Is Lasik Allowed in IPS?

As we all know, for qualifying for any civil services exam, every candidate has two undergo a medical checkup round to examine their physical abilities and suitability for the niche. Then there is a question that arises in the mind of candidates who have previously had Poor eyesight and have undergone LASIK eye surgery. Will their candidature be rejected? Whether they will be able and eligible to clear the physical exam or not? The answer to all such questions is no such restriction for undergoing Lasik eye surgery for a civil services aspirant. Still, at the same time, specific rules have been published by the government regarding laser eye surgery, especially for navy and air force departments.

While talking about Indian police services, there is no such hard and fast Rule for Lasik eye surgery. Any Aspiring candidate who has gone to Lasik previously is entirely eligible for an IPS post.


What requirements need to be fulfilled by a Lasik underwent candidate?

The candidates have to give a medical eye test to qualify for the exam, and if they can meet the eligibility criteria, they are admitted for the role.

The admitting criteria for the candidates to have undergone laser treatment of eyes are that they should be more than 20 years of age. They should have gone through uncomplicated stable Lasik eye treatment with stable refraction six months after the procedure. They should have a healthy retina, which means surgery has taken place successfully without any issues or allergies caused due to forced surgery side effects. They should maintain stable and healthy eyesight, at least from the surgery to date.

The ideal vision corrected by the surgery should be 6/6 and can be exceeded up to 6/9. 

The candidates may need to submit the requisite surgery information to get a clean chit in the physical round.

All such eligibility criteria and requirements are mentioned in the application form itself.


Can LASIK be a hurdle for clearing the IPS exam?

Commenting on the statement that LASIK is a hurdle for clearing the IPS exam is false. LASIK eye surgery has been performed to bring the vision back to its average ability to focus on objects. It is what demands getting clearance in the physical round of the IPS examination. The candidate must seek a vision 6/ 6 which is clear and sharp enough to focus on objects without the support of any spectacles or contact lenses.

If you have attained a clear vision without facing any issues due to laser treatment of your eyes and can see things, you are wholly eligible for the medical exam. It checks your cornea’s ability to focus on the near and far objects clearly and simultaneously without putting any pressure or strain on your eyes.


Under which condition is a candidate unfit for the IPS post?

Being an IPS officer is not an easy task for sure. Even after qualifying for the written examination, the candidates have to appear in several 2 to 3 rounds, including physical and personal interview rounds, out of which the physical game has been given utmost importance, and qualifying that round is extremely important for the candidate to seek a forward step in their journey.

Candidates with spectacles also have to appear and qualify for the physical examination by matching the eligibility criteria.

If a candidate does not have a stable vision or medical history, their vision fluctuates in the previous year. They might be considered to be unfit for the physical round.

Even if the candidate has myopia, astigmatism, or vision diagnosis, they are not eligible.


Is Lasik surgery acceptable for IPS?

Yes, laser eye surgery is acceptable under IPS medical checkups. However, there are some government exams where you need to get specific permission from the sources or submit your previous medical history to clarify the examination. Such information and guidelines have been previously launched by the exam conducted organization so that the candidates can make suitable arrangements for the same.

In many places, it has been mentioned that the candidate should have a clear vision of 6/6 whether it has been improved through laser surgery of the eyes or if it Is natural. All you need is to have clear, sharp, and stable vision, and then there is nothing to be worried about; you will be able to clarify the eye checkup examination part of the physical round.


Eye Treatment


Debunking the myths

It has been a constant among many people that If you have undergone Lasik surgery, you are not eligible for any civil services, which is entirely wrong. Keeping in regard and concerns with the present scenario government has changed and made necessary fluctuations in their eligibility criteria for various examinations. All the guidelines are prior mentioned very clearly to all the aspiring candidates.

So one should be very wise and vigilant while believing any pre-assumed facts.


Wrapping up

So eventually, this is not a cause of worry that if you have undergone the laser treatment for your vision improvement, you will not be eligible for the IPS medical exam; this is just a false myth.

All you need is a stable medical history with a normal retina. Like any other usual candidate, you need to qualify for the medical examination, and then you are all set for the niche.

Corrections are fully permitted for IPS if the candidates have extreme myopia or hyperopia, or any eye disease that has not been corrected. They will be considered unfit for the role.


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