Is Lasik Surgery Allowed In SSC?

The popular Lasik surgery, often known as laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, can treat visual problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The eye’s clear front surface, the cornea, is reshaped with a laser to enhance vision.

The SSC (Staff Selection Commission) may receive inquiries about whether Lasik surgery is permitted for various reasons. For instance, a candidate who has had Lasik surgery might need clarification on their eligibility to apply for a specific position with the SSC. An SSC employee may also be considering getting Lasik surgery and want to know if it would be acceptable.


Eligibilities for SSC

We must examine the eligibility requirements and medical standards established by the SSC for various posts to respond to the question. The medical requirements change based on the position’s requirements and the candidate’s category (general, OBC, SC/ST, etc.). In general, candidates must meet a set minimum level of visual eyesight requirements set forth by the SSC to be considered for the position.

For example, the minimum eyesight required for some SSC positions is 6/12 (without glasses) for both eyes or 6/9 (with or without glasses) for the eye having good vision and 6/12 (with or without glasses) for the other eye. The required level of visual eyesight for other positions may vary.

The SSC may use post-operative eyesight rather than preoperative eyesight to assess candidates’ eligibility if they have had Lasik surgery. The SSC may also consider additional elements, such as the stability of the candidate’s vision after the surgery, any issues or side effects that may affect the candidate’s ability to perform the work, and the time that has passed since the procedure.

The SSC may occasionally request that an applicant who had Lasik surgery present a certificate from the surgeon who performed the procedure or an ophthalmologist referring to the candidate’s fulfilment of the job requirements for eyesight.

It is important to remember that certain SSC positions’ qualifications and medical requirements are subject to change at any time. To ensure they fit the requirements, candidates should review the most recent notification and advertisement for the position they are applying for.

Also, candidates who have had Lasik surgery are advised to tell the SSC about it either during the application process or when they have their medical test. A candidate might be excluded from the hiring process if they fail to disclose this information.


Everything else you need to know!

Before undergoing Lasik surgery, candidates should carefully weigh the potential dangers and advantages of the treatment. Lasik has certain potential side effects like any operation, including dry eyes, halos, glare, and under or over-corrected vision. These risks might make it more difficult for the individual to perform the job, particularly if it entails activities that demand clear eyesight, including operating machinery or reading small letters.

Conversely, Lasik surgery can provide numerous benefits, including enhanced vision, reduced reliance on glasses or contact lenses, and increased convenience and comfort in daily living.

Candidates considering Lasik surgery should carefully assess the risks and advantages and speak with an experienced and trained ophthalmologist to decide if they are ideal candidates for the procedure.



The precise eligibility criteria and medical standards for the position determine whether Lasik surgery is permitted in the SSC. If a candidate has had Lasik surgery, they may be qualified to apply for specific positions if they meet the SSC’s eyesight and other standards. Candidates should, however, disclose their Lasik surgery history and be prepared to offer supporting documents, such as a certificate from the operating surgeon or an ophthalmologist, if requested by the SSC.


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