact lenses. But instead of contact lenses, you can switch to contact glasses for a few days. Generally, when you wear contact lenses, it affects the shape of your cornea. And before your surgery, your cornea must be in its natural shape for accurate results. So, you must stop wearing your contact lenses at least 3 weeks before your surgery.

The Procedure Of Your Lasik Surgery

The procedure of your Lasik surgery is one of the quickest and simplest procedures compared to many other surgeries. Usually, this surgery is completed in 25 minutes at the most. It is a painless surgery, as your surgeon will numb your eyes before moving ahead. As it is a quick and painless surgery, it is the most popular eye surgery to improve vision.

In this surgery, your eyes will be numb to avoid any pain. Your eyes will be numbed by using a kind of drops. After this, your surgeon will open and hold your eyelids with an instrument. Then your surgeon will use the laser to reshape your cornea to improve your vision. Once the process is over, the flap is left to heal naturally.

Things To Avoid After Your Lasik Surgery

Even though your surgery is over, you need to be more careful for a few weeks. Otherwise, you are likely to infect your eyes. Here are some things to avoid after your Lasik surgery for better improvement of your vision.


Firstly, you must avoid swimming in the pool or any water bodies after your Lasik surgery. This is mainly because the pool has chlorine that can infect your eyes and can create a problem. Even after a few weeks you must first consult your surgeon and use goggles while swimming.


You must avoid makeup for a few weeks, as it can infect your eyes too, with all the bacteria it may contain.


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