Is Smile Pro Eye Surgery Better Than Prk?

Introduction- Is Smile Pro Eye Surgery Better Than Prk?

The goal of SMILE (short incision lenticule extraction), a laser eye procedure, is to improve the patient’s overall vision by treating astigmatism and nearsightedness (frequently in more severe degrees). So, Is Smile Pro Eye Surgery Better Than Prk? Let’s check!

SMILE is the most recently created standard laser eye surgery to be seriously considered for general use. Even though it is still in its infancy, as of June 2020, SMILE has successfully treated refractive problems in over three million eyes.

The surgeon can now access the lenticule using a keyhole incision, often no longer than 3.8 millimeters, made with the Visumax femtosecond laser. The cornea is reshaped during this procedure, correcting or enhancing the patient’s vision.


The Principal Dissimilarity Between SMILE and PRK/LASEK Laser Eye Surgery

The epithelium is entirely removed during PRK, making it the most invasive operation. After the tissue beneath has been permanently changed by the surgeon, the exposed portion of the eye is covered with a contact lens. As a result, the eye is protected while the epithelium beneath can regenerate. With LASEK, the epithelium is also removed, as with PRK (these are referred to as “surface procedures”).

Contrary to PRK, the epithelium is not removed during LASEK; rather, it is momentarily shifted to one side to provide room for the tissue beneath. The epithelial layer is moved back to cover the exposed portion of the eye once the corneal tissue has been altered. A contact lens is once more placed on it.

The least intrusive method for laser eye surgery is ReLEx SMILE, which we now discuss. A keyhole is made in the eye using this procedure. From the surface of the eye through to the desired tissue, a tiny, linked tunnel is formed by this laser. By dragging tissue through this tunnel, surgeons can then restructure the cornea. The epithelium is not significantly damaged during SMILE, allowing quick eye healing.


A New Era in Laser Eye Surgery: ReLEx SMILE
The most modern method of laser eye surgery is called SMILE (small incision lenticule extraction). A section of the epithelium does not need to be removed because of the 2011 invention of SMILE. Laser eye surgery is now less invasive than ever thanks to this “flapless” technique, which reshapes the cornea using only a keyhole. Additionally, it exerts the least pressure on the eye, causing the patient to experience virtually no discomfort.


How does SMILE function?

The VisuMax laser delivers a sequence of pulses into the cornea under the direction of advanced 3D positioning. These pulses outline the tissue that needs to be removed, creating a tiny tunnel for the tissue to be dragged out of (less than 1/1000th the width of a human hair). The process typically takes less than four minutes, even though it may seem highly complicated.
A smoother, quicker, and more comfortable process is the ReLEx SMILE therapy. However, one of the major benefits happens after the treatment.

Healing times following SMILE are substantially quicker than they were following prior types of laser eye surgery due to the procedure’s minimally invasive nature. Additionally, it means that adverse effects are reduced to a minimum and that more people than ever before can benefit from the treatment, including those with very high prescriptions, drier eyes, and thinner corneas.


PRK is a first-generation laser vision correction procedure that can replace glasses. The top layer of the cornea is mechanically removed during photorefractive keratectomy (PRK), sometimes referred to as Epi-Lasik or surface Lasik, and the excimer laser is then used to reshape the cornea and correct the patient’s vision. The recovery period following surface ablation was unpleasant, and there were some early issues linked to slow and subpar healing that was noticed.


Relex Smile:
Relex Smile Lasik, a third-generation procedure. What if a treatment eliminated the flap and was more precise, accurate, and secure than the prior laser vision correction techniques? What an amazing improvement that would bring to the process. It is where ReLEx SMILE, also known as SMILE Laser Surgery, enters the scene.

The steps in the processes are comparable.

1. You will decide which laser therapy is the most effective for treating your refractive defect in consultation with an ophthalmologist or an optometrist.
2. Your cornea will be mapped out so the laser may be programmed with it.
3. The doctor will use a directed laser to reshape the cornea.
4. After either treatment, you will rest your eyes at home for roughly one day.
5. For a week or two after the procedure, refrain from putting anything in or near your eyes, such as contact lenses or makeup.
6. Antibiotic eye drops will be used.
7. Similar adverse effects could last up to six months.
8. For most individuals following either treatment, vision improves to at least 20/40 and, for many, to 20/20. Long-term outcomes are reliable and predictable.


Conclusion- Is Smile Pro Eye Surgery Better Than Prk?

Choosing the best Laser Eye Surgery therapy can seem daunting with all the obvious options accessible. When it comes down to it, the majority of individuals only actually need to be aware of three treatments. In actuality, either LASIK or ReLEx SMILE will be recommended to most patients.

Additionally, the decision will be much easier if you visit a high-quality clinic because the best option will always be the same price. Even though the PRK of the past has mostly been rendered obsolete today, it still might be the preferable choice in some circumstances. LASIK is the most popular choice for vision correction, but the newest kid on the block will likely usurp it. An increasing number of individuals are becoming aware of SMILE’s numerous advantages as it is available at more clinics. SMILE is undoubtedly gaining popularity to overtake all other candidates for the top slot. By April 2019, there had been 2 million SMILE procedures performed globally.


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