When Can You Shower After LASIK?

Whenever someone undergoes any treatment, surgery, or procedure, naturally, many questions pop up in their mind. There might be many more questions than usual when it comes to a medicine dealing with your vision or eyesight. Your image is vital. After you have the surgery/treatment to improve it, you don’t want to do anything that can destroy it. So the most important question is


When can you shower after Lasik eye surgery?

Water comes in many different forms, like showers, pools, etc. There are different time intervals that you should wait before going into these various forms of water.

About showering: You can bath or shower within 24 hours of your LASIK surgery, but the running water should not go into the eyes for at least one week. Also, it would be best to ignore applying a washcloth or towel to your eyes to minimize pressure during this time. You should make sure that you keep your eyes wholly prohibited to prevent soap, shampoo, and water from getting into your eyes. Also, ensure that you don’t rub your eyes when washing your face.

You have to wait a week before diving in after the LASIK eye surgery for pools, lakes, and oceans. Always remember this when you are scheduling your Lasik surgery in delhi. If you are a swimmer and into swimming, you might not schedule your Lasik surgery for the summer. You can consider vacations. If you are going to a lake or in the ocean, you can schedule the treatment after that. As for hot tubs, you can take them after three to five days after Lasik surgery.

Recovery from LASIK eye surgery is generally rapid. Within one day, i.e., 24 hours, you will be able to continue many of your normal activities. Driving, working, bathing, and moderate exercise are durable within a day following your Lasik surgery. It is important to remember that maybe these are generally acceptable and durable. The healing process can take months, and you must care for your eyes.

You might need to wear a cover that will cover your eyes at night for the first few days. You also need to take antibiotics or other medications to help reduce the risk of any infection in your eyes. Doctors may recommend Sunglasses or eyeglasses for up to three months to reduce sensitivity to light for your eyesight.

You should ignore some sports and activities, such as swimming until your eye doctor/surgeon tells you. These activities can harm your eyes and interfere with your final LASIK eye surgery results. 

A person can help increase their body’s healing response by making simple lifestyle options. For the first 48 hours of Lasik surgery you should not drink alcohol or smoke or caffeine. You should rest as much as possible. Rest and keep your eyes closed if viable, and do not engage in anything dangerous for the first 24 hours. A person needs to keep their eyes moist, which may require eye drops for up to six months, or till the sensation of dry eyes goes off. Dry eyes are more common in bladeless or laser LASIK eye surgery or treatment and should be discussed with your doctor/specialist before surgery or treatment.

Before your LASIK eye treatment, your eye doctor/specialist will carefully go over postoperative instructions. You must follow these instructions to help minimize your recovery time.

The duration of time you should wait if you choose the PRK surgery. For the PRK surgery, you have to follow the same rules regarding showering. However, the waiting time varies for getting back in the pool, lake, ocean, or hot tub. It would be best to wait at least two weeks after PRK surgery for the hot tub. Before getting in the pool, lake, or anywhere in the water area, you have to wait at least three weeks before doing water activities.


Care after Lasik eye surgery for other water exposure

Especially during the summer period, patients want to know when they can go to the pool, hot tub, ocean, or lake and enjoy a little bit after Lasik eye surgery or treatment. Many doctors or surgeons advise LASIK eye surgery patients to wait for 14 days before returning to any of these activities to ensure optimal LASIK care and healing. Because of the chemicals in chlorinated water and salt particles found in the water and freshwater bodies, irritation, redness, and corneal tissue infection are highly likely after LASIK eye treatment. Because of the chemicals, the interactions with these bodies of water can slow the healing process or cause harm or damage to the eyes.


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