Reasons to Avoid Smoking After Smile Pro Eye Operation

If you have recently undergone a SMILE Pro eye operation, congratulations on opting to improve your vision! During the recovery process, it is crucial to steer clear of specific activities and behaviors to achieve the most favorable outcome. Smoking, for example, is strongly discouraged before and after any surgery, including eye operations.

While smoking is harmful for everyone, it can have particularly negative effects on those who have recently undergone a SMILE Pro eye operation.


How Smoking Affects Your Eyes?

Cigarettes have over 7,000 chemicals, including nicotine, that constrict blood vessels. This reduces oxygen and nutrients to the eyes, hindering healing and nutrient delivery to surgical sites.

Smoking weakens the immune system, increasing infection risks.

Smoking can cause eye problems like dry eyes, cataracts, optic nerve injury, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and diabetic retinopathy. It can also raise your risk of glaucoma, a serious eye condition that can lead to permanent vision loss.

To minimize surgical complications and promote a speedy recovery, it is advised to quit smoking at least two weeks before the surgery. This will give your body enough time to eliminate the harmful chemicals from your system and improve blood flow to your eyes. Also, it will be beneficial to avoid smoking for several weeks after SMILE Pro eye surgery.


Smoking and SMILE Pro Eye Operation

SMILE Pro is a groundbreaking laser vision correction procedure that enhances vision and reduces reliance on glasses or contacts. However, smoking post-surgery can significantly impact the procedure’s outcome. Here’s why you should avoid smoking after a SMILE Pro eye operation:


Increased Risk of Infection
Smoking after any surgery, like a SMILE Pro eye operation, can increase infection risk. Smoking weakens the immune system and makes it difficult for your body to heal and fight off bacteria and viruses. Eyes are sensitive, and infections can lead to complications.
So, avoiding smoking after a SMILE Pro eye operation reduces infection chances and promotes smooth recovery.


Delayed Healing Process
Smoking increases infection risk and hinders healing. It restricts blood flow and lowers oxygen levels, impeding proper wound healing. This means that the tissues in and around your eyes will receive less oxygen and nutrients necessary for healing after the surgery. The healing process of eye tissues following surgery is delayed as a consequence.

Also, cigarette chemicals can harm the tiny blood vessels needed for wound healing. Quitting smoking promotes faster healing.


Higher Chance of Dry Eyes
SMILE Pro surgery, with its small corneal incision, may disrupt tear production, a common cause of dry eyes post-eye surgeries. Smoking after the procedure exacerbates this, reducing blood flow, harming tear-producing glands, and impeding eye lubrication crucial for healing. This can result in discomfort, irritation, redness, and blurred vision, complicating recovery.

Avoiding cigarettes is crucial to minimizing the risk of dry eyes and enhancing the success of the surgery.


Higher Chance of Post-Operative Complications
Smoking is associated with eye conditions that can harm your vision. If you’ve had the SMILE Pro Eye operation, you might already be at risk due to health issues or genetics. However, smoking can worsen these conditions and increase your chances of developing vision problems like blurred vision, glaucoma, and retinal detachment. It can also raise the risk of complications like inflammation, scarring, and corneal haze after SMILE Pro surgery, potentially affecting your vision and requiring further treatment.


Increased Risk of Vision Loss
In rare cases, smoking after a SMILE Pro eye operation may result in permanent vision loss. The laser used in the procedure reshapes the cornea to improve vision. However, smoking can interfere with this process, reduce blood flow, and increase the risk of infection, potentially causing serious eye damage and vision loss. This is not a risk worth taking, especially when it comes to your eye health.

Avoiding smoking after surgery helps protect your vision and ensures the best outcome.


Poor overall health
Smoking harms not just your eyes but your entire body. It weakens the immune system, making it harder to fight infections and heal post-surgery. Additionally, it heightens the likelihood of developing heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

By avoiding smoking after SMILE Pro Eye surgery, you protect your eyes and improve your overall health.


Tips for Avoiding Smoking After SMILE Pro Surgery


Prepare in Advance:
Inform your doctor if you’re a smoker; quitting before SMILE Pro surgery reduces complications.


Take Necessary Precautions:
If quitting isn’t an option, follow precautions like prescribed eye drops or antibiotics to prevent infection.


Avoid Secondhand Smoke:
Steer clear of smoke-filled areas and exposure to secondhand smoke to protect your healing process and prevent eye irritation and dryness.


Seek Support:
Reach out to friends, family, or quit-smoking programs for assistance in your journey to quit.


Nicotine Replacement Therapy:
Consider this therapy to manage withdrawal symptoms like mood swings or headaches.


Avoid Triggers:
Limit exposure to triggers such as alcohol that may tempt you to smoke.


Find Healthier Coping Mechanisms:
Discover alternative ways to cope with stress or boredom during your smoking cessation journey.


Follow Doctor’s Instructions:
Adhere closely to your doctor’s pre and post-operative care guidelines, including when to stop and resume smoking.


Stay Motivated:
Remember the health benefits of quitting smoking and how it contributes to the success of your SMILE Pro surgery.

In conclusion, smoking can harm your eyes and greatly affect the success of a SMILE Pro eye operation. It hinders the healing process and increases the likelihood of developing eye conditions and health complications. If you smoke, it’s highly recommended to quit before undergoing the operation for a smooth recovery and long-term eye health, and also avoid smoking during your recovery period and beyond.

Remember, your eyes are irreplaceable, so make the choice to protect them by avoiding smoking after a SMILE Pro eye operation. Ensure the well-being of your eyes by making informed decisions that yield the best outcomes. Say no to smoking and care for your eyes! Your future self will thank you.


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