What Is The Myopia Power Limit To Do A Lasik Surgery?

Eye problems have become one of the significant problems in the world in today’s time. People from a young age to old age have experienced eye problems, from mild to severe. Using spectacles has become a common thing, though.

As technology constantly changes, the eyes are becoming the first target to be attacked by exposure to lights, smoke, dust, the changing environment, and many other factors.

As severe eye problems require surgeries, one of the most prevalent and reliable is Lasik Surgery. It has proven to bring a miracle in the lives of people. In this article, our main focus will be on Lasik Surgery and knowing its minimum power limit in myopia.


What are Myopia and LASIK?

You all must have heard about one of the most prevalent eye problems, and that is myopia. Also known as short-sightedness, the affected person finds it difficult to see distant objects clearly, like roads and signs.

The negative dioptre ( D ) value signifies the number of myopia in your prescription card. For your general knowledge, dioptre is the unit of measurement used to represent your cornea’s optical power.

As it is clear what myopia is, let us know about LASIK. Laser-assisted in-situ Keratomileusis Surgery, popularly known as Lasik Surgery, is a procedure to permanently change the shape of the cornea, which is the covering of the front eye.


What is the power limit to consider for Lasik surgery?

Everyone wants to be independent of using glasses, spectacles, or contact lenses. The people hence go for reliable and permanent solutions, and Lasik Surgery is one of that solutions.

Several questions can arise in the minds of the people who want to go for this surgery. The questions like Can I go for the surgery? Or What is the minimum power limit for myopia to do the surgery? And many others can bother you, so that we will tell you the minimum power limit for myopia in this section.

The value from – 0.5 D to – 8.0 D is the required power limit for myopia to the surgery. While – 8.0 D is considered ideal, – 10.0 D is the maximum number required for the surgery. Beyond – 10.0 D, Lasik must be avoided, and one can go for the ICL ( Implantable Collamer Lens ) technique.


What are the factors to remember for Lasik surgery?

Other than the required power limit to do the Lasik surgery, there are some mandatory factors to keep in mind if you are planning for the surgery. In this section, we will discuss some of the factors so that you can decide whether you are an ideal fit for the surgery or not.

  1. The health of the eyes

Before the surgery, you must go for an eye checkup to ensure your eyes are healthy. As the eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the body, they should be in good health so that there will be no interruptions during the surgery.

Consulting your doctor before the surgery will boost your confidence and save you from any further complications. There can be post-surgery complications if your eyes are not healthy. So, it is better to go first for an eye checkup and then for the surgery.

  1. An ideal age

One of the most crucial questions that can arise in your mind is your age. The questions like, Can I go for the surgery while I am below 18 or above 18 years of age? Is there a specific age number to go for the surgery?

Well, yes. The ideal age for the surgery is between 20 to 40 years. The reason behind this is the power of glasses. It is observed that the negative numbers get stable by 18 and the positive numbers get stable by 20 or 22.

This is only sometimes the case as some people can get their numbers stable before 18 or so do not get their numbers stable even by 22. So, the age from 20 to 40 has made the ideal one to go for the surgery as this is also the age band in which people get more aware of their health and beauty.

  1. Thickness of the cornea 

Lasik surgery is about correcting the cornea, so one must have its minimum thickness. As 530 microns or 0.53 mm is the normal thickness of the Indian cornea, one must not go for surgery if he has a thickness of fewer than 495 microns. A thickness of 450 microns is a strict No to go for the surgery.

  1. Pregnancy or breastfeeding

Is it safe to go for surgery during pregnancy? Well, this is a strict No for this. As there is a significant increase in the hormonal levels in the female body, the tissues are also relaxing side by side. Other than this, the whole focus is on the baby’s development.

Lasik surgery is not advisable as it is seen that spectacle power increases in this period. As it can bring difficulties, the surgery must be avoided. Although the number increases only from 0.5 D to 1.0 D, it can still be cautious.


The Final Conclusion! 

As you have now got the factors and the qualifications you must possess while going for the surgery, it is also important to pen down those things that must be remembered after the surgery.

Swimming and eye makeup must be avoided for some time post your surgery, or else it can bring some complications. It is also best to consult your doctor, who can guide you.


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