Is LASIK Allowed In Indian Air Force?

The Indian Army values vision as being the most crucial quality. Because if a vision problem of any type is discovered, your career could be destroyed. The military has set requirements for eyesight, and candidates must meet these requirements to be considered. Some people have LASIK surgery to meet the criteria for qualifying. Two things now come to mind: what is LASIK, and is it permitted in the air force? Lasik Surgery, also referred to as laser eye surgery or laser eye correction, is only an eye treatment. It is a form of refractive surgery used to treat individuals with myopia, hyperopia, long-term vision problems, and astigmatism. Yes, LASIK is approved by the Indian Army and Indian Air Force.


Standards for Indian Air Force 

But there are set requirements and expectations. The first thing to know is that someone with a thin cornea or high myopia is not a candidate for LASIK. The main conditions are that the patient is older than 20 years before having LASIK and that LASIK should have been performed six to one year before the medical evaluation. A minimum of 25.5 mm must be the eye’s axial length (or 26 mm). After the treatment, a minimum of 450 microns must be the residual corneal thickness. High refractive error (>6D) sufferers should be kept out of the LASIK procedure. Both color blindness and night blindness cannot be a problem for candidates. Air Force duty does not allow correcting refractive problems with radial keratotomy (RK) surgery. Binocular vision should be ordinary, and the eyes should be in good alignment.


Eligible People

People who meet the requirements listed above may be considered for the following positions in the IAF: Pilots, flying transport aircraft and helicopters, and all officers in the technical field; Aeronautical Engineers; essential Air Staff; Non-Technical Staff; Ground Duties Officers; Security Officers; and Officers in the IAF’s Meteorology and Medical Divisions.


Lasik Cost in India

The costs vary based on the area, the hospital, and the kind of surgery you choose. The cost of LASIK for both eyes can range from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 1.4 lakh depending on several variables; however, the precise cost estimate will be calculated during your preoperative consultation because pricing may differ depending on each patient’s unique situation.


Advantages of Lasik 

Let’s discuss the benefits of Lasik. Because of its precision and lack of severe side effects, LASIK is thought to be preferable to the alternatives. This operation may likely last a lifetime with today’s technology. It takes less than a minute for each eye to receive laser treatment through the LASIK process. After the operation, the patient might need to spend 60 to 90 minutes at the doctor’s office. Most people notice improvements in their natural vision right away following the procedure. There is no need to go out and buy expensive prescription glasses and contact lenses because the approach is intended to improve vision. Please remove them and adopt the new appearance and fashion you have always desired. Most importantly, it provides a sense of self-confidence to people who don’t like wearing glasses or feel it as a burden.


LASIK: Myth or Fact

Myth: LASIK is a brand-new technique. I want to let it develop for a while.

Facts: LASIK has been performed for more than 20 years. Dr. Jose Barraquer constructed the intellectual foundation upon which it was based in 1960, more than 50 years ago.

Myth: No ophthalmologist has LASIK surgery.

Facts: Completely untrue. In reality, many ophthalmologists have had LASIK. More ophthalmologists than any other profession have had surgery as a percentage of the general population.

Myth: Women who wish to appear better should only get LASIK.

Fact: Many women have indeed had Lasik, but to argue that it is beneficial for women would be incorrect because it also benefits those in the military.

Myth: The procedure is excruciatingly unpleasant.

Truth: Not really. Before the surgery, anesthetic drops are injected into the eyes of all patients. They then experience little feeling during the process.

Myth: LASIK does not work correctly, but some individuals are content.

Fact: LASIK offers excellent results. The same laser we use at New Vision Laser Centers was used in a trial of myopic LASIK by the US FDA, and more than 97% of the patients achieved uncorrected visual acuity of 20/20 or more significantly.



Over 96 percent of patients who have had LASIK report being extremely satisfied. Furthermore, it enables individuals to serve their country without any hindrance. People can engage in activities once their eyesight has stabilized following their surgery as they attain a high level of visual clarity.


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