Is Lasik Eye Surgery Covered in Mediclaim?

Many operations fall under the emergency, required, or life-saving categories. However, some procedures can benefit one’s quality of life even if they are not always urgent if done properly and at the appropriate time. So, Is Lasik Eye Surgery Covered in Mediclaim?

Your health insurance may or may not, however, cover some of these less urgent operations. If they are not covered, the expense of these procedures may be a disincentive to someone who wishes to have them done to enhance their quality of life. Increasing medical expenses also make things worse.

LASIK is one such crucial but not necessary procedure. It is used to treat myopia, astigmatism, and other visual impairments in patients. So, does insurance cover LASIK? Or would you need to pay out of pocket for it?


LASIK: What is it?

If you have vision problems and want to fix them, LASIK, also known as laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, can help. It is frequently used to treat issues including hypermetropia, myopia, and astigmatism.

Myopia is a near-sighted condition, whereas hypermetropia is a farsighted condition. Due to an irregularity in the eye’s shape, astigmatism causes a person to have blurry vision at close-up (both near and distant). People who are dealing with any of these problems are frequently advised to wear contacts or prescription glasses.

LASIK, or laser eye surgery, aims to correct the patient’s vision and eliminate the need for corrective lenses. Removing the need for frequent usage of glasses or lenses may assist individuals in enhancing the quality of their lives.


Cost & Procedure for Lasik

If you have one of the issues above, LASIK may seem like a good alternative for you to stop wearing glasses. However, it’s crucial to understand what LASIK is and what the costs are before deciding to get laser eye surgery.

It is advisable to speak with your doctor before choosing the surgery. If the procedure is appropriate for you, they could provide you with advice. A few rules may need to be followed before the operation. For instance, you might have to give up wearing contact lenses for a few days before the treatment. Before the laser operation, doctors will examine your eyes to determine your suitability.
LASIK surgery is typically finished in 30 to 45 minutes. For the operation, your eyes are numbed. Your cornea is reshaped with a laser, improving your eyesight as a result. Even if both eyes need surgery, it is typically completed on the same day.
Your eyes could feel scratchy and regularly sting after the procedure. The full restoration of your vision might take many months. Eyedrops may be administered to you to treat any pain or irritability. In addition, you might be obliged to cover your eyes for protection, especially at night. After the operation, you wouldn’t be allowed to wear cosmetics near your eyes or go swimming for a few weeks.

In India, LASIK surgery may run anywhere from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 1,50,000. The price will vary according to the patient’s health and your chosen physician. As a result, it may prove to be rather expensive for individuals, especially given that it is not usually a necessary procedure. Therefore, it would be beneficial if your health insurance would pay for the expense of LASIK.


Is Lasik Eye Surgery Covered in Mediclaim??

So, Is Lasik Eye Surgery Covered in Mediclaim? For the LASIK procedure, several health insurance plans in India provide coverage. Two things, nonetheless, should be noted in this situation. First, this type of operation is not covered by all health insurance. Second, you should be informed that LASIK can have a waiting period when insurance reimburses the procedure.
As a result, the LASIK procedure is probably covered by your coverage, whether it’s family health insurance, individual health insurance, or corporate health insurance. It is advisable to confirm in advance whether this is the case.

The Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Health Care Supreme plan is one of the plans in India that covers laser eye surgery. The coverage also covers cataracts, tonsillitis, genetic abnormalities, and Parkinson’s disease, in addition to the LASIK procedure. Although, in this instance, LASIK treatment is reimbursed by insurance, there is a 24-hour waiting time.


Before Lasik-

If you are between the ages of 18 and 40, you are eligible for the surgery. However, it is advisable to speak with your doctor in advance so that they can offer you better advice. Surgical risks might include the following:

1. wet eyes
2. Dual perception
3. glares or haloes
4. Astigmatism
5. alterations or loss of vision

It is advisable to confirm if your insurer covers this operation before making a decision. For further information, browse through your policy document and speak with your insurance provider or agent.


How Can Lasik Surgery Benefit from a Basic Health Insurance Plan? Is Lasik Eye Surgery Covered in Mediclaim?

In India, healthcare costs are exceedingly expensive. Mediclaim coverage can assist a person in paying for medical expenses in the event of an emergency without depleting all of their funds. People who are the only provider for their families will find this to be of particular use.

In the event of a medical emergency or to cover the costs of procedures like LASIK eye surgery, a health insurance plan might offer financial assistance. In addition, insurance companies provide cashless hospitalization options at their network of hospitals, where they pay the hospital payment outright. The good news is that LASIK eye surgery is covered by all health insurance carriers.
A few years ago, obtaining basic health insurance coverage for LASIK eye surgery was difficult since many insurance companies saw the procedure as cosmetic surgery. IRDAI has warned that all basic health insurance will only pay for LASIK eye surgery if the patient has a refractive defect of at least 7.5 dioptres. Before filing a claim, it is suggested that you read the terms of your health insurance policy and confirm that LASIK eye surgery is covered.


The Last Word- Is Lasik Eye Surgery Covered in Mediclaim?

If the patient needs laser eye surgery immediately, they must have it done. It wouldn’t be a good idea to avoid it. However, since mediclaim coverage for LASIK eye surgery is available in India, go ahead and get a policy. However, before purchasing a plan, read the policy document’s terms and conditions carefully.


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