How Does Contoura Lasik Work?

Contoura Lasik is a laser vision correction procedure that has recently gained popularity. It’s an alternative to traditional LASIK surgery, and instead of reshaping the corneal tissue like traditional LASIK, Contoura Lasik treats each eye individually according to its shape. This procedure can correct even the most extreme forms of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. This blog post will examine how Contoura Lasik works and why it can be the best option for correcting severe vision issues.


What is Contoura Lasik?

Contoura Lasik is a type of laser vision correction that uses advanced mapping technology to create a custom treatment plan for each patient. It allows the doctor to target the specific areas of the eye that need to be corrected to achieve the best possible results. The Contoura Lasik procedure is safe and effective and has been shown to provide patients with excellent vision correction results.


How does contoura Lasik work?

Contoura Lasik is a laser eye surgery used to correct vision problems. The surgery uses a laser to reshape the cornea, the clear, curved surface at the front of the eye. Contoura Lasik can correct various vision problems, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

  • The first step in the surgery is to create an incision in the cornea. 
  • Next, the surgeon will laser-remove some tissue from the cornea. It will help to reshape the cornea so that it can properly focus light on the retina, which is located at the back of the eye. 
  • After removing the tissue, the surgeon will close the incision with stitches or a bandage.

Most people who undergo Contoura Lasik surgery experience immediate results. However, your vision may take a few days to adjust fully. You should avoid rubbing your eyes for at least one week after surgery and avoid wearing makeup or contact lenses for at least two weeks.


Pros and Cons of Contoura Lasik


1. Contoura Lasik can correct many vision problems, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

2. The procedure is quick and painless; most people report excellent results afterward.

3. There is no need for stitches or bandages after the surgery, and recovery time is usually very short.

4. Lasik procedures are generally very safe, and serious complications are rare.


1. Contoura Lasik is a relatively new technology, so less long-term data are available on its safety and effectiveness than other types of lasik surgery.

2. The surgery is more expensive than traditional lasik surgery, so not all insurance plans will cover it.

3. There is a small risk of side effects such as dry eyes, glare, halos around lights, and night vision problems after the surgery. In most cases, these side effects are temporary and will resolve independently over time, but in rare cases, they may be permanent.


What to expect pre, post, and during Contoura Lasik surgery?

Before Contoura Lasik surgery, patients must consult their surgeon to see if they are a good candidate for the procedure. Before signing in for the procedure, the surgeon will check the patient’s vision and health history to determine if Contoura Lasik is right for them. If the surgeon believes the patient is a good candidate, they will schedule a pre-operative appointment.

During the pre-operative appointment, the surgeon will review what the surgery entails and what the patient can expect afterward. They will also do some final testing to ensure that Contoura Lasik is still the best option for that patient. Once everything has been approved, the patient will be given a date for their surgery.

On the day of surgery, patients should arrive at least an hour early to check in and prepare for their procedure. The surgeon uses a laser to numb the eyes and create a flap on the cornea. They will lift this flap and use another laser to reshape the cornea. Once this is done, they will return the flap and allow it to heal.

Afterward, patients should plan on taking it easy for at least 24 hours as their eyes adjust to their new prescription. It is important to avoid rubbing or touching their eyes during this time, so they do not dislodge the flap. Patients should also avoid swimming or using hot tubs for at least two weeks after surgery.



Contoura Lasik is a precise and advanced refractive surgery option that can provide excellent vision correction results. It utilizes precise mapping technologies to create a personalized treatment plan for each patient, ensuring the best possible outcome of improved vision with minimal side effects. With experienced surgeons and state-of-the-art equipment, Contoura Lasik can effectively correct your vision and improve your quality of life.


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