How Long Does It Take To Recover From Lasik Surgery?

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  • What Is The Cost Of Lasik Surgery In Delhi?
  • How Long Do You Need To Rest After Lasik?
  • What To Expect Within The First 24 Hours Post Lasik Surgery?
  • What Is The Recovery Rate In The First Week After Lasik Surgery?
  • What Can I Do In The Second-Week Post Lasik Surgery?
  • What Is The Improvement Rate Within A Month After Your Lasik Surgery?

Lasik surgery is a boon to get rid of your glasses and contacts. So, if you have gone through the minimum criteria to go for Lasik surgery. Then, you must be eager to know about the recovery process post Lasik. You will be glad to know that Lasik is a painless process and corrects your vision within a short period of time. Most patients start seeing results within 24 hours while others notice clear vision in a couple of days. You can contact our experienced and specialized doctors for Lasik surgery in Delhi ( They perform the necessary tests and examine your situation to advise the most suitable laser surgery for you.

What Is The Cost Of Lasik Surgery In Delhi?

Lasik surgery cost in India (read more) is affordable and a correct investment if you approach the best doctor. The exact price is determined after a thorough examination of your eyes and evaluating your refractive error. With more than 25 years of experience, our eye surgeons lead the team of the finest ophthalmologists in Delhi. So, you can visit us and get your perfect eyesight back under the supervision of our best doctors.

Post Lasik you may feel a little bit of discomfort but it vanishes with time. The immediate recovery period for some patients is 12 to 24 hours, but it varies from patient to patient. The results of Lasik depend largely on several factors like age, the thickness of the cornea, your eyeglass prescription, etc. Although if you are an eligible candidate for Lasik then you will get a clear and stable vision within two days.

How Long Do You Need To Rest After Lasik?

Immediately after Lasik, the patients experience blurry vision which lasts up to 2-3 hours. Make sure you have someone to drive you back to the home because just after surgery you will not be able to go back by yourself. Then, take a proper nap of 4 to 5 hours so that your eyes can rest properly. Some patients start noticing improvement within 24 to 48 hours while some need a week. So, follow necessary precautions for a month for speedy recovery post Lasik.

You can resume your work the next day of Lasik. However, make sure to follow the guidelines for a smooth recovery from Lasik. Do not rub your eyes as it may damage the cornea and hinder the healing process. Also, use the antibiotic eye drops and other medicines prescribed by the doctor on time. Wear a protective eye shield and goggles to guard your eyes against bright light. Here is the proper elaboration of the recovery timeline from Lasik.

What To Expect Within The First 24 Hours Post Lasik Surgery?

After 30 minutes of Lasik, you will feel a little bit of itchiness in your eyes. This is the time to take a nap and rest your eyes. The doctor will tape a clear protective eye shield to cover your eyes when you sleep so that you accidentally don’t rub your eyes. After undergoing Lasik, the first 24 hours are very crucial for the healing process. Your vision may be blurry for the first 24 hours but you do not need to panic. But rubbing your eyes can be dangerous so try to wear a protective shield for the first 24 hours. Here is the list of common things you can expect within 24 to 48 hours after your Lasik procedure.

  • You may feel tired after Lasik and need to take a proper nap of 4 to 5 hours.
  • Your eyes will feel numb after 30 minutes following your surgery. This happens due to numbing eye drops used before the process.
  • When you wake after taking 4 to 5 hours of napping, your eyes feel dry and itchy. Generally, there is a mild burning and itching sensation that continues for a few days. The doctor will prescribe you a pain reliever and lubricating eye drops for your comfort.
  • In the first 24 hours, your eyes may become watery. Do not rub your eyes or don’t even touch them. You can use a tissue to dab the area under the eye to remove the water.
  • Your eyes will become sensitive to light for a few days. Make sure to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from bright light.

What Is The Recovery Rate In The First Week After Lasik Surgery?

The immediate recovery period is 6 to 12 hours but it takes time for clear and stable vision. You will start noticing improvement in your vision within a week. In the first week, make sure to fix an appointment with your surgeon to evaluate if your eyes are healing properly. Tell your doctor, if you face any difficulty like severe pain. After 2-3 days you can resume your daily activities except for swimming and hot baths. We also suggest not to drive at night for a week or two after Lasik.

Your eyes will feel dry and itchy in the first week following your Lasik procedure. Also, you will find it difficult to see properly at night. For the first week wear the eye shield to secure your eyes from dust and bright light. Your eyes will feel dry often so use the eye drops to lubricate them. Also, keep a check on your blinking rate while using any digital device. During the first week do not wear any makeup or use any soap on the face.

What Can I Do In The Second-Week Post Lasik Surgery?

After the first two weeks, you will feel a great improvement in your eyesight. It is possible to achieve a clear vision after two weeks post Lasik. But your cornea takes around one month to heal completely. So, you may face problems like blurry vision and mild aches for a while.

In the first two weeks, you may notice red spots on the white area of your eyes. But do not worry it is normal and will fade over time. Do not rub your eyes especially in the first two weeks post-Lasik. No swimming or hot tub should be taken within the first two weeks. You can take shower but do not expose your eyes to a forced stream of water. This can put a strain on the eyes causing pain and may delay the healing process.

What Is The Improvement Rate Within A Month After Your Lasik Surgery?

Generally, it takes two to three months to heal your cornea and stabilize the clear vision post Lasik. Glares, halos, difficulty to drive at night may persist during the stabilization period. After the first month, you will notice a great improvement in your eyesight. However, you may feel your eyes dry and scratchy sometimes even after a month. Follow all the instructions and medications given by the doctor for the best and long-term results.

For the first month, avoid any type of sports. If your work involves computer work then take a break every 20-30 minutes. Use lubricating eye drops and avoid exposing your eyes to dust. If you develop any new, unusual, or worsening symptoms then consult your surgeon immediately. Ignoring these signs may damage your flap or even may lead to loss of vision.


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