Is Lasik Covered Under ESIC?


No field remains to be attended to for relevant success as our world rises to new heights. One is the field of medicine and treatment, where new inventions and technologies are constantly being developed to improve them.

Lasik surgery is exactly that; people have praised it highly for the results it produces and the advantages it has. It has become a headline in the world of medicine.

Living a normal life and keeping a regular schedule has come to be seen as an alternative to getting rid of glasses and lenses, which can be annoying and uncomfortable. It is all due to modern technology, which allows us to live comfortably with just a single Lasik procedure.

But now the question is whether LASIK surgery is covered by EMPLOYEE STATE INSURANCE CORPORATION (ESIC) benefits. We will go into great detail about it and the Lasik surgery process in this blog.


Why Do People Prefer to Undergo the Lasik Surgery?

Light rays must travel through your cornea and lens to see clearly, bending the light to land properly on the retina. The cornea’s shape inhibits light from correctly bending due to refractive flaws, which causes vision blur.

Surgery is required to remove congenital disabilities or post-birth effects that cause people’s vision to become blurry. Common eye conditions like astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness can all be actively treated with surgery.

In this medical procedure, a laser corrects the eye’s surface to give us lifelong access to clear vision.

The development of laser eye surgery may have allowed millions of people to achieve good vision without ever again needing to wear glasses or contact lenses.


What is an ESIC scheme?

The full name of ESIC is Employees’ State Insurance Corporation, and it is a health insurance card given to insured people, employees, and workers who have signed up for the ESIC program.

Employees signed up for the ESIC program are given an ESIC health card that provides them insurance in case of any health-related issues, such as maternity, medical, and disability benefits.

Beginning on the first day of an employee’s insurable role, ESIC offers full medical benefits to the employee.

Its benefits include:

a) Medical
b) Disability
c)Unemployment allowance
d)Maternity support
e)It guarantees patients and their families complete, all-inclusive medical benefits.
f) The coverage includes a range of medical conditions and procedures, including:
g) Hospitalization
h) Surgeries
i) Diagnostic tests
j) Medicines


What does Lasik surgery cost?

The optical power of the eye is provided by the transparent cornea, which is shaped like a dome and is located in front of the eye.

By altering the cornea’s curvature, one can control how light enters the eye. The retina can then take in properly focused light, improving vision.

The type of technology used and the level of medical safety affect the price of eye surgery. As a result, before selecting a LASIK center, anyone considering having LASIK eye surgery should be aware of the associated costs. The average price ranges from 1 lakh to 1.5 lakhs.

It has been determined that foreigners always select India for lasik surgery because lasik surgery there is less expensive than in the UK, Singapore, and the US.


Does the Esic Scheme Cover Lasik Surgery?

Employees who earn between 20,000 and 25,000 per month and have some form of disability are eligible for the ESIC program.

Lasik surgery is not a necessary or urgent procedure. As a result, most health insurance plans do not offer coverage for this subjective and elective procedure. As in India, the ESIC medical benefits do not include coverage for Lasik surgery.

ESIC typically prioritizes major medical procedures as well as illnesses and injuries that are avoidable. It is entirely up to the individual to cover the costs and not rely on ESIC if they require Lasik surgery to correct their vision.


As we know, the primary focus of ESIC is on providing coverage for necessary medical treatment at services connected with minor injuries or common health conditions that require immediate attention. Therefore, we cannot consider Lasik surgery a necessary treatment.

Even though the government’s introduction of the ESIC program is a great initiative, there needs to be more funds available to cover the medical costs of many beneficiaries. It might put the system under financial strain, preventing the scheme from prioritizing life-saving medical requirements.

Surgery can be relatively expensive and disrupt the entire system when the plan is to provide healthcare services to a large population.



The ESIC scheme is an advantageous program that provides Indian workers and their families with financial security and all-inclusive medical benefits. The program offers a range of benefits, including maternity, unemployment, sickness, and disability.

It is a significant step towards enhancing social welfare and ensuring a higher standard of living for workers across India. Still, as we all know, the medical field is constantly evolving with new treatment options, and procedures like Lasik surgery are subject to individual judgment and may compromise the high quality of medical care provided to a sizable population.

ESIC, a health insurance company, does not offer any financial assistance for LASIK surgery because of this reason. Private health insurance alternatives are available to cover a Lasik operation.


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