What Is The Difference Between Contoura Vision And Lasik Surgery?

Advanced technology in healthcare makes the lifestyles of patients extra comfortable and healthier. Like Contoura Vision and Normal Lasik Surgery, Beneficial technology is to be had in the industry.

Contoura Vision Surgery, referred to as a Topography-guided LASIK surgical procedure, affords enhanced benefits. Before undergoing LASIK surgical procedure, people ask what the difference between Contoura Lasik and Normal Lasik Surgery is!!!


What is Contoura Vision Eye Surgery? 

The impact of uneven curvature of the cornea is often corrected through lenses and glasses. However, many favors take away their glasses by present laser surgery that excludes a slight amount of corneal tissue to refract light for more focused vision accurately. Contoura Lasik surgery is a form of laser surgery wherein an uneven cornea is shaped to focus mildly on the retina and strengthen the image. It is an advanced shape of laser surgery with many technological capabilities in mapping the cornea for higher surgical outcomes.

As the topography and microstructure of the attention are unique to a person, not all sufferers include a single defect in the cornea. Hence, the treatment should be tailored to the patient’s wishes. Contoura vision surgery considers the minute imperfections of corneal curvature mediated through automated corneal topography or corneal curvature map of the attention. This is plenty more precise than the details obtained via prescription glasses or lenses.

Contoura vision surgical procedure price in India varies with the information and infrastructure of the hospital. Delhi’s expected contoura vision cost is Rs. 95,000 for its treatment. The better contoura vision fee in India is because of the added protection and improved visible outcome involved in the treatment.


What is Lasik Eye Surgery? 

The vision troubles may be corrected through eyeglasses or touch lenses that refract mildly, position it effectively at the retina, and turn the previously blurred image right into a clean one. Lasik eye surgery, on the other hand, works by reshaping your cornea so that soft focus is on the path of the retina for higher vision.

Lasik eye surgical procedure is a secure, pain-free, easy technique where the patient’s vision is stabilized within 24 hours of surgery. Initially, a reduction is made at the corneal flap using a mechanical surgical device to expose the internal cornea (known as stroma). It is followed by reshaping the cornea by removing a microscopic amount of tissue with an excimer laser.

The corneal topographer will precisely mark the form of your cornea and alter the excimer laser in keeping with your prescription. In the LASIK remedy, the corneal mapping takes into account 200 points. More factors are taken under consideration withinside the case of contoura vision surgical procedure.


Eligibility requirement for Contour Lasik Treatment

LASIK treatment is not for all patients undergoing vision troubles. The ophthalmologists could complete an eye health experiment to select whether the Contoura vision surgical operation helps the affected person enhance visible transparency or correct refractive error. The following patients are not eligible for undergoing Contoura vision surgical operation:

  • Patients are much less than 18 years of age because of instability in vision.
  • The affected individuals suffering from immunodeficiency illnesses
  • Patients with a vascular disorder
  • Patients with myopia better than 9.00 D
  • Patients with well-known nostril and brow that obstructs reflection


LASIK Surgery Candidate Criteria

To be a candidate for LASIK eye surgery, you want to fulfill the following standards.

  • You want to be 18 years old and ideally over 21 to ensure your eyes have stopped changing.
  • Your refractive error needs to be in the variety for LASIK correction, generally -13.0 diopters for myopia and + 6. 0 diopters for hyperopia and astigmatism.
  • Your corrective eyewear prescription must be stable for a minimum of a year (ideally two) earlier than LASIK eye surgery.
  • Your corneas need to be thick sufficient for the flap to be created.
  • Your eye health and typical health need to be good.


What Is the Difference Between Contoura Surgery and Lasik Vision Surgery? 

Both contoura vision surgery and Lasik surgery differ in the technical improvements and personalized treatment methodology. The difference in each of the treatment methods may be highlighted with the following factors:

Contoura vision surgery has developed over Lasik surgical procedures in its ability to map 22,000 factors on the cornea through corneal topography and wavefront analysis, offering a customized method for the patients. Lasik surgical procedure additionally uses corneal mapping. However, it takes under consideration 200 points which is much less compared to the contoura vision surgical procedure.

The well-known Lasik surgery is based on glasses or prescription lenses that are not as good as the technological advancement of contoura vision surgical procedures.  Contoura is an advanced surgery that is not limited to vision correction. Instead, the method is likewise used to treat abnormalities in cornea curvature.


Pros and Cons of Lasik 


  • It is short and safe.
  • The surgery outcome is faster.
  • You can stay without glasses or contacts after the remedy.
  • The vision can be significantly improved.


  • Not everybody is eligible due to age factors.
  • Lasik surgery risks are possible.
  • There is a mild chance that you will want Lasik again.
  • The flaps are injured during the method.


Contoura Vision Surgery


  • Provides exceptional high vision
  • Fewer side effects
  • Removes much less tissue
  • Beneficial for patients with astigmatism


  • Not permitted for any surgery
  • The range for vision correction is limited


This short discussion offers a top-level view of vision correction surgeries – Lasik and contoura vision surgeries. Though each strategy has pros and cons, contoura has benefited numerous patients where tissue harm is enormously less. Attaining the Contoura Laser surgical procedure means disposing of the irregularities of the cornea.

You can relax, confident that the optical exceptional will become flawless to permit light to penetrate the attention evenly. Patients see the reality after the remedy. It will become simpler to conduct routine activities without the want to use corrective lenses. Contoura eye surgery guarantees to provide excellent results. Contoura Laser, in a few cases, treats those who have undergone LASIK surgery and did not get the best results.


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