Does Lasik Surgery Cause Keratoconus?

Understanding Keratoconus

Keratoconus is a disease that occurs when the corner, which is analogous to the crystal on a watch, becomes thin and weak, just like a bald spot on a tire or balloon. This week’s part can bulge out, decreasing vision. The cornea is usually around focusing light to more transparent images in character; it becomes distorted, and the incoming light is scattered, causing what we call started in the visual system. So just like a TV with a lot of static this visual static will decrease clarity. The weak area can tend to further balance over the ears, causing progressive blurring of the optical character is often overlooked in its early stages. New diagnostic technologies using continual mapping of different techniques are beneficial in diagnostic Casey and following it for any changes over time, there is a growing number of new treatments for a case.


Can a laser cause keratoconus?

Lasers are performed to repair the transplant, which is a method that gives a more controlled approach and quicker visual recovery through keratoconus. But saying that LASIK causes keratoconus is not valid.

The number one contraindication that means the number condition that you should not have laser eye surgery is keratoconus. Hence, CONUS is the condition where your cornea is weaker than usual is thinner than expected. It means you do laser eyes surgery, you are removing more tissue to make it even cleaner, and that has the potential to make the keratoconus progress at a greater rate. So the idea of doing LASIK for keratoconus at the cornea is taboo.


Treating Keratoconus

What is interesting, though, is the treatment of keratoconus is cross-linking, and what cross-linking does is strengthen the cornea. Then there is a strength: cross-linking by a factor of between 80% and 4 or 5 percent to the cornea is much stronger after cross-linking. A surface laser treatment reduces the corneal strength by about 5 or 10 percent, so what we do on occasion for the right person. So it is only after accessing the person and deeming them suitable that they do a procedure called LLC simultaneous laser cross-linking.

So on the day of surgery, doctors do a surface laser correction to improve the continual shape and vision and then directly after that, followed by cross-linking their strength and stabilizing the cornea. Hence, lasers are not for people with keratoconus, but a keratoconus specialist can combine the two to give you an excellent stable outcome. Still, it is always going to involve cross-linking. 


Can Lasik be done with keratoconus?

If you have keratoconus, you might know this answer already, but can you get Lasik surgery if you have keratoconus? So many friends and relatives nearby often ask why you are struggling so hard to see why you are complaining about your contact lenses. Why don’t you get laser surgery done? So the short answer in terms of whether or not you can get laser surgery such as popular LASIK is known. The reason why it is not so easy for patients with keratoconus is that it causes it to bulge out. What that does, unfortunately, is through the mechanism of surgery things the cornea so you wouldn’t want to do a surgical procedure that would thin upon you and i. It’s two thin so far that these are new cannot and should not get LASIK Lasik if you have to get opp components because it may turn out to be the scare for you only although at the same time to deal with keratoconus two surgeries can be linked. Then the procedure can be performed and can cure character corners. Still, performing only Lasik eye surgery to improve keratoconus cornea size.



Keratoconus is how your cornea, black off your eye, tries to reshape, and becomes more bulged. All of you must be aware of the disease. It comes mainly in young and afraid your quality of life and quality of vision thousands of people for the character is also being involved in many cutting edge research work. So when you have a cone shape cornea, your vision ultimately gets distorted; this is usually seen between the age group of 10 to around 40 years progressive in nature, which means how it looks slowly it becomes thinner starts completely getting this started when you get distorted you begin seeing things entirely in a regular fashion it becomes quite hazy your vision drops the quality of life drops night vision become impossible to drive.


Causes of Keratoconus

So the first question that is in people’s minds is why you would have to get it could be an environmental, genetic lot of near work with you being eye dry. The most important thing is having a bad habit of doing and rubbing your eyes. Many people tend to rub them unnecessarily, but rubbing is one of the most common causes of keratoconus.

 The second significant cause is the way you sleep. Some people sleep by putting one hand to one side or some pressure when you induce stress to your eyes. Corniest slowly starts growing.



So, what are the treatment options if you start with the contact lenses and the surgeries? Now the question arises why it is so important to diagnose it; it is crucial because most people don’t come early for this. They come later after stage one. When the cornea is already regularly shaped, it is highly destroyed once you have a regular shape of the cornea. So how it is diagnosed when you have high power in your refractive glass prescription you have two components of your glass which is false fear, and cylinder lot of you do not have too many cylinders when you have a cylindrical power. You must tell your optician doctor that you must get tested for keratoconus.


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