How Do You Mentally Prepare For LASIK?

ABOUT LASIK EYE SURGERY“LASIK” is a type of eye surgery. LASIK means laser-in-situ keratomileusis. It is a very famous surgery that corrects vision in people. LASIK corrects refractive errors. People who are farsighted, nearsighted, or have astigmatism can connect to LASIK.


Ways To Mentally Prepare Before Having LASIK

  • You should always know and ask questions to your eye clinic:

It is always better to know and ask questions from your comfortable eye clinic before taking a step forward with your LASIK eye surgery. Questions before the procedure or surgery may give you more ideas on how the process will continue. And what things are not allowed before, during, and after the LASIK surgery. Moreover, it is also an intelligent decision to know the time duration on how long the treatment will be and see if it will be painful or not when you are already in the process. Keeping an eye on the staff or the doctor that will treat your eyes is a better idea to be comfortable around them.


  • It would help if you finalized your decision with LASIK surgery:

Before taking a step forward to the actual LASIK eye surgery, you should finalize and decide that you are sure and ready for the significant change you are going to make. Since there are many other ways to improve your eyesight, you can still learn about the others if you are already ready and sure about the treatment. You can proceed to it and book an appointment at your trusted clinic. Suppose you are done with wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses. Then LASIK eye surgery may be the best option for you because it is a one-time process for most patients.


  • Look for a friend or any family member who can give you company:

You can look for a friend or family member that can take care after your LASIK eye surgery because your eyesight may appear blurry at first after the treatment. You should always have someone to give you company to prevent any accidents while returning to your home. Also, you may need someone who can drive for you to avoid any road accidents if you are going. Since the LASIK eye surgery adjusts your vision or eyesight- you can talk to someone before the surgery so that they may look after the treatment. They can even check on you.


  • It would help if you stopped wearing contact lenses one week before Lasik eye surgery:

If you have an addiction to contact lenses- it will be best to stop using them a week before your Lasik surgery. Wearing contacts might change your cornea’s shape, and also, your surgeon may find difficulty in determining your eye condition.

Also, not wearing contact lenses can make your eye go back to its regular shape and help your surgeon correctly evaluate your eyesight. This way, you are already preparing yourself for a safe LASIK eye surgery that will add more success to the process. You can also wear your eyeglasses.


  • Drink a ton of water before the eye surgery and do not drink alcohol:

The LASIK treatment can make your eyes dry during the surgery. To avoid drying your eyes, you have to drink plenty of water days before the actual procedure continuously. It is also good to avoid drinking alcohol before your Lasik surgery because you may feel dehydrated, making everything worse.

Alcohol and caffeine can make you feel anxious and worried about focusing. Your surgeon uses sedatives so that you can feel less pain during the Lasik surgery.


  • You have to wear loose clothes before the surgery and avoid wearing makeup:

Wearing loose clothes can help you be more comfortable during the Lasik procedure and avoid getting your eyes irritated. You should avoid using fitted clothes so that you will have an option not to change your clothes.

Moreover, you have to avoid wearing makeup to get rid of rile. The chemicals will not go into the eye in the Lasik treatment. 


  • Eat properly and prepare your meals before the treatment:

It is suggested that your body is already in a proper state during the Lasik surgery because it is hard to wait and go through the LASIK eye treatment if your stomach is empty. It would be best to prepare ready-to-eat food before the eye surgery to avoid mess.


  • Be prepared for the things that you may require:

If you have insurance before your LASIK eye surgery, it is wise to prepare it. There may be some inconveniences during the surgery, which may help you be more secure in your process. You can also qualify for eyeglasses or sunglasses. Your doctor may recommend you to use them after the treatment. There may also be prescribed glasses from your ophthalmologist. 


  • It would help if you prepare yourself physically and mentally for LASIK eye surgery: 

You have to prepare yourself mentally because you will be undergoing Lasik surgery, where you will be awake and see everything during the treatment. It will also be great if you are ready and confident enough during the process to avoid minor inconveniences on your side and for the staff of the clinic.


  • Get Enough Sleep For Your Eye Treatment:

You can avoid riling and being sleepy during the treatment if you get enough sleep days before your schedule. Your energy will be manageable throughout the surgery. You should also state your eye history because the doctor will have accurate assessments of your eyes. 


  • Purchase eye drop protection for your LASIK surgery:

You should expect your eyes to get dry during the treatment. It is why purchasing eye drops can help your surgeon/doctor lubricate your eyes so that your LASIK will be smooth and accurately completed. Moreover, eye drops are advantageous because they can avoid irritation and deliver healing during trauma or scratches.


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