How To Clean Eyes After Lasik Surgery?

As far as surgeries go, LASIK is a short and painless process. Simply shaping your cornea with a laser according to your prescription makes it possible to achieve complete visual freedom. Because the operation is outpatient, you can return home immediately. After LASIK, there is a recovery period similar to any surgery. Keeping your eyes clean is one of the most crucial things to do throughout your LASIK recovery. Taking the right care after LASIK is crucial to ensure a speedy recovery and a quick return to your regular activities. There are several rules to follow to ensure that the natural healing process does not halt.

Make sure someone can drive you home following your surgery on the scheduled date. If your vision is fine and you can see a license plate at a distance of 25 meters, you can drive the next day. At your postoperative check, your doctor will let you know if your vision satisfies the requirements for driving. The next day after your surgery, you can fly.

After applying the first dosage of your eye drops after you come home from the surgery, we recommend taking a nap for 4 hours. Resting the day before surgery helps patients recover more rapidly. We advise keeping the eyes closed as much as possible after the first four resting hours, though you are permitted to watch TV or read as long as you moisten them with eye drops every five to ten minutes.

Why do you do this? There are a few dos and don’ts to remember, however.


Eyedrops on Prescription  

Your surgeon will prescribe eye drops for you to use before and after surgery. Before surgery, you’ll receive one kind from utilizing both before and after the treatment. These eye drops are either antibiotics or anti-inflammatory. While your eyes are recovering, these drops guard against infection.

A steroid eye drop may also be prescribed for you to take once daily. It’s crucial to take the medications your surgeon provides as directed. Don’t allow yourself to miss a dose; set an alert on your phone if necessary. It’s important to keep your eyes clean to prevent infections!


Cleaning eyes post-Lasik

In the first two weeks after surgery, you should clean your face by wiping instead of washing to avoid infection and clean your eyes twice daily.

  • On the day of your procedure, avoid taking a shower or washing your hair.
  • After that, for a few weeks, take extra precautions to keep tap water, soap, lotions, and hairspray out of your eyes. As a result of collected debris, your lashes could get sticky.
  • Make sure to clean them by brushing them away from your eyelashes while using a cotton bud dipped in warm, boiled water.
  • It would be best to avoid your eyes while cleaning your body carefully.
  • Keep the water in the shower away from your face. Infection risks can even exist from getting water in your eyes.
  • Following surgery, you should also refrain from using hot tubs and swimming for a few weeks. While your eyes are recuperating, chemicals like chlorine can be damaging.


Keeping your eyes safe

Take some time off of work. Wait 72 hours before starting your computer work again.

For four weeks following laser eye surgery, wear your strap-on goggles while you sleep. This will stop you from unintentionally rubbing your eyes when you wake up or sleep.

Avoid touching or rubbing your eyes because doing so could cause the flap to move. The day after your treatment, you can resume normal activities such as shopping, housework, or gardening, but stay away from dusty, dirty, and polluted areas.

Maintaining cleanliness is the greatest technique to clean your eyes after LASIK. You can achieve this by ensuring your eyes are protected from pollutants appropriately. Wear an eye shield to keep your eyes from rubbing on your pillow while you sleep. Smoke should be avoided if you smoke because it can irritate your eyes.

Wear safety goggles or eyewear if you must participate in a contact sport. This will assist in keeping debris out of your eyes as they recuperate. You should also wear sunglasses outside to shield your eyes from UV deterioration. UV light is always bad for your eyes, but you will be considerably more susceptible after LASIK. Make sure you’re shielding the sun from your eyes.


Synthetic Tears

Your eyes could feel scratchy and irritating for a while following LASIK. It’s crucial not to rub them because doing so increases the risk of complications and infections. Instead, you can use artificial tears if you need relief or wish to clean your eyes. If your surgeon doesn’t recommend a specific brand, using preservative-free eye drops is better. These are kinder to your eyes and contain fewer chemicals.

The best eye drops are those without preservatives because they are less prone to dry up your eyes. These are available at most drug stores. To ensure that you are receiving preservative-free drops, read the label carefully.

When it comes to physical activity, it is important to follow the recommended LASIK recovery time:

  • All sports, save swimming, are permitted two weeks after surgery. Use protective polycarbonate sports glasses when participating in contact sports.
  • For four weeks, avoid swimming, saunas, and hot tubs; for six weeks, avoid scuba diving.

In the first several months following surgery, your eyesight will adjust and continue to improve; however, it may fluctuate over time.

Enjoy your improved sight!


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