Should Lasik Surgery be Delayed if the Eye Power is Fluctuating?

For undergoing LASIK eye surgery for your vision improvement, one of the essential factors around which the rest of the things evolve is that you should have a stable vision which means your eye power should not fluctuate over a year or six months. So if you have fluctuating eye power, then you should not be eligible for Lasik eye surgery, which is also the reason behind the age of 18 years being set as a minimum age limit for being suitable for Lasik surgery.After the age of 18, fluctuations in our eyes are generally slow, and once it reaches a stage of stability, you are eligible for Lasik eye surgery. Until then, you cannot undergo surgery with fluctuating eye power.


Overcoming the fear of surgery 

If you are planning for a laser fixing of your eye or a lens which is another option should you go for the surgery is, the question you need to keep asking yourself is this something which is driven by or Need not to wear glasses cosmetically you don’t want to look with drinks your friends have asked you to not to wear glasses or parents are putting pressure whatever it is this questions always bother you always want to know whether I am doing the right thing by putting my eyes under a laser or a surgery. So through this, you can make yourself very precise about whether you are ready to undergo surgery or not. Firstly you have to overcome the fear and consult a surgeon who will decide to evaluate yourself for the procedure and find out how healthy your eyes are for undergoing the Lasik treatment of surgery.


Know the health status of your eyes

Once you know about your eye’s health, its structure, and its strength through essential evolution, you will see if you are eligible for the surgery or not, and having a stable vision plays a very crucial role in this regard. In the preoperative LASIK eye test, every layer of your cornea undergoes a laser procedure. Then with all that reports, you come to a surgeon. The surgeon looks at all with an experienced surgeon who uses his experience and human Intelligence with the artificial Intelligence given by the machine to judge whether you are suitable for the surgery. That is the most crucial point in deciding about the safety of your procedure. After the surgeon looks at this, a good Institute or a place will have multiple options for you.


Be very precise about your diagnosis. 

 A lot of Technology has been advertised through social media or friends and your family, so somebody comes to you and says that this particular procedure with looks very costly, and it looks like the most critical Technology available in this world is the most expensive in the world both are wrong the costly is not always correct or the most advanced format me not always suite for you. So you are highly requested to have complete on your surgeon and follow the instructions provided by him to you by seeing your health of the eyes.


Can fluctuating power eyes not undergo LASIK?

Many surgeons do not use prescription change history to determine candidacy for Lasik surgery. What happened in the past doesn’t decide what will happen. The only way or prescription can change significantly. If it is if you are still in the growing phase of your life, so below under 18 years old, yes, they can have eyeballs that grow longer and grow in length. It is myopia, but for older more aged 18 20 25, it is much less likely and, in fact, unlikely. The only other reason that an eye prescription would change would be as we get into our 50 is when the crystalline lens inside our eye that we are born changes, it becomes a little bit hardware it changes color and infects it can change your prescription. So those are the main reasons anything in between is usually just aa little ability in your medication based on who is doing the measurement based on you giving your subjective responses.


Why is a stable vision required for LASIK? 

So, the answer is many surgeons do not consider previous changes for Candidacy for Lasik surgery; knowing your prescription is not what we believe.

Many factors go into determining whether you are a candidate to fall for Lasik surgery or not. First, one of the essential requirements is that you must be at least 18 years of age or over. The second requirement is that your prescription needs to be stable because, let’s say, your vision is so changing. Then one day, you get the most significant surgery, and your vision changes quickly. After that, you have to go and do the Lasik again. so it’s midpoint right, so it is not a good idea to get it done. Your prescription is still changing. Another factor that determines whether you are a candidate for Lasik or not.



The laser and other kinds of things cut down on correcting some of your prescriptions. Apart from this, the essential thing for undergoing stable vision is that there are no significant fluctuations in your eyesight once the surgery has been completed.

Hence if your eye power has been fluctuating for too long, then it is recommended that you should wait for your vision to be stable so that your surgery will give you more successful results that will last for an extended period.


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