How to Prepare for Smile Pro Eye Surgery?

If you have decided to undergo Smile Pro eye surgery, congratulations on taking the first step towards improved vision and a better quality of life.

Smile Pro eye surgery is an advanced vision correction procedure known for its effectiveness and long-lasting benefits. To ensure a smooth and successful surgical experience, thorough preparation is essential. This guide will provide you with essential tips and advice on how to prepare for your upcoming procedure.


Before the Surgery


Consultation with a Qualified Surgeon:
The first and crucial step in preparing for Smile Pro eye surgery is to schedule a consultation with an experienced eye doctor or refractive surgeon. During this consultation:

  • Please provide your medical history, including any existing eye conditions, allergies, medications, and general health information.
  • Discuss your expectations and surgical goals for a personalized treatment plan.
  • Address any questions or concerns you may have with your surgeon.


Understanding the Surgical Procedure:
To be well-prepared, it’s crucial to understand the Smile Pro surgical process, including its unique aspects and potential outcomes. During the consultation, your surgeon will explain the procedure, but you can also research to:

  • Learn about AI-based robotic laser technology used in Smile Pro.
  • Differentiate Smile Pro from other vision correction methods like LASIK and PRK.
  • Gain insights into expected visual outcomes and potential risks.


Financing and Insurance Options:
Understanding the financial aspect of Smile Pro surgery is essential. Explore cost considerations and available financing options, especially if your insurance does not cover the procedure. Investigate:

  • Financing plans offered by clinics for installment payments.
  • Healthcare credit cards with promotional interest rates.
  • Medical loans from specialized companies.
  • Utilizing personal savings or obtaining a personal loan.
  • Cost negotiation with the clinic or price comparisons among different clinics.


Realistic Expectations:
Be prepared with realistic expectations. While Smile Pro can greatly improve your vision, it may only guarantee perfect vision with glasses or contacts. Your surgeon will discuss expected outcomes during the consultation, including the possibility of needing reading glasses or experiencing minor visual imperfections.


Pre-Operative Testing and Assessments:
Before the surgery, your surgeon will conduct pre-operative tests to evaluate your suitability for Smile Pro and your overall eye health. These tests may include a comprehensive eye exam, corneal topography, eye measurements, retina checkup, prescription verification, wavefront analysis, and tear film assessment. Be prepared for these crucial tests during the preparation process.


Following Pre-Op Instructions:
Adhere meticulously to specific pre-operative instructions provided by your surgeon regarding medications, supplements, dietary restrictions, and lifestyle modifications. This is essential to achieve optimal results and reduce potential risks.


Discontinue Contact Lenses:
Stop wearing contact lenses for the recommended duration before the surgery to allow your cornea to return to its natural shape and prevent complications like corneal swelling or dryness.


Avoid Eye Makeup:
In the days leading up to the surgery, refrain from using eye makeup, including mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, or any other cosmetics on or near your eyes. This precaution reduces the risk of infection.


Other Pre-Operative Cautions:
In the final days prior to your Smile Pro surgery, consider avoiding caffeine, alcohol, medications, sun exposure, and strenuous activities. These measures help ensure a smoother surgical experience.


Arrange Transportation:
It is imperative to have a reliable person to drive you home after the surgery, as your vision will be temporarily impaired.


On the Day of the Surgery


Wear Comfortable Clothing:
Dress in loose-fitting, comfortable clothing that enables easy movement on the day of the surgery.


Arrive Early:
Arrive at the surgical center at least 30 minutes in advance to complete the necessary paperwork and prepare for the procedure.


Remove Nail Polish and Jewelry:
Prior to the surgery, remove any nail polish, jewelry, or accessories that may interfere with the surgical process.


Relax and Stay Calm:
Take deep breaths and maintain a calm state of mind to reduce anxiety and promote a positive surgical experience.


After the Surgery


Light Sensitivity:
Following Smile Pro surgery, you may experience heightened sensitivity to light in the initial hours. Your surgeon will provide sunglasses to mitigate discomfort.


Recovery and Post-Operative Care:
Understanding the recovery process and post-operative care is essential for a successful Smile Pro eye surgery preparation. Post-operatively:

  • After surgery, return home promptly and rest for a few hours to aid in recovery.
  • Adhere strictly to post-operative care instructions provided by your surgeon, encompassing activities, medication, and follow-up appointments.
  • Attend all scheduled follow-up appointments to monitor your progress, address concerns, and make any necessary adjustments to your aftercare regimen.
  • Rest, take time off work, and avoid strenuous activities for the remainder of the day to allow your eyes to heal and recover.
  • Avoid direct water contact in the initial days of healing.
  • Wear protective eyewear, such as sunglasses or goggles, for a few days to shield your eyes from UV rays, dust, wind, or potential injury.
  • Administer prescribed eye drops as directed by your surgeon to keep your eyes moist and prevent infection.
  • Avoid alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and smoking.
  • Refrain from using eye makeup, harsh chemicals, and other eye products for a set amount of time.
  • Refrain from swimming or water-related activities for a few weeks after surgery.
  • Maintain excellent eye hygiene by refraining from touching or rubbing your eyes. Wash your hands thoroughly before handling your face or applying eye drops.
  • Limit screen time and follow the 20-20-20 rule for eye rest: take a 20-second break every 20 minutes and focus on something 20 feet away.
  • Follow a nutritious diet and stay hydrated to maintain sufficient eye moisture for overall health and successful healing.
  • Avoid contact lenses for the prescribed duration after the surgery.
  • Refrain from driving until you receive clearance from your surgeon.
  • Be patient with the recovery process, as it may take several days or weeks, with gradual improvement in your vision.
  • Report any unusual discomfort, excessive redness, or vision changes promptly to your surgeon.
  • By following these steps, you can feel confident and well-prepared for your Smile Pro eye surgery. Remember to trust in your surgeon, take care of yourself during the recovery period, and look forward to enjoying improved vision after the procedure. Good luck!

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