How to Remove Spectacles in a Week?

How to Remove Spectacles in a Week?

Do you face several problems while wearing glasses? Wondering how to get rid of them? We must say that you have pissed off now and want to remove your spectacles very soon.

Wearing glasses have its benefits and problems as well. Wearing glasses for fashion or fun will only bother you a little but can bring many difficulties. We will highlight some things that might help you answer yourself if you can remove spectacles in a week, and if yes, how?

Can Natural Remedies Help You Removing Spectacles in a Week? 

It is a myth or misconception for some people but a reliable and trustworthy method for other populations too. It is their belief, but it does not guarantee that natural remedies or methods will help you remove the spectacles in a week.

Natural remedies can help you increase your eye power or decrease the dependency on the glasses, but it takes time, and it all depends on how focused and consistent you are on doing these methods.

Here, We list some methods you can try with consistency and regularity. It is not a guarantee that these methods will help you in removing your spectacles just in a week, but they might help you in some way to improve your eyesight.

  1. Doing eye exercises

Some eye exercises help you increase your eyesight in the long run. The exercises are simple, and you can perform them anywhere and anytime. You do not need any special instruments to do this as well.

Just sit down straight and focus on moving your eyeballs without moving your head or neck. Move your eyeballs from left to right and upwards to downwards with a vice versa direction. Rotate your eyeballs in a circle from clockwise to anticlockwise direction.

Rubbing your palms and putting them on the eyes will help you in relieving your eyes. It will help if you do this exercise at least twice a day to get better results.

  1. Eating carrots

We all know that carrots are known to help in increasing eyesight and helping with other eye problems. Carrots are rich in vitamin A and beta carotene, known to help you if you face eye problems. Eating carrots or drinking their juice helps your eyes.

  1. Walking barefoot on the grass 

As the feet are the end point of your body, it directly links with the nerves. Walking barefoot in the morning on the grass can help activate the nerves, activate your eye muscles and help in increasing your eyesight.

Doing this exercise decreases your dependency on the glasses and helps you remove them in a week.

  1. Maintaining your screen time

Spending much time before your phones, laptop, computer, or TV screens will harm your eyes. You are giving the invitation to the glasses or spectacles in this way.

As everything is online and most of your tasks are done via an electronic medium, it became quite difficult to make a distance with the devices but try to minimize your screen time as much as possible. Please do not spend quality time with the devices or try not to use them for your time pass.

  1. A mixture of almonds, fennel seeds, and mishri

The magic mixture of almonds, fennel seeds, and mishri has resulted and proven to help you keep your eyes healthy. The prescribed quantity includes seven almonds and 5 grams each of the fennel seeds and mishri.

The mixture has to be crushed down to bring it out as a powdered form. You must take one tablespoon of the powder with cold milk at night. Try to have it daily to get the best results.

How to Remove Spectacles in a Week?

Have you tried all the natural methods but have yet to get the best results? Your eyes are improving, but the remedies are not helping you remove your spectacles permanently in a week. No problem. We will now let you know the permanent solution which will help you.

As said above, natural remedies do not guarantee you to remove your glasses just in a week; some methods are made to ease your problem. Surgical methods are the last option that comes into the picture to help you with your problem.

We list some of the prevalent and useful surgeries you can use if you want to give away your glasses.

  1. LASIK

Laser-assisted in situ Keratomileuses, known as the LASIK, is one of the most reliable and recommended surgery methods. As it came into the picture in the 1990s, it has become the first choice of patients.

If you fit the eligibility criteria for this surgery, the painless and effective surgery can help you in the long run. The surgery includes creating an epithelial flap with a laser which is then folded up to expose the inner cornea line.

The exposed cornea is then corrected by changing its shape, which is the motive of the surgery. The surgery is known to give its results in some weeks, which is quite impressive. The surgery can be a boon for people who want the best results in less time.

Although the surgery has its positive effects, everything has some cons, so with LASIK. The surgery has some dark sides which can upset people. It can cause some complications due to the presence of a flap but is known to give you lasting and healthy effects and results.

  1. ICL

Implantable Collamer Lens is another type of eye surgery involving an artificial lens’s implantation into your eyes. ICL helps in correcting refractive errors. While LASIK helps your vision by correcting the eye shape and structure, ICL does not alter the shape or the structure of the eyes.

  1. PRK

Photorefractive keratectomy, or PRK, is a laser surgery method that does not involve flap cutting, like in LASIK. Having a shorter recovery time with less pain, PRK is often picked up over LASIK.

  1. RLE

Refractive Lens Exchange is a technique where the procedure is done over the intact cornea. As it also does not involve cutting the flap, people with a greater lifestyle preferred this method.

The Final Conclusion

You might have got your answer now. Although deciding whether to go for surgery is tough, natural remedies can help you remove your spectacles. As it is one’s decision to go for any method, it must be noted that it should not harm you at any cost.


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