Is Contoura LASIK Worth It?

Technology is advancing with time, and at the moment, Contoura is the most advanced method for specs junking. It has advantages over other technologies, similar to Bladeless Lasik, Smile, etc. It’s treating your Specs power plus corneal defects.



Contoura is a form of substantiated LASIK. Your doctor takes detailed measures of your eye’s face, and those details guide the ray during surgery. 

Surgery with Contoura can exclude common eye-face defects that impact your vision. Doctors remove corneal issues in these surgeries as well. And some surgeons say they can use the fashion to address eye issues in people who could be better candidates for standard LASIK. 

While Contoura is verified and computer guided, it’s also a form of surgery.


Contoura Lasik 

During a Contoura LASIK examination, your doctor maps the eye’s face further than 

22,000 points. During your surgery, the ray modifies the points that harm you and track the changes that do not. In a way, the check-up works like a roadmap for your surgery. 


Known Benefits 

Three clear benefits of Contoura Lasik are-

  • New case sets. 

Some doctors worry about performing LASIK on lower-than-perfect eyes. Because Contoura is guided, it can reduce some pitfalls related to surgery. A few doctors will use Contoura on eyes they formerly considered untreatable with LASIK. 

  • More corrections. 

Mapping and guiding mean your surgeon can remove visual defects on your eye’s surface. However, they can lead to postsurgical symptoms similar to light, and halos, if left before. 

  • Lower junking

People who undergo Contoura procedures have lower flaps removed during the surgery than other LASIK forms.

RESULT- It directs its treatment in the natural axis of vision, again, better visual issues. 

If your only demand is to remove the specs and have a typical vision of Lasik as you were getting with specs, choose any Lasik from the order specified by the professional. 

But if you want sharper vision up to 30 – 40, also, Contoura Vision is the first choice.  

Since Contoura is TOPO Guided procedure, it doesn’t only correct your specs power but also corrects your corneal irregularities and workshop on your visual axis, thereby giving supervision beyond 6/6 not possible in any other ray procedure like Lasik or Smile. 

Smile and Bladeless Femto Lasik are old technologies, and we’ve surpassed those with Contoura Vision. Smile involves just the Femto Laser, while the Bladeless Lasik and Contoura Vision involve:

  • Two spotlights.
  • The Femto ray and the Excimer ray.
  • Enhancing the perfection of this procedure.

Contoura Vision also offers aspheric treatment of cornea, which isn’t possible in Smile. The aspheric treatment provides better discrepancy, thereby improving the overall visual experience. Contoura Vision also corrects corneal face irregularities, which isn’t possible in Smile and Bladeless Femto Lasik, so it’s suitable to deliver superior and 40 sharper visual issues than these procedures. 

The Smile procedure enters more corneal consistency than any other bladeless Lasik or Contoura Vision.



Some doctors may ask for price more or less based on certain factors like location or competition from other surgeons. However, it is completely worth the results you get after the Contoura lasik.


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