Smile Pro Vs Relex Smile

In the ever-evolving landscape of laser eye surgery, the introduction of Smile Pro in 2023 has sparked a new era of possibilities, boasting faster, more precise, and safer outcomes compared to the well-established ReLex Smile procedure.

In this comprehensive comparison, we delve into the intricate details of these two cutting-edge techniques, examining their technology, speed, precision, comfort, recovery, and overall patient experience.


1. Technological Advancements: The Role of ZEISS Visumax 800


Smile Pro: The Pinnacle of Laser Technology
Smile Pro proudly presents the ZEISS Visumax 800 femtosecond laser from Carl Zeiss, Germany. This state-of-the-art device offers enhanced precision and personalized corneal modeling. Equipped with both Artificial Intelligence and robotic arms assistance systems, this laser optimizes centering and compensates for the minutest eye rotations during correction.

The Visumax 800 is not just quieter and gentler but its digital mapping technology automatically and accurately adjusts to each patient’s unique eye shape and movement, ensuring optimal correction of refractive errors with greater cornea stability while providing greater control for the surgeon.


ReLex Smile: The Proven Pioneer
ReLex Smile, introduced in 2011 by ZEISS, initiated a paradigm shift in laser eye correction. Utilizing the VisuMax (500 kHz) femtosecond laser, the predecessor to the Visumax 800, it paved the way for a minimally invasive approach to refractive surgery. While ReLex Smile has been successfully employed for over a decade, Smile Pro emerges as its technologically advanced successor.


2. Speed and Precision: Redefining Efficiency


Smile Pro: Faster, More Precise, and Customized
The Visumax 800 in Smile Pro boasts a remarkable laser pulse frequency of not just 800 kHz but 2 MHz or 2,000 kHz, enabling the creation of lenticules in less than 10 seconds. The faster cutting speeds, coupled with the innovative scanning system, contribute to a shorter overall procedure time—just 7-9 seconds per eye, about three times faster than ReLEx Smile.

This results in reduced suction loss on the machine, leading to fewer instances of patient eye movement and more precise outcomes compared to the previous Visumax 500 model. The improved surgical efficiency not only minimizes stress and anxiety but also enhances the overall patient experience, making the surgery more comfortable. Additionally, it reduces the likelihood of postoperative complications.


ReLex Smile: A Decade of Success
ReLex Smile, using the VisuMax femtosecond laser, has a pulse frequency of 500 kHz, resulting in a laser duration of 25-30 seconds per eye.

The incidence of suction loss with ReLex smile was 0.5%, with 65% of cases occurring after 10 seconds of creating the lenticule interface. Smile Pro has a lower suction loss compared to ReLex.

While ReLex Smile has proven effective over the years, the prolonged laser time in comparison to Smile Pro hints at the advancements made in the newer technology for faster and more precise vision correction.


3. Comfort and Patient Experience: A Quantum Leap Forward


Smile Pro: Next-Level Comfort with Robotic Assistance
The Visumax 800 in Smile Pro revolutionizes laser surgery comfort in the OR with its ergonomic patient couch and Smart Robotic Assistance. The continuous monitoring and automatic readjustment of the patient’s position ensure a relaxed experience.
The reduced laser time, now under 10 seconds, significantly alleviates surgery stress, making Smile Pro an appealing choice for those seeking comfort and efficiency.


ReLex Smile: Setting the Standard for Comfort
The conventional ReLex Smile, with its VisuMax 500 machine, has provided a comfortable experience for refractive surgery patients. However, Smile Pro, with its higher efficiency and robotic assistance, raises the bar by offering twice as much comfort, setting a new standard in the field.


4. Visual Recovery: Swift and Stress-Free


Smile Pro: Faster Recovery Time
Smile Pro claims a faster recovery time than ReLex Smile. The combination of the advanced Visumax 800 laser and the shortened procedure time ensures minimal disruption to the patient’s daily life post-surgery.


ReLex Smile: A Proven Track Record
ReLex Smile has been synonymous with quick recovery and reliability, and while Smile Pro aims to outpace its predecessor, both procedures stand out for their minimal invasiveness and reduced downtime.


5. Cost Considerations: Balancing Innovation and Affordability


Smile Pro: An Investment in Advanced Technology
With its cutting-edge technology and enhanced features, Smile Pro comes at a premium compared to ReLex Smile. The added benefits of faster procedures, improved precision, and increased comfort contribute to the higher cost.


ReLex Smile: A Proven, Cost-Effective Option
Having been in use for over a decade, ReLex Smile is likely a more cost-effective option. However, patients must weigh the established success of ReLex Smile against the enhanced features and benefits offered by Smile Pro.


6. Future Directions: Innovations in Laser Technology


Smile Pro: Paving the Way for the Future
Smile Pro, with the Visumax 800 and its cutting-edge features, represents a significant leap forward in laser eye surgery. The reduction in laser time, advancements in robotic assistance, and increased safety may set the stage for further innovations in the field.


ReLex Smile: A Foundation for Progress
ReLex Smile, having served as a cornerstone for laser eye correction for over a decade, lays the foundation for advancements in the industry. While Smile Pro takes the spotlight in 2023, the success of ReLex Smile should not be overlooked in shaping the landscape of refractive surgery.


Making an Informed Decision
In the dynamic world of laser eye surgery, the choice between Smile Pro and ReLex Smile ultimately depends on individual preferences, budget considerations, and the importance placed on the latest technological advancements.

Smile Pro, with its Visumax 800, sets a new standard for speed, precision, and comfort, but ReLex Smile’s decade-long success shouldn’t be underestimated. As technology evolves, so too do the options available to those seeking a clear, corrected vision.


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