Is Transprk Better Than Lasik?

Is TransPRK Better than Lasik?

Myopia, Hyperopia, and Astigmatism are the most frequent and common eye issues increasing daily. One of the common things in all three is the issue with the cornea. Due to the disturbance in the shape of the cornea, one can suffer from any of these issues.

As technology and medical facilities expand and grow, so do surgeries and treatments. Two widely used and trustable eye surgeries are the TransPRK and Lasik.

We are interested here to know which one is better. Which option should you choose if you are going for the first time? The answer depends on multiple factors, which we will cover in this article.


Know everything about TransPRK!

Transepithelial PhotoRefractive Keratectomy, popularly known as the advanced version of the PRK, is the technique that includes the ablation of both the epithelium and stroma of the cornea.

TransPRK came into the picture in 2007, unlike the PRK technique, which includes the ablation of only the epithelium. The technique uses an excimer laser tool to remove the epithelium and then penetrate the laser into the deep-down layers.

If you are afraid of the pain, that is not a big deal, as you will be given the numbing drops. Just as the epithelium is removed, the laser technique reshapes the cornea. These steps do not take much time.

After the procedure, a bandage is put in the place of the epithelium or the surface cells to let the cells heal properly. The bandage is removed after a week by the surgeon. You can see after the surgery, but as the bandage is there, your vision might get a little blurry.

TransPRK has been widely used for a longer time and has significant advantages with no or minimal side effects to the patients. If we talk about the cost of the surgery, then it will come under the range of $2500 to $5000.

It may take you up to a month to fully recover. The patients must regularly meet with their surgeons as they still have the bandage, which must be removed sometime later.


Know everything about Lasik!

Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis, popularly known as the Lasik, is another method to correct the shape of the cornea with no hustle and bustle. It is quite similar in procedure to TransPRK but has some little differences.

This method came in the 1990s and soon became popular with its usage. The Lasik technique uses an excimer laser tool in slightly different contexts. This technique does not remove the epithelium, but the laser makes a small and thick corneal flap on the outer covering.

Commonly called the flap, It is folded back to expose the inner corner stroma tissue. The excimer laser then reshaped the cornea. The flap is still in its place. 

As in the previous method, the patients are given numbing drops. Lasik also does not take much time to correct both eyes. Its cost also ranges between $ 2000 to $ 5000.

If we talk about its recovery period, it will take only a few to recover your eyes fully eyes. Quite interesting? It seems to be but not. As the folded flap is there, chances of infections and other issues are likely high.

Although the recovery time of the above method is more than a month, it does not have any side effects or disadvantages, while Lasik may incur these problems later on in life.


Which one is better: TransPRK or Lasik?

Before coming to this question, let us summarise the basic differences between the two methods so you can easily recall them in no hurry. It will also help you to come to your decision; Is TransPRK better than Lasik?

                                TransPRK                                      Lasik
1. Excimer laser tool is used 1. Excimer laser tool is used.
2. Flap is not created. 2. Flap is created on the outer covering of the cornea.
3. Its recovery time lasts from a month to three. 3. Its recovery time is just a few weeks.
4. It does not have long-term complications. 4. It has the chance of some complications later in your life.
5. Lesser chances of dry eyes. 5. Higher chances of dry eyes.
6. Bandage is used on the outer layer of the cornea. 6. Bandage is not used on the outer layer of the cornea.

The TransPRK technique is far better than Lasik if you correct your cornea. The mandatory reasons behind this are the recovery time and usage of the flap with post-surgery complications. Considering all the reasons, we can clarify that TransPRK is better than Lasik.


The Final Call

Several people could find it comfortable and easy going with the Lasik technique, and there is no harm at all. The right thing is what comforts you. If someone wants to use the Lasik technique, he can surely. What matters the most is your safety with no regrets and future complications.


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