How To Take Care Of Your Eyes After Lasik From The Best Surgeon In Delhi?

Table of Contents

  • Who Can Benefit From Lasik Surgery?
  • What Happens In The First 24 Hours Post Lasik?
  • Can I Rub My Eyes After Lasik Surgery?
  • How To Protect The Eyes From Bright Light Post Lasik?
  • Can I Watch TV After Lasik Surgery?
  • Best Practices For Faster Recovery Post Lasik

Lasik eye surgery uses an excimer laser to reshape your cornea for clear and stable vision. It is quick, painless, and the best part is it is affordable for Lasik surgery costs in India by Visual Aids Centre. You can resume your daily routine after taking a rest for one or two days. Lasik has proven to be the best way to get rid of glasses and contacts. However, the success rate of Lasik depends on several factors and how you take care of your eyes post Lasik. Your age should be between 21 to 40 years with a stable eyeglass prescription for great results. In addition, other factors like the thickness of the cornea and range of correction also play a major role.

Who Can Benefit From Lasik Surgery?

Lasik is able to treat patients having myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. For total freedom from visual aids, your current eyeglass prescription should lie within the correctable range of Lasik. However, if you have a very high power even then you can improve your vision up to a great extent. You can consult an eye specialist for proper tests and examinations to determine if you can go for Lasik or not. Here is a checklist to evaluate whether you are eligible for Lasik or not on your own.

  • Stable refractive error for at least the past year.
  • Your prescription should be up to -8.00 dioptres for myopia and +4.00 for hyperopia. Lasik is performed in selective cases of astigmatism. So, you should consult your doctor to know if Lasik is the right option for you or not.
  • You should not be suffering from cataracts, glaucoma, or severe problems with dry eyes.
  • Pregnant and nursing women should wait for at least one to two years before going for Lasik.

You can consult our best and experienced doctors for Lasik surgery in Delhi (website). A good surgeon will guide you throughout the process and examine your eyes properly to tell you the honest results. So, you must not risk your eyesight in inexperienced hands. During the surgery, the surgeon will give you numbing eye drops so that you do not feel any pain throughout the process. However, you may feel pressure on your eyes but it does not hurt.

What Happens In The First 24 Hours Post Lasik?

Lasik has a permanent result but you have to take care of your eyes after the surgery. Lasik is a quick process and takes around 20-30 minutes. You are allowed to leave the hospital after 2-3 hours. But make sure you do not drive back by yourself because your vision will be blurry and you might feel sleepy too. Make sure someone is there to drop you at home. Your eyes may feel numb for the first 2 to 3 hours following Lasik.  

Take a proper nap after returning from the surgery. The doctor will probably tape a plastic eye shield over your eyes to protect your eyes from dust and bright light. Make sure you do wear it while sleeping for at least one week to speed up your recovery. Also, ensure that you take proper sleep of at least 8 hours per day for the first two weeks.

After the procedure, your eyes may feel watery. So, do not touch or dab your eyes, instead, you can use a tissue to dab the area under your area. Some patients notice an improvement in their vision within 24 to 48 hours while for others it takes a week or two. However, there are some temporary side effects that are very common are dry eyes, glares, and blurry or cloudy vision that goes away with time. Your eyes may feel itchy post Lasik, so use lubricating eye drops prescribed by the doctor to counter these temporary side effects.

Can I Rub My Eyes After Lasik Surgery?

Avoid rubbing or touching your eyes because it may damage the flap and hinder the healing process. After Lasik, you will feel discomfort in your eyes like dryness and itchiness. But do not rub your eyes, instead, you can use eye drops prescribed by the doctor to keep your eyes lubricated. Here are some serious and harmful consequences of rubbing your eyes post Lasik.

  • It can cause an eye infection if you rub your eyes with unclean hands. Sometimes it may lead to infections such as pink eye.
  • Rubbing your eyes post Lasik can cause harm to the cornea. The flap may get damaged or displaced which will cause severe pain.

Avoid rubbing or putting pressure on your eyes for at least two weeks post Lasik. This will help you a lot in speedy recovery from Lasik.

How To Protect The Eyes From Bright Light Post Lasik?

After Lasik, you should avoid direct eye exposure to bright indoor or outdoor light. It will put a strain on your eyes. Also, some patients develop sensitivity towards a bright light. Limiting your eye exposure to bright light can help you recover faster. Most commonly, patients develop sensitivity towards light due to swelling in the corneal tissue during the creation of the flap. Also, patients suffer from dry eyes post Lasik, further exposing it to bright light causes discomfort.

Wear a protective eye shield, sunglasses, or goggles even in the daytime. This will protect your eyes from dust and bright light. Also, it will eliminate the chance of rubbing your eyes if it feels dry. You should also avoid seeing too much on digital screens. If light sensitivity persists beyond one or two weeks, then contact your doctor immediately.

Can I Watch TV After Lasik Surgery?

You should avoid looking at any digital devices including TV for 24 to 48 hours. In addition, you should avoid any visually demanding activities like reading that can put a strain on your eyes. Post Lasik, you need to be careful even after two days because your eyes are in the recovery process. In the first 24 to 48 hours following Lasik, your eyes are very sensitive. So, keeping your eyes away from the screen will put a negative effect on the healing process.

Even after 24 hours, go easy while watching TV. Do not binge-watch, and make sure to take a break after 20 to 30 minutes. Maintain a proper distance from the screen so that it does not put a strain on your eyes.

Best Practices For Faster Recovery Post Lasik

  • Do not go swimming for the first two months after Lasik. However, you can take a regular shower with normal water without using soap for a week.
  • Do not apply makeup or soap to your face for at least two weeks. The makeup and soap contain chemicals that may enter your eyes and harm them.
  • Remember to blink frequently while watching any screen to avoid itchy and dry eyes.
  • Do not play video games or any contact sports for a month that can hurt your eyes.
  • Your eyes will be sensitive to light for a few weeks. So, it is suggested to avoid direct sunlight and bright light in rooms.
  • You will notice glares and halos for a few days post Lasik. Also, you will find it difficult to see properly at night. So, we suggest not to drive at night to avoid accidents.

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