Is Lasik Allowed in the Indian Coast Guard?

Is Lasik an option for Indian Coast Guard personnel? The answer is yes if you’re a Coast Guard commissioned officer or a new candidate. Vision is considered the most important in the Indian Coast Guard. If they find any visual impairment, it can ruin your career. Many candidates have poor eyesight due to continuous efforts. It will be a little more difficult for the Indian Coast Guard to select these candidates in this situation. But whether surgery has improved vision and whether this criterion is valid for the Indian Coast Guard. This blog turns out to be very informative and knowledgeable to you. Start and know more about LASIK surgery and whether it works for the Indian Coast Guard or not.


Lasik surgery in the Indian Coast Guard: How does it work?

Since the Indian coast guard is a compassionate organization, they take the permission of their superiors before allowing the officers to undergo surgery. The consent then has to be obtained from the director general of the Indian coast guard, and all these permissions must be sent to the director general. 

The director general may also ask for a report from the doctor who performed Lasik eye surgery on him. If he is satisfied with his work, then only can an officer opt for Lasik eye surgery as per the rules of the Indian coast guard

All these rules have been framed to ensure that the officers can perform their duties properly after undergoing Lasik eye surgeries and protect them from any complications that can occur during or after such procedures. The authorities also need to ensure that there is no loss of vision in their eyes so that they cannot perform their duties properly.


Are officers allowed with Lasik surgery in the Indian Coast Guard?

Yes, Coast Guard officers can take the Lasik Exams and be certified along with taking the Lasik eye surgery to improve their vision. However, only the Chief of Naval Operations can give the green light for this type of service in his capacity as the Commandant of the Coast Guard. 

The Chief of Naval Operations has the final authority on the subject, and there is no regulation prohibiting an officer from taking the exam or receiving certification to take up the surgery. 


Measures for undergoing Lasik surgery in Indian Coast Guard

The Indian coast guard has laid down several guidelines that need to be followed by these officers before taking up Lasik eye surgeries. 

As per the rules listed by the Indian coast guard:

  1.  The officers can opt for Lasik eye surgery only after they have completed a definitive period of service. However, they can take up LASIK eye surgery anytime during their service period as long as they have completed the listed service period.
  2. The officers who are in the age bracket of 22-25 years are not eligible to opt for Lasik eye surgeries till they complete 15 years of service. They should be in a perfect state of health before opting for the surgery and should be able to get back to work within a few days. It is essential that these officers can perform all their duties without any hindrance even after taking up LASIK eye surgery. 
  3. The officers must get their eyes tested by a qualified doctor to determine how much correction they need. 
  4. The officer needs to get a doctor’s certificate saying he is fit for Lasik eye surgery. The coast guard also needs to be notified about the same. They need to give their approval before the surgery can be conducted. Only after getting support from the coast guard can an officer opt for Lasik eye surgery, and if he fails to do so, he will be charged with disciplinary action.
  5. The officers are not allowed any leave during their hospital stay if they have opted for Lasik eye surgeries while still serving in the Indian coast guard. They are required to report back to work within 48 hours after going under the surgery as per the rules of the Indian coast guard. In case an officer is unable to do so, he may also face termination from service if deemed necessary by the authorities concerned. The authorities also check whether these officers can fulfill their duties properly after going under Lasik eye surgeries; if they fail, they may lose their jobs.


How to complete achieving Lasik surgery in the Indian Coast Guard?

There are several ways to achieve Lasik in the Indian Coast Guard. The first is to complete a unique training course, followed by a refresher course afterward. The refresher course is meant to improve your skills to work on areas such as eye movement and visual Domains after your Lasik eye surgery. 


Final Words

LASIK surgery on the Indian Coast Guard is permitted and is a great way to remove eyeglasses. However, be aware that there are certain restrictions on what you can do with LASIK surgery. 

 The first rule is that you can only have LASIK surgery if you meet specific criteria. The second rule states that you must be at least 25 years old before undergoing LASIK surgery.


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