How To Remove Spectacles in One Month?

With fast-paced technology where people are forced to spend a lot of time near their screens, whether it is computer screens, mobile phone screens, television screens, tablet screens, or any other screen. Since the year 2020, the time spent on these screens has increased immensely. People started spending a lot of their time in front of these screens for a variety of purposes. As the schools got closed, classes, assignments, tests, doubt classes, etc., all shifted to online platforms. The printed books were digitized and were provided online. With the lockdown in effect, people, mostly children, were forced to play indoor games, where a lot of games were played online. One can easily find a lot of examples to know how the screen time spent in a day is increased. There are a lot of ways that one spends on their screens. As of now, we are familiar with the fact that the time spent on various screens has increased. With the increased screen time, there are a lot of problems. We all must be well aware of the fact that these screens emit blue light, which is very harmful to our eyes. Prolonged use of these screens will damage our eyes. And one might not be surprised by the fact that more and more people are facing eye-related problems. The most common of these problems is the problem associated with eyesight. A large percentage of people are forced to wear spectacles to enable them to have a clear vision and the percentage is increasing day by day. Wearing spectacles for a longer duration leaves marks and makes our faces look ugly. From the year 2020, as we have learned a new habit of wearing masks, people with spectacles face the issue of fogging glasses. Also, keeping those spectacles clean is a task and needs extra attention too. Keeping the glasses of spectacles free from scratches is a tough task in itself too. 

How to remove spectacles permanently in a month or less through SMILE PRO Surgery
Get Rid of Glasses or Contact Lenses


Tips and Tricks to Get Rid of Spectacles

Walk Barefoot in the Grass

Very few people are aware of the fact that walking barefoot in the grass is one of the best ways to keep our eyes healthy. Walking puts a lot of pressure on the first three toes, which are the main pressure points for the eyes that helps in improving eyesight. 


Do Eye Exercises

There are a lot of eye exercises that are very beneficial for improving the health of our eyes. One such exercise is eye-rolling. For this, one needs to look up and then start rolling their eyeballs clockwise and anticlockwise. Doing this exercise on a regular basis will be beneficial as it will help in getting rid of spectacles. 


Provide Warmth to your Eyelids

After spending a lot of time on computer screens, one just wishes to relax their eyes. One such kind of relaxation is achieved by providing warmth to our eyelids. To do this, one needs to follow the following steps:-

  • First, sit in a calm place and close your eyes.
  • Then start rubbing your palms.
  • On rubbing the palms, heat is generated; now place your warm palms on your eyelids.

This is a very helpful method of relaxing your eyes in a fraction of a second. 


Blink your Eyes Frequently

Blinking is also a kind of eye exercise. It is considered one of the simplest eye exercises with a lot of benefits attached to it. It can be performed anywhere, anytime. One can also do a quick blink-eye exercise. 


Consume Amla or Indian Gooseberry

Amla or Indian gooseberry is considered one of the best ingredients for keeping your eyes healthy. Consuming a spoon full of amla juice every morning can easily improve eyesight. 


Include a lot of Vitamins in your Diet.

Consuming foods that are rich in vitamins is also very important for having healthy eyes. One must try to consume foods that are rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, copper, zinc, etc. Having leafy vegetables, like spinach, kale, etc, is also essential. Include food items like fish, oranges, lemon, milk, cheese, papaya, etc, as a part of your diet.   


Consume a Mixture of Almonds, Fennel Seeds and Mishri

To make this mixture, one needs 7 almonds, 5 grams of fennel seeds and 5 grams of mishri. These ingredients are then crushed into powder form. This powder is to be consumed one teaspoon daily with cold milk at night. These ingredients help in improving eyesight. 


Lasik Surgery

To remove spectacles in one month through Lasik surgery which is safe and permanent solution. This procedure takes hardly 10 minutes to remove specs.


Have Soaked Almonds, Raisins and Figs


Massage with Desi Ghee


Properly Wash your Eyes with Cold Water


Eat Carrot

Just like an apple a day keeps the doctor, likewise having carrots will help in improving eyesight. Carrots have an abundance of vitamin A which is considered the most essential nutrient for vision. 


Have Ample Sleep


Take Proper Breaks


Use Screen Shields that Protect your Eyes

There are various screen guards available that reduce the harmful effect of blue light.


Go for Eye Checkups Frequently

Going for frequent checkups is also one way to get rid of spectacles. As one visits a doctor frequently, they get to know about their eye health status. There are also various eye drops and vitamins available in the market, which will improve eye health. This eye drops and vitamins are consumed after consulting a doctor. 


Cover your Eyes with your Palms

Also, after spending a lot of time on screens for some time, close your eyes and cover them with your palm. Doing this will help in relaxing your eyes and keeping your eyes healthy. With healthy eyes, one can easily achieve the target of getting rid of spectacles in a month.


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