How Long Do Headaches Last After Lasik?

Everyone who has LASIK or other eye surgery hopes for the best. On the other hand, some don’t get ideal outcomes and look for remedies to recover their vision. If your results are not perfect, we might be able to solve some or all of your issues and help you in regaining your vision.LASIK has a solid track record, although no operation can help everyone 100% of the time. Some people often use contact lenses for interim relief and clear eyesight. It is primarily true in rare cases or when no other options are left. 

You can know the success of LASIK and other laser vision correction operations by the surgeon’s skill and how your corneas heal. Thus, trust the place with most cases. Over 90% of our patients start to recover in 2-3 days. Plus, none of them reported any issues later. Glare, halos, and starbursts around headlights and streetlights are the signs that some people face after laser operations. Besides, LASIK and other procedures can result in irregular astigmatism and blurred or distorted vision.

Eye strain can cause a lot of distress. And it may increase due to actions like a long time in front of a screen, reading, or driving.

Eye strain can cause headaches. But not as often as many people believe. Also, other eye disorders can cause headaches, dry eyes, eye damage, eye disease, and other eye infections.

The exact cause of various headaches is difficult to pinpoint, while there is a strong link between headaches and eye disorders. And a majority of headaches, including migraines, tension headaches, and cluster headaches, indicate eye difficulties. Similarly, eye strain can be a reason to trigger certain forms of headaches.

The goal of treating headaches is to reduce the severity and frequency of the headaches. So, medication and lifestyle changes can help avoid headaches in persons who suffer from them regularly.

Chronic headaches might result from chronic eye strain. While eye strain may not cause permanent harm to your vision or eyes, it can cause a few symptoms that interfere with your quality of life. Fortunately, there are several options for treating such constant eye strain.

The most straightforward approach to detecting if your headache is caused by eye strain is to stop the variables that cause eye strain in your life. If your headaches are gone, you can safely attribute them to eye strain.

If your headaches persist, worsen, or arrive with new symptoms, you must see your doctor to discuss possible reasons and treatment choices.

Also, these issues are minor and usually bearable for most people who have less-than-perfect vision after laser surgery. On the other hand, others may experience eye strain, migraines, and trouble driving at night due to post-surgery visual defects.

Eye Strain Causes

Many various activities can cause eye strain, leading to problems like headaches.

People who work for long periods in front of a computer screen are at risk of getting vision issues and feeling eye strain. Similarly, reading for long periods, driving for long periods, or being exposed to hot or cold air blowing in your face can cause eye strain. Any activity requiring focus, up-close labor can cause eye strain over time.

Some people suffer from eye strain due to faulty glasses or working in too little or too much light.


Can Eye Strain Cause Headaches?

One of the possible reasons for headaches is eye strain, a frequent problem. Other forms of eye issues can also cause a headache.

However, eye issues can result in discomfort in the eye that reflects in the form of a headache.

The following are examples of headache-related eye issues:

  • Corneal injury.
  • Degenerative condition of the cornea.
  • Infection of the eyes.
  • Dry eyes.
  • Irritation in the eye.
  • Behind-the-eye tumor
  • Acute angle-closure glaucoma attack.
  • Optic nerve disorders
  • Arteritis of the giant cell (temporal arteritis)
  • Nearsightedness or farsightedness that is uncorrected.

According to a study, most headache sufferers do not have an eye problem. Most headaches result from a primary headache problem, such as a migraine or tension headache.

Any of these eye diseases may cause headaches. Further medical treatment from an expert eye doctor is required if this is detected.

Headaches and Vision Issues

Headaches and vision issues may be related. And headaches can be both the cause and the outcome of various vision disorders.

There are many distinct triggers, but the actual origins of many forms of headaches are unknown. Also, there are some links between the states of headaches and eye issues.

Migraine: Migraines and visual problems can cause acute light sensitivity and pain behind the eyes. Also, it may happen due to intense rays that strain the eyes.

Cluster headaches are intense and constant. And you can identify it by severe scorching and piercing pain behind or around the eyes. They can also induce watery eyes, puffy eyelids, and light and sound sensitivity.

Tension headaches are among the most usual types, causing a sense of pressure behind the eyes and sensitivity to light. 

Unfortunately, the precise source of each of these headaches is unknown. And it may be a result of a mix of factors.


How to Avoid Eye Strain and Headaches Related to the Eye?

If you tend to get headaches, you must try making lifestyle changes to lower your headaches.

  • Keep proper hydration.
  • Meditate.
  • Make an effort to reduce stress.
  • Learn how to cope with anxiety and pain.
  • Sleep more and better.
  • Regular/mild exercise is essential.
  • Maintain proper sitting and standing posture at all times.

Treatments may differ depending on the type of headache. Also, cure and recovery may entirely vary for different people. Hence, it is critical to try various options until you can find relief from your headache discomfort. Prescribed treatments and lifestyle changes can help you a lot. Thus, seek your doctor’s advice and go for post-op follows ups for rapid recovery.


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