Is Lasik Allowed In IAS?

Everyone knows that to be eligible to sit for any civil service exam. Applicants must undergo a medical examination to determine their physical fitness and eligibility. Candidates who have previously had poor eyesight and have had LASIK eye surgery may then have a question in their minds. Will their application be turned down?

 Whether or not they will be qualified to pass the physical examination? There are no restrictions on a civil service candidate getting Lasik eye surgery, which is the answer to all of these inquiries. Nonetheless, the government has also released specific regulations surrounding laser eye surgery, particularly for the navy and air force sectors.

Regarding Indian Administrative Services, there is no law for Lasik eye surgery. Every Prospective applicant who has had Lasik surgery in the past is completely qualified for an IAS position.


Can LASIK present a barrier to passing the IAS exam?

According to the guidelines, the physical Applicants’ eyes should be able to see clearly. All permissible correction methods include spectacles, CL, and refractive surgeries like LASIK, ICL, and IOL. Myopia combined with degenerative macular changes will be deemed unfit for IAS service. Squinted-eyed people are suitable for serving. Also, being night blind is not a reason to reject somebody. 

LASIK eye surgery has been done to restore the vision’s normal capacity to focus on objects. That is what necessitates passing the IAS examination’s physical round. The candidate must aim for a vision of 6/6, which is sufficiently clear and sharp to focus on objects without the aid of any glasses or contact lenses.

You are completely qualified for the medical exam if you have received laser treatment for your eyes and now have clear vision without any problems. They only test your cornea’s capacity to clearly and concurrently concentrate on close and distant objects without exerting any strain or pressure on your eyes.


What conditions must an applicant who has had Lasik surgery meet?

  • Candidates must have a medical eye examination to be eligible for the exam. If they pass the requirements, they are hired for the position.
  • Candidates who have had their eyes treated with lasers must meet a minimum age requirement of 20 years old. 
  • Six months following the operation, they should have undergone a straightforward stable Lasik eye procedure with stable refraction. A healthy retina indicates that the procedure was successful and that the adverse effects of the forced surgery brought on no complications or allergies. At least after the operation, their vision should be stable and unimpaired.
  • The best vision that can be corrected by surgery is 6/6, although it can go up to 6/9. The candidates might need to provide surgery information to pass the physical phase without incident. All these eligibility requirements and criteria are listed in the application form.


What circumstances make an applicant ineligible for the position of IAS?

Suppose a candidate’s eyesight may have fluctuated in the past year if they don’t have a stable vision condition or a clear medical history. They could be disqualified from the physical round.

Also, if the individual has myopia, astigmatism, or visual diagnostic, they are not qualified.


Is LASIK appropriate for IAS?

Laser eye surgery is acceptable according to IAS medical examinations, yes. There are some government tests, too, where you’ll need to provide your prior medical records or obtain specific permission from the sources to take the test. The organisation that conducts the exam has previously released such information and recommendations so that the candidates can make the necessary preparations.

It has been stated numerous times that the candidate should have 6/6 vision, whether it has been corrected naturally or by eye laser surgery.


Finding a trusted LASIK Expert

Please be sure the surgeon has a valid medical licence and is a board-certified ophthalmologist (state medical boards post this information on their websites). Ask about the surgeon’s LASIK outcomes, talk to other patients, and watch the other person get their procedure. These results should be regularly examined because the more experienced surgeons often have less to hide. If you wish to exercise extra caution, search for a certain surgeon in one of the public forums on the Internet to check if they are reliable. Also, you can check the reviews and testimonials of their previous patients.


Recovery time and follow-up after Lasik

The procedure for laser eye surgery is an outpatient procedure. Thus the patient does not stay in the hospital. The person will most likely be permitted to go home that day.

A patient should typically rest after laser surgery and use over-the-counter pain medication if their doctor permits it. Also, they must wear eye patches or dark sunglasses for a few days.

A new area of hazy vision is usual after laser photocoagulation. It is essential to consult a doctor right away if your eye is red and inflamed or if your eyesight is much worse than normal.



Many individuals have consistently believed—and this is completely false—that if you have had Lasik surgery, you are ineligible for any civil services. The government has altered and made required changes to its qualifying requirements for several examinations in light of the current situation. All of the instructions are mentioned earlier to all potential candidates in great detail.

So, one should exercise extreme caution and wisdom while accepting presumptive facts.

Therefore, it should be fine if you have received laser therapy for eyesight enhancement. You will not be qualified to take the IAS medical exam; this is a misconception.

All you need is a normal retina and a stable medical background. You must meet the requirements for the medical examination, just like any other standard candidate, and then you are qualified for the niche.

If the candidates have extreme myopia, hyperopia, or any untreated eye illness, corrections are entirely approved for IAS. They will be viewed as unqualified for the position.


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