Is Contoura Vision Allowed In The Army?

In recent years, the field of ophthalmology has seen remarkable advancements. Introducing Contoura eye technology for eye correction surgery is one such breakthrough. This cutting-edge technology has transformed vision correction and is a game changer for those looking to improve their vision. 

Some may have questions about the allowance of this surgery in the army services. Let’s try to understand the concept of contoura vision surgery fits in the army services.


A look at contoura vision surgery

Contoura Vision is a topography-guided LASIK process that uses advanced mapping technology to create a personalized treatment plan for each patient. This technology, which uses detailed cornea measurements to create a customized treatment plan for each individual, is an advance over conventional LASIK procedures.

Contoura Vision creates a 3D map of the cornea using sophisticated diagnostic technology, which is then used to create a customized treatment plan. The 3D map is produced by measuring the cornea’s unique curvature at thousands of points. This map is then used to direct the laser during vision correction surgery, resulting in a more precise and accurate treatment. The procedure is usually painless and only requires a few minutes.


Selection in the Armed Forces

The procedure occurs under highly trained officials when recruiting candidates in the armed forces. Every detail of the candidate is keenly observed so the authorities can make the right decision. The NDA (National Defence Academy) is responsible for recruiting several candidates in various junior and senior capacities.

The overall selection criteria of any particular candidates take place under strict official terms, which are already notified by the authorities to all candidates. These official terms include reservation criteria, relaxation rules, physical standards, academic qualifications, age limits, and physical fitness.

The armed forces recruit for both non-combat and combat duties. The recruitment process in the armed forces has high standards, including physical fitness and physical measurements in terms of weight, body mass index, height, chest size, eyesight usually the overall state of physical health and fitness.

When comes the eyesight and vision of the candidate, it is a significant factor that highly influences the selection of the candidate as an entry-level cadet, JCO (Junior Commissioned Officer) and (OR) other rank positions, the services at the Indian Military are at a prestigious level. The media and physical fitness are strictly based on strict terms, particularly regarding the candidate’s eyesight and good vision.

Candidates with a normal vision of 20/20 in 6/6 meters or feet are eligible for the medical and physical endurance examination rounds. Besides, when it comes to people who have undergone some vision correction surgery, they must go through additional eligibility criteria.


Allowance of Contoura Vision Surgery in the army services 

Contoura Vision is permitted in the army service. In reality, the army encourages its personnel to use this technology to improve their vision. The army understands the value of excellent vision for its soldiers, particularly in combat situations. Good vision can mean the difference between success and failure in crucial missions. As a result, the army has authorized Contoura Vision as a safe and effective method of vision correction for its personnel.

People with particular refractive errors like Hypermetropia (long-sightedness) or Myopia (short-sightedness) must undergo additional selection criteria. People who have received medical treatment, including contoura vision surgery or LASIK, have additional criteria established by the army services they must fulfil.

There are some basic rules set up in the Military that all the candidates filling up for entry positions in the army services have to follow. The organizations set up these rules for the benefit of both parties involved.

When NDA (National Defence Academy) recruits candidates for their three wings in the army services, the Air Force, Army and Navy, they have particular selection criteria that every candidate has to go through. Candidates who have successfully passed their 12th standard or the equivalent with Physics and Maths can sit in the written examination. 

Then this procedure is followed by a physical examination test. In the physical examination test, the candidates must go through the eyesight or vision requirements mentioned below for the army services.


Contoura Vision/ Lasik Surgery Selection Criteria in the Armed Forces 

  1. The candidates must have undergone their Contoura Vision Surgery after 20 years of their age.
  2. The refraction flap in their eye should have been stable for at least six months after their surgery.
  3. The corrected vision should be 6/6 and 6/9 in the candidate’s better and affected eyes, respectively.
  4. Candidates who have undergone these vision correction surgeries will not get employed for aircrew duties.
  5. Myopia or Hypermetropia for Contoura Vision/ Lasik Surgery should be uncomplicated.
  6. The retina of the candidate must be in a healthy condition.
  7. In cases of Hypermetropia and Myopia, the maximum residual refraction in any of the meridians must be +1.50.
  8. All entry-level candidates must be admitted into the AMFC, Pune.


Contoura Vision Advantages for Military Personnel

Contoura Vision provides numerous advantages to military people. Improved eyesight is one of the primary benefits. Soldiers who have Contoura Vision surgery can have greatly improved vision, which can help their combat performance. Improved vision can also help soldiers accomplish their duties in other areas more effectively, such as training and administrative tasks.

Another advantage of Contoura Vision is that the process is quick and painless. Soldiers who undergo the procedure can return to duty shortly afterwards. It is particularly essential for soldiers, who must always maintain their physical fitness and combat readiness.

Contoura Vision is also a long-term vision correction option. Soldiers who endure the procedure will have a better vision for many years. It means they won’t have to deal with the hassle and expense of donning glasses or contact lenses.

Contoura eye is a safe and effective eye correction technology permitted in the Military. The army understands the significance of excellent vision for its personnel and has approved using Contoura Vision to improve soldiers’ vision. 

Contoura Vision has numerous advantages for army personnel, including improved vision, a quick and painless process, and a long-term option for vision correction. As a result, army personnel who want to enhance their vision should look into Contoura Vision as a viable option.


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