What Is SMILE Eye Surgery?

SMILE is an innovative keyhole laser eye surgery that may correct vision for people with higher degrees of short-sightedness. And SMILE means Small Incision Lenticule Extraction and is a bladeless procedure that is minimally invasive. It can be an excellent alternative to the more well-known LASIK surgery and LASER treatments. SMILE eye surgery applies to people with or without astigmatism. Also, SMILE eye surgery is an innovative laser treatment with the help of a state-of-the-art laser. The procedure works as follows:

~Firstly, the surgeon will administer anaesthetic eye drops to numb the eye, ensuring the treatment is entirely painless.

~ The laser places some pulses on the cornea’s centre with extraordinary precision.

The pulses from the laser then create a minute illusion, less than one-hundredth of the width of a human hair. These illusions create the outline for the tissue that requires it to be removed.

The laser creates a tiny connecting tunnel that allows the surgeon to draw out the tissue, changing the cornea’s shape to improve vision. The whole set of series is completed in less than fifteen minutes for both eyes, with the laser only being used for a small proportion of this time.


Read on to learn more about SMILE laser eye surgery, its benefits, who is desirable for the treatment, and what to anticipate after surgery.


The benefits of SMILE laser eye surgery

Let’s look at the advantages of this medication and how it differs from distinct types of laser eye surgery.

1)Many people are approved for this kind of treatment – SMILE is a minimally intrusive type of laser eye surgery, which means that more people are accepted for the procedure than LASIK and LASEK. It is a vital benefit for those who have been told they can’t have any other types of surgery.

2)No chance of flap complications – One of the main differences between SMILE eye surgery and other options like LASIK surgery is that no flap is created during the SMILE procedure. It means there is no risk of difficulties, such as the flap moving, and the eye is more relaxed after the procedure.

3)Quick procedure – As with other laser eye surgery methods, SMILE is timely or fast. The treatment is usually done around 20-30 minutes.

4)Speedy recovery – Patients can expect to recoup quickly after SMILE eye surgery and experience less pain than techniques such as LASIK surgery because no flap is created around the cornea. Unlike LASIK surgery, there are usually no bandage lenses required, although in some cases, surgeons may ask you to wear them overnight as a precaution.

5)Fast results – Following SMILE eye surgery, vision typically improves by 80% within the first few hours. It reaches maximum modification within a few weeks, according to trials across the UK, Germany, France, and Denmark. LASIK surgery typically results after around 24 hours, while LASEK can take a few days.

6)No dry eyes – You are much less likely to experience dry eyes after SMILE surgery than with LASIK surgery because there is no consequence for flapping the corneal layer to heal.


Who is suitable for SMILE treatment?

SMILE laser eye surgery is best for a broader range of people than other techniques such as LASIK surgery and LASEK. If the person is unsuitable for another type of laser eye surgery, SMILE could be a good alternative.

For instance, if any of the following circumstances apply to you, then you may find you are incompatible with LASEK or LASIK treatment, but SMILE eye surgery could still be an option:

a)You have a thinner-than-average cornea

b)You have an intolerance to contact lenses

c)You have mild to moderate dry eyes

Of course, you will need to book a consultation with one experienced ophthalmic surgeon to determine whether this is the proper treatment for you.


What to expect after SMILE laser eye surgery?

After the SMILE treatment or surgery, vision is 80 per cent better within a few hours and reaches 100 per cent improvement within a few weeks, according to trials. One thing you need to be aware of is that while recovery is fast, there is also the chance that your vision will temporarily be slightly blurry after the operation.

~The laser eye surgery aftercare plans include an appointment the day after the surgery and follow-up checks at regular intervals for up to 12 months afterwards.

~ Aftercare appointments are an opportunity for the person to raise any concerns and for the surgeon to check on their progress and assess whether further treatment is required.

~The surgeon can tell you whether SMILE laser eye surgery is the best option for the requirements and can provide tailored advice and answer any questions the person may have.

The surgeon who carries out the initial consultation is also the one to carry out the treatment and any aftercare you might need, so an individual can rest assured that you’re getting the best-personalized care from start to finish.


Is smile eye surgery safer than LASIK?

Ultimately, both SMILE and LASIK are safe, reliable, and affordable procedures to improve refractive errors, with certain limitations on who is a good candidate for each option. There are few side effects with SMILE, mostly related to the lack of flap creation, but the healing time is a little longer than with LASIK surgery.


Is smile eye surgery painful?

Most people don’t experience any pain during their laser eye surgery. The person may feel pressure, but your surgeon will give you numbing eye drops before your procedure to minimise discomfort. It’s common to experience discomfort or mild pain after surgery once the eye drops wear off.


Why is my vision blurry after SMILE surgery?

If too much or too little corneal tissue is removed during a SMILE procedure, it can be over-corrected. Thus making the vision problems worse than before surgery, necessitating retreatment. In the case of overcorrection, your nearsightedness might be replaced with farsightedness.


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