How Much Does Smile Eye Surgery Cost?

What is Smile eye surgery?

The world is moving towards innovations in the field of medicine. Many complex processes are made simple, accurate, and safe through advanced technology. The eyes are the most delicate organ in the human body. Many people are afraid to have eye surgery because of the myth that they might go blind. However, with the advent of Small Incision Lenticular Extraction (SMILE), there is no looking back. Smile eye surgery has made vision correction possible with minimal eye invasion.  

SMILE is a refractive surgery procedure performed using a femtosecond laser. In this one-step laser surgery, instead of cutting a thin flap in the cornea, a small incision of 2 to 4 millimeters is made in a minimally invasive procedure, i.e., blade-free vision correction.

Let us know more about the procedure and Smile eye surgery cost in India.


Smile surgery procedure 

Smiling is a minimally invasive and painless procedure. In Smile technology, only one femtosecond laser is applied. The laser cuts out a section of tissue called the lenticule, which is pulled out through a small opening for vision correction. This surgery only takes 5 to 10 minutes. Its steps are as follows:

• The eye specialist first applies eye drops to anesthetize the eyes.

• A speculum is placed snugly over the eyelids to keep the eyes open and prevent blinking.

• Using high-level femtosecond technology, the surgeon creates a precise lenticular, a thin, circular piece of tissue.

• The surgeon then separates the lenticular through a small incision made in the eye.

• After laser treatment, the patient will be allowed to recover for a few minutes, after which the eye surgeon will do the test again.


Benefits of Smile eye surgery

Smile has several advantages over traditional LASIK surgery. People with or without astigmatism can also benefit from smile eye surgery, a better alternative to the more famous LASIK and LASEK procedures.


Risks of Smile eye surgery

Smile is an exceptionally safe and USA-FDA-approved medical procedure. This procedure is generally used for patients aged 18 to 40 years. Patients undergo a test series to identify good candidates for this test.

However, there are some risks, problems, and side effects to consider, but none of these problems are likely to be long-term. Most effects are experienced in a small percentage of patients, but these difficulties should be considered potential hazards. There are some risks of smile eye surgery, such as-

• Night vision issues

• Infection

• Inflammation

• Dry eyes

• Miscorrection

• Cornea Bulging


Care after smile surgery

There is little maintenance required after smile surgery. However, the physical recovery of the tissue takes about 10 to 15 days. Patients can return to their daily activities, including swimming and outdoor activities, within 2 to 3 weeks. Here are some precautions after smile surgery, such as-

  • It would be best if you go straight home after the Smile treatment.
  • It would help not to rub your eyes the first day after surgery.
  • You should avoid eye makeup or creams for one day after surgery.
  • Avoid swimming, hot tubs, and gardening for a week.
  • Avoid getting water in the eyes. You can take a bath during the day after the surgery.
  • You can go back to work and exercise regularly after surgery.
  • You may experience sensitivity to light in the first few hours after Smile eye surgery. During this time you should wear sunglasses if you feel like this.
  • It is normal for Your eyes to feel dry for many years post-smile eye surgery. In such a situation, you may also feel mud or sand in your eyes.


How much does Smile eye surgery cost?

The cost of Smile eye surgery is around Rs.1,00,000. Many people would think that smile eye surgery is too expensive. However, this includes the machine’s cost and the license fee that eye hospitals have to pay to the laser company. The special machines used in this procedure contribute to the cost, as the machine costs Rs 4 crore. So the cost of SMILE surgery depends on various factors and can vary for different places.


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